A New Life ( Niall Fan Fiction )

Grace Smith lives in California and she goes to Woodlands High. She loves her school even though people there don't really like her. She is used to it a lot now. She only have one best friend and her name is Maddie. They do almost everything together. They even consider themselves sisters. What happens when her mom gets a job in London? Will she have to start a new life? Will she have new friends? Will she meet someone special on the way? What happens when Grace and Maddie separate? Read to find out :) Enjoy!


7. A night out?

A/N: Oh my god. Can we just take a moment to realize how Story of My Life is BEAUTIFUL? Niall not only has one, but TWO solos. Okay. Sorry. On with the story..



I dropped my backpack onto the floor and went to the kitchen. I put a hot pocket into the microwave and waited for it. I picked it up and went upstairs to my room. I got my homework out and started doing it. My phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a text from Niall.

                                    Nialler: Want to go to a party at Louis' tonight? Its gonna be fun.

                                    Grace: Um.. I don't know. I really don't know any of those people there.

                                    Nialler: Ill be there at 8:00

                                    Grace: Niall, Do I have to?

                                    Nialler: It will be fine trust me.

Its not like its a school night or anything, so it should be okay. I walked over to my own personal bathroom. I was a wreck. I took a quick shower. I put a towel around my body and hair. I threw my hair in a bun. I put on eyeliner and lipstick. I put on a black and white striped tank top, light blue ripped jeans. I put on platform converse. I grabbed my bag and my wallet. I checked the time on my phone. It was 7:45. I waited sitting on my couch until I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door. "Hey. You look nice." Niall gave me a hug. He smells so nice. "Thanks." "Lets go." We both walked out of my house. We reached up to his dark green land rover. He opened the door for me and I hopped in. It was about a 5 minute drive. The way there was awkwardly silent, but a good silent. We arrived at Louis' place. We both hopped out and walked to his porch. Niall rang the door bell. Louis opened the door. "Come in!" He yelled over the loud music. Niall and I both walked in. The place reeked with alcohol. There were sweating bodies grinding against each other. It was already hot in here so I walked into the kitchen. Niall walked to the fridge and grabbed two beers. "Here ya go." Niall smiled at me. "Thanks." I said before taking a sip. "Wanna dance?" "Sure." We both walked into the room. The smell of alcohol fills up my nostrils again. I ignored it. Everybody was grinding on each other, so it was kind of awkward. We walked up next to the speakers that were blasting. Niall and I were dancing and having a good time. It was really fun. I was already hot and sweating. Niall and I walked into the kitchen. Niall drank more of his beer. "You wanna go to my house?" Niall asked. He towered over me. "Sure, I guess. Its not like its a school night or anything." Niall smiled. My stomach was doing those back flips again. We walked out of the house and walked to his car. He drove us to his huge house. He parked in his driveway. He jogged around the car to my side and open my door. We both walked into his house. His house smelled really nice. "Wanna watch movies all night?" "Sure" He ran to the kitchen to grab as much food as possible. I was laughing really hard. He went to go change in his pajamas. he came out and sat on the couch. "Niall. I don't have anything to wear." He went upstairs. He came back with an over sized shirt and boxers. "Thanks." I went into the bathroom to change. His clothes smell just like him. I came back out and sat on the couch with him. We watched Bridesmaids. It was freaking hilarious. We were laughing hard. Then we watched a couple more movies. I felt my eye lids growing heavier and heavier. I fell asleep on Niall's shoulder. He gave me a kiss on my cheek. A smile grew on my face.




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