Many wondered how she even had friends,
and how they kept up with her,
because she could never trust anybody...

until now.



     The stairs up to the bus were high up from the road beneath me.  It took some effort to get up, not to mention the struggle to lug my two suitcases and huge side-bag up with me.  I nearly fell on my back the first time I tried.  People were waiting behind me by now, but soon they would be the ones holding up the line, so I didn't worry much.  After a few strong pulls, I found myself off of the bus' stairs and walking towards the middle of the bus, where the rows were empty from there to the front.  Some of the fabric was pulled off of the chairs and somebody had written 'Jack' on the back of the chair that was in front of me.


     I looked out of the window which was to my right.  There wasn't much to see out of it; there were a lot of scratches on it.  Luckily, I could see a few details and get the whole picture of it.  The only scenery that was passing were the people that we were passing.  Families and friends were together, most chatting happily.  Gosh, how I wished that I could be there with them, or having a good time right now like them.  Too bad I never had a chance to let people in.  After everything that I have gone through, I felt as if I could not trust anybody anymore except for my mom, dad, Makaylia and Alex (my best friends), and myself.  Everybody else seemed to stab me in the back after a while.


     My thoughts dissipated into the present as the bus hit a bump and turned sharply to the right.  Fortunately, the airport was a bit further.  Unfortunately, the bus was moving quickly and fast enough to be there in a few minutes at most.  Blood was pumping faster, I started to sweat, and butterflies entered my stomach.  I slowly started to sink into the bus seat as the bus slowed down to pull into the traffic going towards the flight.  Literally nothing was scary except for the fact that nobody exactly knows where I am.  Only the people who I fully trust know where I am, and I told them to only say that I had to move without notice, but nobody at all knows where I am.  Hopefully there won't be much panicking; who would care about me anyways?  Once I finally find a home to permanently find a place to stay, I will give my address out to a few people.


    Once again, I jerked forward and out of my thoughts once the bus jolted to a stop.  A voice came over the speakers loudly, causing me to jump.  The voice sounded real cheesy - a robotic, choppy, woman's voice.


    "If you're flight is with American Airlines, your stop is here!  Please exit slowly and the exit is on the right of the bus.  Thank you for coming," it said.  Me and a few other people stood up and simultaneously started to walk towards the front to get all of their baggage.  A lady in her twenties or thirties with two toddlers following her exited first.  Next was an old man with a top hat.  He looked very kind.  Lastly, I exited with all of my heavy, full bags.  I practically stumbled off of the bus!  And then I saw that I was in the airport.  Don't look back, I thought.  If I do, I might turn into salt.  At least, that's what my family used to say to me when we were making a big decision or something.  That came from a story in the Bible.  I kind of missed that...


     Maybe I get lost in my thoughts too much.  Because I looked at all of my surroundings and found myself in a strange, crowed place.  People were constantly brushing up against me to move past and nobody said 'excuse me' or even flashed a smile at me.  Sometimes people are just flat out rude.  Anyways, I walked towards two big mechanical doors, hoping it would lead me to where I needed to be.  Once I entered, I realized how mammoth and fancy this place was.  There was an influx of people entering lines to get their tickets and an exodus of people that have arrived at their destination and are leaving this dreadful airport.  I was staring, even though I have been to an airport before.  Was I just anxious?


     Somebody tapped my shoulder, so I quickly turned around to see a lady in a blue dress who obviously worked her.  She had her hair in a bun and heavy makeup was applied.  A smile was spread across her face.

     "Are you lost?" she asked.  Was it bad that I was a bit frightened?  Anyways, I didn't do or say anything and she giggled some.  Thanks...  "Well, there are a few lines behind you to get your ticket.  Are you going to London, New York City, or Sydney?  Those are our only flights today."


     "London," I whimpered.  Sydney would've been a good choice because it was farther, but I have always wanted to go and it would be obvious that I went there.  Also, I already had a ticket to London.  She smiled - again - and pointed to a line behind my right side.


     "Over there you can get your tickets and some help!  Have a good day!" the lady said.  She turned on her heels was I never saw her again.  I turned to where she pointed.  Of course, there was a huge, lit-up sign that read 'LONDON' in large, bold letters.  Good job making yourself obvious, Katie, I thought to myself.  After what seemed a lot of walking, I finally reached my destination.  London, here I come.

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