Many wondered how she even had friends,
and how they kept up with her,
because she could never trust anybody...

until now.


1. Introduction

Maybe it was finally time.


Time to move on from Wesley.


To many times had I told him to listen to me, and every night after that I would see him with a girl other than me. However, a sudden pang of regret hit me.


He tried his hardest to love me, I thought. But what if he didn't care? That player doesn't need me. I too have a life, not only him. No longer would I continue to sulk about his games and be his doll.


"Today will be different," I told myself as I pulled a large suitcase from the top shelf in my small, apartment closet. "Soon I will be across the country, meeting meaningful friends and being treated like an actual human," I frankly spoke, causing less attrition to my hard day. "I'm packing my bags and moving; far, far away!" I shouted, my hands in the air and a smile on my happy face.


Today, today.

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