3 Words:
- independent
- mysterious
- unpredictable
Pulling apart the curtain was the hardest part, since she had so much light to show the world.
But from the moment I saw her, I knew she would have an effect on my life. Maybe not at first, but underneath, I saw the beauty bright enough to light a thousand lanterns. the lanterns that would lift her up.
Catherine, the name worth of a million dreams.


10. Chapter 8

Harry's POV:

"Who is that?"

The silent tears that had been Falling down her cheeks had become more loud, until they turned into sobs.

There was a loud boom, and the flash of lightning streaking acrhad surprised us both.

We both ran into her house, just as the rain started pattering against our clothes.

"Thank you for staying outside with me." She said, wiping her eyes.

"No problem." I silently replied.

There was an awkward silence afterwards, but yet the room still felt filled up with to many words to describe.

She still hadn't answered my question.

"Who were you drawing?" I asked again.

"I'd rather not say."

"Please tell me." I whispered harshly.

she. Sighed deeply before beginning.

"Ok, I'm going to tell you. But if you interrupt, you have to leave." She said harshly.

I nod in agreement, waiting for her to begin.


"His name is Jackson Hughes,"

"And he's a bitch."

"When I was in high school, I started as a sophomore, I went to Fraen High School for freshman year, and so at this point, everyone had the place, I was alone."

She paused to make sure I was still listening.

"It stayed the way up until now. I still eat Lunch in the courtyard, and I still have the same backpack from sophomore year-"

"What does the backpack have to do with it?" I said, realizing a broke the rule.

She looked at me sharply.

"The backpack meant that I didn't like change. I didn't want friends, I didn't want to change my life." She said quickly.

"Now go, that's all for today."

"What?" I asked, surprised.

"Why do I have to leave? I just wanted to kn-"

"Key word in that sentence is 'today'." She said.

I looked at her hopefully. I can't stand cliffhangers.

"Same time tomorrow?" I asked, hoping for a yes.

"Depends if my friends want to hang out with me." She said quietly.

And I swear, I heard a chuckle under her breathe.

"Than I'll see you Tomorrow." I said, smiling.

And I got a smile in return.

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