3 Words:
- independent
- mysterious
- unpredictable
Pulling apart the curtain was the hardest part, since she had so much light to show the world.
But from the moment I saw her, I knew she would have an effect on my life. Maybe not at first, but underneath, I saw the beauty bright enough to light a thousand lanterns. the lanterns that would lift her up.
Catherine, the name worth of a million dreams.


4. chapter 4

Catherine's POV:

It's been a long month.

A very long month.

And all month long I've been sitting around, thinking.

My aunt pulled me out of school for a week, which was nice.

I was able to get my things back into my room, lilac was okay, but I felt empty.

I visited my dad in jail, he looked awful.

His hair was messed up, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked purely insane.

Back at school, I continued to stay alone. The SAT's were coming up. I couldn't risk failure.

My aunt helped my enroll myself into my top 4 collages.

1. Carnegy melon.

2. Stanford.

3. Brown university.

4. UCLA if California.

I was dying to get into carnegy melon, and if I was going to get in I needed to ace my SAT's.

And I'm worried I won't make it. Really worried.

So worried I can't eat.

And as I am sitting here, in the courtyard, staring at my lunch, I am thinking of what will happen if I do not get into carnegy melon, I feel scared.

I continued to think until I was broken out of my trance by the bell.

I realized that I had to go to language arts B6 to take my SAT's.

I thought I was taking them at the end of the day?

Whatever, I thought to myself as I ran to my next class. I was the second one there, so I pretty much got to choose where I sat.

I sat at the front, so I wouldn't be distracted.

One by one, more kids came Into the classroom.

I felt my nerves start up a my teacher handed out the test.

It was slightly easy at first, but it slowly got more difficult.

I watched the clock slowly pass.

I didn't even realized I was on the last question,

Until I saw the big letters that said STOP.

I went back to triple check, when I realized it was okay, I turned in my test.

I had extra time so I went to study hall.

It was quite, except for the kids who were in their because they had a free period.

I was able to finish my English, math and reading homework.

They day passed as it does, and soon I found myself staring at my feet as usual, as I walked to my aunt and uncles house.

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