3 Words:
- independent
- mysterious
- unpredictable
Pulling apart the curtain was the hardest part, since she had so much light to show the world.
But from the moment I saw her, I knew she would have an effect on my life. Maybe not at first, but underneath, I saw the beauty bright enough to light a thousand lanterns. the lanterns that would lift her up.
Catherine, the name worth of a million dreams.


3. chapter 3

Catherine's POV

I awoke that next morning in my aunts house, and I instantly smelled pancakes.

I was alarmed though, because I fell asleep in my house, but yet I awoke in hers...

I check the clock to see its 9:27 am, and it was Saturday.

I looked around to see all of my clothes, books, notebooks, textbooks, journals, toiletries and other object in a pile on the ground.

I looked around, and realized I was in Margaret's room.

Margret is my aunts daughter, but she was in college getting her masters degree.

I was scared, my heart was beating as I ran downstairs.

I saw my aunt cooking something, and my uncle reading the newspaper.

Their dog ran up to me, and barked, causing my aunt and uncle to see me standing there.

"Oh my, darling..." My aunt said as she ran up to hug me.

"What's going on?" I asked nervously.

"We will tell you later, for now eat something." She replied.

I has always been close to my aunt and uncle, and when my father was away I'd stay with them.

But today was different.

I wondered if he was on a business trip...

No, he would tell me.

"Where is my father?"

"Darling, he's gone." My aunt replied steadily.

"Gone Where?!" I asked, knowing, he would tell me if we was going somewhere.

"Here, come sit." She said.

As I sat down, she handed my a plate that was stacked with pancakes.

I immediately started cutting them up, and chewing small bits.

"Honey last night your father,"

I looked at her to continue, but she stopped.

She had tears in her eyes.

"Last night he was arrested," she said.

I imediditly spit my food out, scaring their dog, harbor.

I was scared, but I needed to know more.

"HOW, WHY?!" I yelled.

"Honey, it's ok!" My aunt said looking at me nervously.

"He was out, he got into a fight, and when the police came, he tried to strangle the police man trying to put him in the car."

I looked at her, and started crying.

I don't like crying in front if people, but I just couldn't bear it.

"How long?" I choke, not wanting to here the answer.

"Honey, I thinks it's best-"

"HOW LONG?!" I scream.

"35 years." She said wit her head down.

"WHAT?WHY THAT LONG?!" I was furious.

"It's not like he killed anyone!" I scream.

"Baby girl..." my uncle said slowly.

"He had a gun," He finished.

I slowly started regretting the words I had said moments before.

"But he didn't-" I stumbled.

"A loaded gun..." He said.

I regretted the words I had just said before.

"But... What.. Why..." I stumbled.

"Honey, don't worry, you will stay in Margaret's room until college, you are safe here." My aunt said.

"But will she mind?" I asked.

"Honey, she just finished grad school, she engaged! She had her own life now!" My aunt said.

"And we can change her room to your style, and don't worry, lilac is up there in her crate, we will get the rest of your things later today." My uncle said.

I was still trying to process everything. I was scared, but my aunt and uncle are young, they are both 52, they still have enough energy to care for me...


"I'm going upstairs to unpack, and think..." I said.

I darted up the stairs, and found lilac in her crate. I slowly started caressing her, my tear making her soft fur puffy and frizzy.

"Don't worry lilac... We will be okay." I said to her.

We stayed like that for 30 minutes.






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