By Fate We Met (One Direction Not Famous)

"Madison." He said my name as he stood in between my legs. He put his hands on the counter beside my hips. "I have something for you." He smirked. I felt a grin spread across my lips. "What?" I asked. He leaned forward, his hot breath lingering on my neck. "Niall, what is it?" I laughed. He moved his hand to mine and opened my palm, placing something in my hand. I brought my hand where I could see it, and I opened my palm. I gasped, feeling a rush of happiness go through my body. "Niall, you didn't." I smiled. "I did, Madison." He kissed my forehead softly.


2. Day One

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I groaned and rolled over, grabbing my phone and hitting the unlock button. The light flashed on and for a second, it hurt my eyes. As I got used to it, I realized that someone had called me. I clicked recent calls and it popped up that I had a missed call from Nialler. I tapped the redial button and it started ringing. 

"Hello?" Niall said.

"Hey, it's Madison. You called?" I asked, sitting up on my bed, letting the sheets fall off.

"Oh, yeah. I'm going to pick you up for work in about an hour. Just giving you a heads up so you can get ready." Niall said with humor in his voice. "Did I wake you up?" 

"No, no I was already waking up when you called." I said sarcastically, laughing slightly.

"Alright, well I'll see you in about an hour. Bye." He said.

"See ya." I hung up. I fell back onto my bed and sighed. I rolled out of bed, quite literally, and walked to the bathroom. I did my business, and then jumped into the shower. I turned on the water and let it heat up. I turned on the shower head, and let the warm water run over my body. Once I finished washing, I turned the water off and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around myself. I brushed my teeth, and dried my hair, brushing it and letting it fall in curls down my back. I dabbed on a bit of make up, just base and mascara. I took one last look in the mirror and smiled.

I opened the bathroom door to get some clothes. I looked up, seeing Niall sitting on my bed. I tried to back up to the bathroom, but he looked up before I could reach the door.

"Oh my god, Madison. I'm so sorry." He said, looking the other way. "I-I had no idea.. I thought you had clothes in the bathroom with you. I'm sorry." He rambled on.

"Niall, It's alright. Stop rambling. Just go out in the hall would you?" I asked, laughing a bit. He nodded and walked out of my room. I chuckled and walked to my dresser, letting the towel drop to the floor. I put on my bra and panties and then picked out my work shirt and some black skinny jeans. I slipped them on, and then added my signature headband with a bow on it.

I opened my bedroom door, looking for Niall. He wasn't there. "Niall?" I called. 

"Down in the kitchen!" He called back. I walked downstairs and sure enough, there he was. 

"What are you doing down here?" I asked, walking over to him. He shrugged and smiled at me.

"Ready to go?" He asked, walking to the front door. I nodded and he opened the door, waiting for me to go through first. We walked to his car and once again, he opened the door for me. He started the car and we began the ride to work. 

"Look, Madison. About what happened in your room earlier, I-" I cut him off by holding up my hand.

"Niall, It's okay. You didn't know. You don't have to apologize anymore. I mean its not like you saw anything. I had a towel on." I smiled over at him.

"Yeah. I guess you're right." He said, smiling as well. The rest of the ride was silent until he turned on the radio and we started singing really loudly to Ed Sheeren, my favorite singer. We finally reached work, but we were laughing really hard.

"Well, first day of work. How do you feel?" I asked him as we got out of the car.

"I feel good. Ready to work." He said as he opened the door. The familiar ding sounded, which meant someone had come in. 

Claire walked out of the break room and when she saw it was us, she motioned us behind the counter. Me and Niall walked over to her and she handed Niall his work shirt. Niall looked at it and went into the break room to put it on. When he came back out, his hair was all ruffled from taking off and putting on his shirt.

"Come here." I said, motioning him over to me.

"What?" He asked.

"Your hair is messed up." I laughed. He walked over to me and I fixed his hair, remembering how it had been when he picked me up. I had to admit, his hair was really soft. It was like a fluffy baby kitten. "There. All better." I smiled.

"Thanks, Maddy." He smiled at me.

"Alright, you two. Get to it. Your shifts aren't going to work themselves." Claire said. We nodded and Claire went back into the break room/her office. I showed Niall how to work the register, and what to do when a customer came in and when they were ready to check out. Oh, I forgot to mention. I, well we, work at a CD shop.

"So, do you think you can handle that?" I asked him after showing him the ropes. 

"Yeah, I think I can." He replied. I smiled, and walked around the counter. 

"I'm just going to organize some of the CD's alright?" I told him. "Man the register." I said.

"Alright. I got it." He said.

I walked over to the first aisle, and almost all of the CD's where out of place. I sighed and began the long task of reorganizing them. "Let's see.. This one is supposed to be over here. Why is that in the H section? Ugh.. I don't understand why people can't just put them back where they belong." I mumbled to myself. 

It took me most of the shift, but I finally got all the CD's organized.  walked back up to the counter, and leaned against it. "Hey Niall." I said.

"Yeah?" He walked over to me. 

"I'm going to take a break. I'll be in the break room if you need me, okay?" I told him.

"Alright. I've got the hang of things now. You take as long as you need." He smiled at me. i returned the smile and walked into the back room. I flopped onto the couch and sighed, sinking into the plush pillows. 

I layed there for a bit, and then i got up and went to the little fridge. I opened it, and grabbed some ham, some cheese, bread, and an apple juice pouch. I made a sandwich and put the ham, cheese, and bread up. I walked back over to the couch and started eating. 

I finished my sandwich and my drink and then walked back out to the counter. "Okay, Niall. Shifts over we can leave n-" I stopped, seeing him in the chair behind the counter, asleep. I chuckled and walked over to him. He looked so peaceful while he was sleeping. His features were relaxed and his lips were slightly parted, allowing me to hear his even breaths.

I kneeled beside him, and shook his shoulder gently. "Niall. Wake up." I said softly. He stirred slightly, but didn't open his eyes. I rolled my eyes and stood up, grabbing the back of the chair and spinning it around quickly. It was one of those swivel chairs. 

"Wh-What?" Niall sat up and stopped the chair spinning. He looked up at me and laughed. "I fell asleep, didn't I?" I nodded, smiling down at him.

"Your lucky the shift is over." I helped him up, and then walked back into the break room. "Claire, me and Niall are going now." I called to her.

"Okay." She called back.

I walked back to Niall and we went to his car. We got in, and Started driving. I felt myself start to dose off, and rolled onto my side in the seat. My eyes closed, and I fell asleep.

I felt a pair of strong arms lift me up bridal style and carry me somewhere. I peeked my eyes open slightly and saw Niall's face above me, staring ahead. I could see my house out of the corner of my eye, and I quickly shut my eyes again. I heard the door open and shut. I knew my dad wouldn't be home yet. Wednesday, my shift ended early, so I got home before him. I could feel us going up the steps.I heard the familiar creak of my bedroom door, and i felt myself being set down on the bed.

"Goodnight, Madison. Sweet dreams." I heard Niall's voice. I thought he was going to walk out of the door after that, but I felt him plant a tender kiss on my forehead. My stomach flipped forwards and backwards, and I heard him walk out of my room and shut the door. 

I layed there, letting the feel of the kiss linger on my forehead. I eventually fell asleep again, Niall's words and actions echoing through my thoughts and into my dreams.

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