Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


9. The Arena






I groaned and smacked away the hand that was poking my shoulder.

There was a snort then another poke at my shoulder. “What Lynelle?” I growled, knowing it was her.

“Nothing, just making sure you aren't dead. People keep dying around us so excuse my checking on you. Oh and don't mistake it for concern,” she grinned down at me when I blinked my eye lids open. “I'm only checking because it would be pretty boring if you randomly died, I would be stuck here with Lahara-”

“I'm taking offence to that!” Lahara interrupted making me grin and Lynelle snort.

“and Jamie. They aren't the most upbeat people to have a good argument with, you know?” Lynelle carried on, ignoring Lahara as if she didn't speak.

This earned her a shove in the back making me laugh as she fell forward.

“Stop being so rude!” Lahara scowled.

Lynelle laughed and she got back up on her knees. “You just physically assaulted me!”

Lahara gawked at her. “I did not, I shoved you for being rude!”

Lynelle grinned. “That counts as physical assault.”

Lahara grimaced while I snickered, sitting upright.

“That ain’t physical abuse and you know it. That's like getting hit with a feather compared to what these dickheads do to us here,” I pointed out, rolling out my neck.

Lynelle's face went hard while Lahara frowned.

“Ain't that the truth,” Lynelle muttered.

I rubbed my eyes, looking around the room then back to the girls. My eyes wide.

“It's clean in here!” I gasped.

Lynelle snorted and gestured to herself and Lahara. “Before you came back in during the night, Tony had some guys clean out the room. We even got to have a bath! Not a two minute shower but a long soak in a bath.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, noticing they were clean and fresh looking compared to how they have looked over the past few weeks.

“Why though?”

We had to live in here when there was crap everywhere... literally.

Lynelle shrugged. “Maybe Tony wanted the room to be cleaned out after Sarah died last week. He probably thought whatever she died from could get us sick.”

At the mention of Sarah, Sandra entered my mind and I swallowed down bile just thinking of how she was murdered.

I shook my head. “Sarah overdosed, I told you both that already. Tony told me some of his guys gave her double the amount of heroin to make her like a vegetable so his workers could... have their way with her.” I cringed, talking about stuff like this a couple of weeks ago would have being so scary and terrifying but now it felt like the norm.

Lahara shook her head, disgusted. “I'm still waiting for one of us to take her place.”

Lynelle paled and I shook my head. “I made Tony promise that you both wouldn't be used for anything like that. I think he is keeping you guys here for me and not putting you to 'work' because we're friends.”

Lynelle nodded after she pulled a face at me saying we were friends making me chuckle. “To be honest, I thought that to. He knows that we grew close being stuck together in here... besides even if we weren’t close and you asked to keep us safe he would, he would bend over backwards for you.”

I snorted. “That's not true-”

“Oh, but it is,” Lahara butted in. “Tony has a thing for you, it's obvious. He doesn't exactly hide that you're are both involved.”

I flushed unsure of why I was embarrassed. “We aren't involved like that. He just kisses me a lot.”

Lynelle snorted. “Don't defend your relationship to us. Tony is pretty cool now that he ordered none of his guys to hurt us any more. I mean, he even brought us to dinner the other night and gave us steak.”

I laughed, her excitement at dinner over a steak made Tony chuckle.. a lot.

Lahara slapped us both in the arms. “Tony is the boss man here, he is a drug lord, human trafficker and more importantly, he is the reason we're all here. He took us from our families and lives, don't forget that over some damn steak!”

I frowned feeling I was torn. Lahara was right, 100% right but part of me wanted to defend Tony for some reason but I couldn't find the words so I remained quiet.

“That's true,” Lynelle started. “But he is a nice boss man, drug lord and human trafficker when he wants to be.”

I shook my head, chuckling while Lahara shook her head at us. “Confinement has messed up your heads.”

Lynelle laughed. “Ain't that the truth.”

I laughed along with her while Lahara glowered, not finding our situation funny. A few weeks ago I would have being glowering along with her but a lot has changed since then.

A whole fucking lot.

When I stopped laughing I looked around our room again the raised my eyebrow.

“Where is Jamie?” I asked once I realised she wasn't in the room with us.

Lynelle shrugged. “She was here when I went to sleep but was gone when I woke up.”

Lahara cleared her throat getting my attention. “She went with Lex so she could get bathed and dressed up. He said he will come back for you as well soon.”

I gave her a blank look, I have no idea what she was talking about. “What do I have to get bathed a dressed up?”

Lynelle snorted, glancing at me. “Well, you smell-”

“Don't start.” Lahara cut her off making us snicker.

When she looked at me I stopped laughing, her eyes looked pain. “You do know what today is don't you?”

I laughed. “If you're asking me for the date, I lost track weeks ago. I think its December now though if that's any help.”

Lahara sighed shaking her head. “It's New Years Eve.”

I gaped. “It is?”

“We missed Christmas?” Lynelle then asked sounding sad but Lahara ignored her and nodded to me. “Lex said..”

I narrowed my eyes when she paused.

“Lex said what?” I prompted.

She swallowed then licked her chapped lips. “That tonight is fight night,” she paused, blew out a breath then looked me straight in the eye. “The Arena is tonight, you will finally get to see your boyfriend and brother. You might... you might be going home, Kyah.”


* * * *


“You look beau-”

“Kind of casual compared to Jamie.” Lynelle interrupted Lahara for what had to be the fifth time in two minutes.

I rolled my eyes to Lynelle who scrunched up her face at me making me snicker.

“FYI, I want to be sort of casual. Why the hell would I want to be done up to the nines while I watch Justin and Harley fight in a really dangerous tournament?” I snapped, placing my hand on my hips.

Lynelle shrugged her shoulders. “So you look somewhat attractive for your man, maybe?”

I glared at her which she smiled at. I rolled my eyes then and couldn't help but smirk myself, Lynelle and I had weird back and fourth arguments and more or less tried to annoy one another all the time but I secretly like her. I'll never admit that though, never.

“You don't think I look attractive?” I asked then gesturing to my outfit, frowning.

Lahara shoved Lynelle making her sigh.

“You look.... nice,” she said her face, paling.

She physically looked sick at giving me compliment.

I snorted. “How did those words taste in your mouth?” I teased.

She glared at me. “I threw up a little, there is your answer.”

I laughed, shaking my head. “Jamie has on this big fancy red dress like tonight is some sort of ball, its not a ball, it's a brawling tournament. I’m happy with what I have on.” I shrugged.

Lahara smiled. “And so you should. You look great. Real clean, you were gone hours today, what did you do?” She asked me

I shrugged my shoulders. “Some girl did my hair and make up, took her awhile to try and conceal my bruises. Didn't work out to well though. Plus, I had to wait for Jamie to finish getting ready before I could come back. She went ahead to Tony's office, I came by to hug you guys in case,” I paused, taking in a breath. “In case.. I don't see you guys again.”

Both of the girls realised this and before I knew it they were both on there feet, moving towards me. The both hugged me tightly and I returned the hug with both arms.

“I'm going to figure out a way to get you guys out of here.” I squeezed them both. “I promise.”

Lynelle grinned as she stepped back, her eyes were watering. “I'm holding you to that, Blondie.”

I heard the door opening then, I glanced over my shoulder and seen Tony standing in the doorway beaming at me.

“Ready to go, Sweet Pea.” He asked.

I glanced back to the girls, they each gave me an encouraging smile. I returned their smiles then dropped it as I turned to face Tony.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”






"Be careful, please." Anna said into Harley's neck as she hugged him tightly.

Jazzy was wrapped around my waist for the past five minutes and because we were leaving for our plane soon, I let her hold onto me. It was calming her down a little, her and the girls crying was unsettling me so I held her hoping she would relax.

It wasn't working though.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Jazzy sniffled.

I stroked her back. "Everything will be okay, I promise."

Jazzy's chest heaved another sob. "If you die, I'm going to kill you!" She cried.

My lips twitched as I leaned down and kiss the crown of her head. "Dully noted, little sister."

When Baila took Jazzy's place in my arms she too cried. "Be careful and bring her home. All of you come home," she whispered.

I kissed her head, hugging her tight. "We will, Bails."

I hugged Rayne next who was just a much of a crying mess as Jazzy and Baila were which was irritating Dante.

"Stop with the crying. They aren't going off to war, they're going to kick ass in some fight then bring Kyah home. We're going in in case we need to go to plan B but everyone will be coming home. Does everyone understand that?" He yelled, throwing his hands up in the air.

The girls nodded but continued to cry making Dante groan out loud.

"I give up trying to call them down," I murmured earning a snort from Harley who still had Anna wrapped around him.

She seemed worse than the others girl which was saying something.

"Babe, you're really taken this too hard. Everything will be okay," Harley assured Anna in-between kisses on her head.

"I'm just... scared... I... need... to... tell you.. something-"

Anna cut herself off with a sob.

I raised my eyebrows, curious to what she wanted to tell Harley.

"Anna, can we talk to you for a second?" Baila suddenly blurted.

Anna was about to speak when Rayne popped up by her side. "It will only take a second, Anna," she said with a forced smile.

They huddled together and moved down the hallway leaving all us guys and Jazzy confused.

"What's that about?" I asked Jazzy.

She shrugged her shoulders. "How am I supposed to know? No one tells me anything around here."

I snorted at her childish rant but hugged her again. "No seeing Jake while I'm gone." I warned.

Jackson laughed while Jazzy narrowed her eyes at me.

I raised my hands. "I know, I know. You will have seven kids by five different guys from my protectiveness but its not changing. No seeing Jake until I'm back, okay?"

Jazzy set her jaw but nodded her head. "You will be cool about us going out on dates and stuff then?" She asked.

I grinned. "After I have a talk with him? Sure."

Jazzy just looked at me her eyes wide. "Don't scare him Justin or embarrass me!" She pleaded.

I placed my hand on my chest. "Would I do such a thing?"

"Yes." Jazzy, Jackson, Dante and Harley said in unison.

I rolled my eyes. "I was being sarcastic but thanks for your input, guys."

"Happy to help." Jackson snorted.

I rolled my eyes then looked back to Jazzy. "I won't embarrass you," I lied.

I know for a fact most of the things I'm going to say to Jake will embarrass Jazzy but I'll threaten to kill him if he tells her. I'm pretty sure he will keep his mouth shut.

"I don't believe you but okay," Jazzy grumbled.

I grinned, putting my arm around her shoulder just as the girls came back into the living room. They looked calmer and by that I mean the finally stopped crying.

Thank you, Jesus.

"Have a nice chat?" Dante asked them, eyeing them up.

They all smiled at him and nodded. Not one of them gave him a look, rolled their eyes or bit out a threatening or sarcastic reply. This was unusual behaviour - especially for Rayne.

They were hiding something.

The guys noticed this as well. "Okay, spit it out." Harley laughed.

"Spit what out?" The three of them said in unison.

They were acting like they just committed a murder and hid a body. There posture was too straight and their faces were to smiley and again, they weren’t back talking , something was definitely up.

"You three are up to something, it's easy to tell," Harley snorted while Jackson added. "You three suck at lying."

Anna's face turned pale while Baila slipped a hand around her back. Rayne was chewing on her lip and still remained quiet.

I was suddenly afraid in case they did commit a murder, Anna was sick looking, Baila looked scared and Rayne, well, she just looked plain guilty of hiding something.

"Anna?" Harley prompted.

She looked up to him, her big eyes wide and alert. I frowned at this, her face was twisted and pale enough to tell me maybe she was coming down with something but her eyes are what struck me the most, she really looked scared.

I wanted to know why.

"We have nothing to say other than we love you guys." She began, nipping at her lower lip. "We're just scared in case something goes wrong, I guess." She pouted then.

I watched her and though her statement did explain why she was acting a little weird, I felt there was more she wasn't saying though. Simply because our questions silenced the one and only Rayne Gomez and had her looking nervous. That girl would back talk Obama if he questioned her so when she went quite when Dante annoyingly asked if they enjoyed their chat and just smiled along with the other girls. Warning bells practically went into overdrive in my head.

From the look on the guys faces, I knew they were thinking the same thing as me.

"Are you sure that's the only reason?" Harley asked, his voice firm.

All three girls nodded in unison, I wasn't buying into their lie but we had bigger things to think about today. Like getting to Vegas, fighting in The Arena and getting Kyah back!

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts.

"Ready guys?" I asked.

They guys nodded. We were all going to Vegas but only Harley and I would be taken the thirty minute plane ride to get there. Jackson and Dante would be driving just to throw off any tails Tony has on us here. We don't want to tip them off that we have a back up plan, plus, the guys are driving a truck Andrew has decked out with weapons hidden through the truck, it's important they drive that truck there in case something goes wrong and we have to go to plan B and break into the location Kyah calls from.

"We will be home tomorrow night at the latest." I informed the girls.

None of us mentioned the alternative of one of us not coming back but the girls were braced for it. We hugged and shared I love you's one last time before we picked up our small carrier bags and headed out of the apartment.

"Remember Justin," Jazzy yelled down the stairs of the apartment complex. "If you die, I'm going to kill you!"

Me and the guys laughed and I silently thanked her for lightened the mood a little.

"I'll remember, love you little sis." I called back up before I left the building.


* * * *


"I'd advise you to boys too turn around, get back into that elevator and get lost before you get your asses kicked." A familiar voice rumbled as Harley and I got of an elevator on the lower levels of the MGM Grand hotel.

I looked up at the same time Harley did and looked at the man who tormented us over the phone for the past few weeks, I knew his voice instantly, it was Tony's thug.

He was casually sitting on a desk pushed up against the wall of the hallway while a couple of other big guys leaned against the other wall with there arms crossed and a scowl in place on their faces.

"Holy shit, you both actually came," the guy said when he got a look at us, both of his eyes were wide. "We'll I'll be damned. This will be an interesting night after all." He laughed.

I just looked at him, bored. "Where is Kyah?" I asked.

The guy rolled his eyes, standing up from the desk he sat on. "I still don't understand why you're both risking getting bet to death for that bitch." He said as he rubbed over his nose that I noticed was red, swollen and accompanied by two black eyes.

I grinned, slightly. This was the guy that got his nose broken by Kyah, she is so getting a high five from me when I see her.

"Call my sister a bitch again and see what I'll do to you." Harley voice snarled.

I tensed and shot him a side look that hopefully said what I was thinking.

Shut the fuck up.

“Bit touchy tonight are we?” The guy snorted but rolled his eyes when we didn't reply. “I'm Lex, Tony's head of... security.” He grinned then gestured to the big double doors behind him. “Behind me is entrance to the hallways of The Arena. You both are the last pair to arrive so if you are ready to enter, strip.”

Harley grinned then. “You might want to turn to one of these pretty boys man, I don't bat for you team.”

I mentally face palmed myself. This fucker was going to get us killed before we even get into The Arena.

I watched as Lex narrow his eyes, he cracked a smile then. “At least I knew where your sister gets her smart mouth. Get's her into trouble enough.”

I clinched my fists.

Was he one of the bastards who hit her?

I bet he was, it took everything in me not to lay into him there and then. Instead, I kept my fists clenched and began undressing. Harley followed suit and soon we wear in just our fighting shorts. I glanced to Harley who was wearing his red shorts, he swore they wear lucky since he won all his fights when he wore them. I looked down at myself , I didn't call my shorts lucky, I usually got a lucky kiss off a girl before I went into the cage in Jed's. I'd have to do without a kiss before this fight though, God knows I’m not kissing Harley just for a bit of luck.

Lex stepped forward pulling me from my thoughts.

“Arm and legs apart,” he said gesturing with his hands.

Harley and I did as he said while two of the guys behind Lex stepped forward and began frisking us. I prayed to God he didn't pat my waist band of my shorts. Anna sewed an inside pocket into these shorts to conceal the phone we needed in case something went wrong.

Luckily then stood back and said we where clean.

“Could have sworn I saw that dude smile when he patted on my ass, bro.” Harley said to me making me grin.

I gave Harley a wink. “Maybe he likes you.”

Harley pulled a face. “Fuck you, man.”

I snorted, shook my head the looked back to Lex who was watching us.

“What?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Nothing,”  grin spread across his face then. “Walk down through them doors and wait on the other side until the voice tells you to began.”

I nodded then nudged Harley as we began walking down the hallways.

“Good luck.” Lex called after us then said to his men. “I fucking hope they win, I'll end up gutting that bitch if she stays.”

“I'm going to kill him.” Harley said without turning around as we walked.

“Not if I kill him first.” I said then turned to Harley when we reached the doors.

“I don't care who those other nine pairs of fighters are in there, we're going to make to the centre of that fucking labyrinth and bring our girl home.” I rolled out my neck. “And we'll kill any mother fucker who gets in our way.”

Harley was bouncing on his toes now, I joined him before holding out my fists which him bumped.

“We got this,” he said as I opened the double doors.

We stepped forward into what looked like a hallway only there was no ceiling. We I looked up and to the sides, I could see people seated around in different sections waiting to watch the tournament. I had no doubt they where all dirt bags like Tony but I didn't give a fuck. They could bet and do what the fuck they wanted, as long as we win and get Kyah back I don't care.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Our final pair of fighters have entered the labyrinth and are ready to compete in The Arena.”

I winced at the loudness of the voice over the speakers placed around the big ass room we were in.

“Fighters, the rules are there are no rules. First pair to reach the centre of the labyrinth wins... began.”

The hallways lit up then.

Harley and I shared a looked before taken a few steps forward. When we came to our first two pathways we came to a halt.

“Left or right?” I murmured.

Harley shrugged then chewed on his lip.” Right... No, left. No, right. I mean right, right?”

I rubbed my temples and just went right. “Come on, man.”

We came to a few more turns and went in a pattern of right left.

“How fucking big is this place?” I grunted.

I heard a gasp from behind me, out of the corner of my eye I seen Harley was no longer at my side, shadows were dancing off the wall next to me also. I ducked as I turned around, I felt a presence close behind me and I knew it wasn't Harley.

I punched the gut staring me in the face making the guy who owned it howl. I bounced to my feet, threw a combination of punches landing each of them into the guy's jaw, slipping his skin. When blood smeared my fists and dripped down the guys face onto the floor, cheers where heard from all around.

I inwardly shook my head, I must have drawn first blood and it got these bastards excited.

When my guy dropped to the ground, clearly knocked out I sprung forward and attacked the guy who had Harley in a sleeper hold. I punched at his face and kicked at his body until he too dropped to the ground. Harley gasped for breath when the guys hold was finally off him, he grabbed at his neck, panting heavily. I pulled him to his feet and grabbed his shoulders.

“Breath slowly,” I said showing him how so he would mimic me and relax.

He locked eyes with mine and after a few seconds he slowed down his breathing and worked his throat by swallowing. He winced and I frowned glancing down at his neck, it was discoloured and already a large ring of bruises were forming around his neck.

“He jumped me. I didn't even hear them sneak up on us,” Harley said, his voice sound raspy.

I patted his arm. “Me either, bro. We have to be alert in here, these little fuckers were quiet but not fast or strong. There will be other guys that have those traits.” I said and Harley nodded in agreement.

I nodded for us to start walking again, when we passed by the two unconscious guys on the ground, Harley kicked the guys who was choking in the stomach. “Mother fucker,” he snarled then came up to my side.

I snorted but keep eyes and ears open, we didn't need any other fighters sneaking up on us.

“Fighters thirteen and fourteen are out. Nine pairs remain.” The voice announced.

Harley and I bumped fists silently as we walked. One pair down, eight to go.

I stopped walking two minutes later when I heard grunting and smacking. I couldn't see anything but I could hear the noises clearly. I motioned for Harley to be quiet and we crept down the hallway. The cheering from the people above us were great cover us when we stumbled upon four guys kicking the crap out of each other.

Two of them were already so bloody and half moving. Harley and I sprung forward catching the four of them off guard. I slammed into two guys pulling them to the floor while Harley went to work on the other two. One of these guys was so weak one firm jab had him unmoving. I pushed him away from me and rolled onto the guy who was punching at my side. I tensed my entire body to reduce he pain I felt whenever a hit landed on me. It helped a little but this guy could hit hard so every punch he landed was like being being by a truck.

He switched our roll so he was on top of me.


All I could do was blocks his hits on my face but he managed to get two in on me and I practically felt the blood gush from my nose the minute his fist contained to my face. I growled as I wrapped my legs around the guys head and pulled with all my might until him was face planted into the ground. I pulled myself to my feet and jumped back on the guy.

“Cock sucker. How to these apples taste ya bastard!” I grunted as I threw punches.

I noticed a shadow over me and prepared to be fighting to guys but when the shadow joined in on my attack, I knew it was Harley.

The dude with were destroying opted for a low blow on me. I yelped and fell backwards gripping my balls in my hands. I dug my face into the ground under me and bit on the insides of my cheeks to stop from screaming. The burn that shot through my balls and cock was almost painful enough to knock me out but I squeezed my eyes shut and repeated Kyah's name over and over in my head.

I felt hands on me then, pulling me to my feet. I was still hunched over cradling my groin.

“He got you good man,” Harley said out of breath as he patted my back.

I groaned. “You don't say?”

“I got him for ya though. The little bitch in off in la la land somewhere,” he snorted.

I nodded as I focused of my breathing as I straightened myself up.

“Oh, Jesus,” I groaned in pain.

Harley gripped my arms. “You okay?”

I nodded but lowered my head. “I'm trying not to cry,” I admitted.

Harley laugh only annoyed me so I pushed him away. “It fucking hurts! You take a shot like that in the dick and tell me how it feels!”

Harley raised his hands in a surrender motion.

“I'm taking you word that it hurts like hell man, trust me.”

I gave him a look to which he smiled at.

“Bastard.” I grunted and I awkwardly walked down to the next labyrinth turn.

Ten minutes later the voice sounded through the place.

“Fighters one, two, seven and eight are are out. Seven pairs remain.”

I blew out a breath when the voice finished speaking. “If anyone of them run into us now, we're fucked man. I can barely stand.”

I bent forward again and before I knew it, I was puking.

“Ah, bro. Shit.” Harley yelped as he jumped backwards.

When I finished I stepped to the side and forced myself to walk, I had a little limp but I could move and that's what I was thankful for right then.

I stopped and looked down inside my shorts and sigh in relief.

“Is it still there?” I heard Harley ask.

I nodded. “I felt like I was bleeding or something but I'm not,” I paused and slowly rubbed my dick. “I don't think I'll ever have kids though. That bastard hit me hard.”

Harley snorted but stopped as his eyes brightened.

“What?” I asked warily.

He grinned. “Maybe you won't ever get hard again, I read about that somewhere. A guy got sacked so hard that he never got an erection again.”

My heart stopped.

No, seriously. It just fucking stopped.

“Are you fucking with me, man?” I asked, fear radiating from my voice.

Harley shook his head. “Nope, I really read about it, it sucks for you but since your girlfriend is my sister... it makes me very, very happy.”

I sucked in a breath through my teeth. “Don't say that man, I would never wish a limp dick upon you!”

Harley started laughing but covered his mouth in case he alerted any other fighters to our location.

I shook my head. “Let's just keep moving.” I grumbled and started moving again.

“Fighters three, four, seventeen and eighteen are out. Five pairs remain.”

I closed my eyes, silently thanking God.

“That's lucky, maybe they will take each other other before we reach the centre.” Harley thought out loud.

We were on the move again.

“Hopefully,” I muttered and we walked.

I blocked out the noise of the people cheering around us and forced myself not to luck up, I know for a fact if I saw Kyah here I'd probably try my best to get to her and ruin everything. I needed to stay focused on getting to the centre of the labyrinth.

“Fighters five, six, eleven and twelve are out. Three pairs remain.”

The cheers from the crowds where overwhelming. I knew they could see perfectly into the labyrinth and they knew we each pair of fighters where.

“Dude, we have to get to the centre. Now!” I stated and began to jog.

It hurt like a bitch but I forced myself to run. When Harley and I came to a few dead ends we began to get pissed off.

“Fuck Justin, I don't know which way we came from. We could be going back and fourth for all we know, how the fuck are we going to find out way through this place?”

I scrubbed my face with my hands, ignoring the pain from my nose and eye as I looked around. I noticed the walls of the labyrinth weren’t very tall and that's when an idea hit me.

“Boost me up to the way and I’ll check out a pathway for us.”

Harley just looked at me. “We aren't allowed to that, it's against... the rules.” He paused, his eyes wide.

I grinned. “The rules are there are no rules.”

Harley clapped his hand on my shoulder. “Go on, get up then.”

He clamped hands hands together and lifted em up my the feet until I gripped onto the top of the wall.

“Jesus, Justin. How much do you weigh man?”

I scowled. “Shut up, Rayne said I'm all muscle.”

I heard him snort as I looked over the wall. A smile spread across my face when I looked directly at the gate to the cage. It was on other side of the wall we where on.

“We found it!” I announced, loudly.

“Fighters fifteen and sixteen are out. Two pairs remain.”

I straddled the wall with my legs and reached down for Harley. My nuts where screaming in pain as I yanked him upwards.

“Holy fuck, how much do you weigh?” I asked, eyeing me up and he straddled the wall beside me.

He grumbled. “I'm not answering that. Anna hasn't stopped cooking all month with her nerves over Kyah.”

I snorted. “She's fatting you up.”

He gave me a little growl. “I'm ripped you prick!”

I rolled my eyes and swung my leg over the wall and slowly, very slowly, let myself down. I hung against the wall then let go. I fell backwards on my butt, Harley did to when he let go of the wall.

“Run! Get inside first.” I heard someone scream suddenly.

I turned my head to the right and spotted to busted up looking guys sprinting down a hallway of the labyrinth towards the cage behind us.

“Fuck, Harley move!” I yelled.

We jumped to our feet and practically dove for the cage door at the same time as the other fighters. The four of us awkwardly collided and rolled into the cage together.

“Fighters nine, ten, nineteen and twenty have reached the cage simultaneously. Only one pair may be the champions of The Arena. Begin!” The voice boomed.

Harley and I where on our feet in seconds like the other guys.

I studied them as them eyed us up and down.

I was expecting some smack talk or even a 'you're going down bitches' but neither guy said anything to us, they just stared.

Harley shook out his limbs. “Fuck this shit, I've had enough of guys grabbing on me to last me a lifetime. Let's get this over with, pretty boys.”

I charged forward and the same time as Harley. I collided with the guy nearest me but the bastard took me to the ground in one swift move making the crowd holler with excitement. I lifted my knee and slammed it into his side. He roared at the impact and tried to gauge at my eyes. I fought his hands off knowing that if he got at my eyes he would blind me without remorse and without penalty because there was no rules.

“Get away from my dick, you pervert!” I heard Harley yell which actually had me laughing and raised my fists an slammed it into my guys jaw.

Trust that fucker to make me laugh in a situation like this.

“Fucking... prick.” The guy on me groaned out as I yanked on his hair.

Yeah, I pulled his hair.

So what.

I noticed Harley charging from the side into my guy just as he swung down at me. His fist connect with my right eyebrow and I felt the skin tear apart as the pressure mounted from his punch.

This motherfucker cut me!

I roared as I got to my feet. I looked to my left and noticed Harley guy was out cold and Harley was working overtime on my guy. I, of course, moved over and help Harley. It was pretty gruesome, I reverted to kicks into the guys stomach while Harley practically destroyed his face with punches.

I kept repeating Kyah's name in my head to fight of any guilt for hurting these people, I didn't care in that moment, I'd kill for her.

When the guy finally gave up and slumped back, Harley and I backed off, breathing heavily and half standing.

“Fighter nine and ten are out. Fighters nineteen and twenty, you're the champions of The Arena. Congratulations.”

Harley glared upwards at anyone looking down at us. “Give me my sister!” He roared.

Even I widened my eyes at his roar.

It was kind of scary.

“Harley? Justin?” Her voice called out.

Harley and I snapped our heads upwards, looking for her. We couldn't spot her though, to many lights where skining down at us, cutting off our vision as we looked up at the crowd of now moving people.

A loud click got my attention. I looked to my left and noticed the walls of the Labyrinth where going do into the ground. I watched as tonnes of walls disappeared and left a fucking huge empty space behind. The bodies of the fighters that lost where scattered around the room, some of them where moving while others weren’t.

I watched as bodies from the crowd above came down stairs cases that randomly appeared near the doorway where we entered The Arena. They moved quickly but not quick enough for Tony.

I spotted him instantly dragging a girl through the crowd, trying to reach the door. A girl in a red dress was helping him push people out of the way while the girl in Tony's arm yelled at her.

It was Kyah.

Tony was double crossing us.. again!

“Kyah!” I roared.

I took of sprinting from the cage and towards the crowd of people without a second thought.

“Justin!” Her cry echoed through out the room sending chills up my spine.

People jumped back as I neared them, Harley quickly was by my side and yelled at them all to move.

They did.

It was no good though.

Tony, Kyah and the girl in the red dress where gone.

I put my face in my hands and screamed. This could not be happening again, we were so fucking close!

I dropped my hands and pulled my conceal phone from my shorts and dialled Dante's number.

“Did you guys win?” He asked when he answered on the first ring.

I cleared my throat. “Yeah, we won but he broke our deal though.”

Things where quiet for a second until Dante sighed. “Plan B?”

I nodded my head and began to move forward with Harley, exiting The Arena.


“Yeah, man,” I clenched my free fist. “Plan B.”



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