Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


8. Phone Call.. Mixed Feelings





“The light is the only object in this room that starts with an L, Lahara,” I sighed, irritated beyond belief.

Lahara rolled her eyes at me. “Actually Kyah, it's not!” She retorted, angrily.

I refrained from glaring at her.

We're bored and stuck in our room – as usual – and decided on playing eye spy for something to do, but even that was getting annoying.

“It's just one word,“ Lahara sighed then sat upright. “Do you give up?” She prompted.

I groaned out loud. “No, I don't,” I snapped then looked around the room we where kept in for what had to be, the millionth time.

I was getting pissed off quickly but refused to give up. We had fuck all in this room, I have no clue what Lahara could see that I couldn't because we had nothing that began with the letter L, besides the stupid light dangling from the ceiling that she assured me wasn't what she spied.

“How can you not see this? It's all we have in here.” Lynelle snorted from my right.

I glanced to her, glaring. “She speaks!” I cheered.

Lynelle rolled her eyes. “I'm speaking to you since you came back to the room two nights ago screaming and crying until you lost your voice. I was the one holding you up while you puked, remember?” She pointed out.

I went quiet then. The reminder of what happened two nights ago was still to fresh for me to speak about, Sandra's cries and then dead body are carved into my mind and no matter what I do, I can't think of anything else.

“Yeah, you're just a regular chatter box since then blondie.” I grinned to her.

She gave me the finger making me snort. “You really have to stop calling me blondie, you're the one that is platinum blonde here, not me.” She smirked.

I grimaced. “I'm a brunette!”

“Naturally maybe, but right now it's white blonde. You sort of look like Barbie you know.” Lynelle smirked while tapping her finger to her chin.

I growled which made Lahara shoved me lightly. “You two have to stop, all you have done the past two days is bicker too each other.”

I snorted. “Sorry mom.”

Lahara pulled a face at me so I smiled to her making Lynelle laugh. “Does that smile actually get you out of situations?” She asked.

I chewed on my lip thinking of my brothers, Justin and my dad. It usually worked on them.

“Yep,” I nodded. “Most of the time anyway.”

Lynelle snorted. “Ever so innocent barbie.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Call me barbie one more time and see what happens!”

Lahara grumbled to herself that we were worse than children while the Lynelle cleared her throat. “Bar-bie.”

I hissed. “Lynelle, I’m seriously about to smack you upside the head!”.

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Lynelle laughed then gestured with her hands to the room. “Look where we are Kyah, the only thing that scares me any more is the men on the other side of these walls! Your silly little threats are pointless.”

I frowned and then sighed. “Yeah, I guess...”

Lahara sighed out loud. “Look we're stuck here together, can’t we just get along?” She pleaded.

I shrugged my shoulders while Lynelle chuckled. “For now? Sure,” she smirked and winked at me. “Our arguments amuse me, we might have to schedule one for later barbie..

I shook my head. “Whatever floats your boat, blondie.”

Lahara rolled her eyes. “I swear, you two would be best friends outside of this place.”

Lynelle and I laughed.


“Very doubtful.”

“Children, I am being held captive with children!” Lahara muttered.

I laughed and leaned over side hugging her. “You love it, yelling at us gives you something to do.”

Lahara rolled her eyes then gave me a playful grin. “I suppose.”

We chuckled but quickly shut up when the door to our room suddenly opened. We huddled together we two men stepped into the room. I tensed up so much that Lahara had to remove her hand from mine, my grip was hurting her.

“Put her next to those three,” Lex's voice floated into the room.

I couldn't stop the tears that filled my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. Just hearing his voice brought back everything he done two nights ago.






I shook my head and blinked away my tears allowing my vision to clear.

“Hoppy, you alright?” Lex asked me as he stepped into the room.

He was seriously stupid, I could walk on my leg now. Not perfectly, I had a limp and had to rest alot because the bone was still weak but I didn't hop around any more so his stupid nickname was invalid.

“Hoppy?” He sang again.

I ignored him and looked to Sarah as she was dropped in front of us by the two men who accompanied Lex. Sarah was with Lahara and Lynelle the very first time I was brought to this room. She is taken out of the room daily though, whenever she comes back she does be unconscious with fresh track marks in her arms.

I’m sort of afraid to touch her touch in case she caught some from whatever the people outside do to her.

“Oi, blondie. I’m talking to you.” Lex hissed to me as he moved before me, squatting down to my eye level.

Lahara and Lynelle scrabbled backwards making Lex smirk.

“Lex.” I muttered getting his attention.

He raised his eyebrow waiting for me to continue.

I gave him my best innocent smile. “Get rimmed.”

The two men behind Lex covered their mouths with their hands to hide their chuckles.

Lex's face burned red, it was obvious anger.

He slapped me across the face before I registered his hand even moving. I cried out and covered my face, that was going to bruise for sure.

I hate him.

Totally and utterly hate him.

Any time a bruise on my face or my previous head injuries would begin to heal this prick would hit me, giving me something fresh to wince about.

“I don't get rimmed blondie, I like rimming though.” He smiled evilly at me. “You know how much I like rimming, just ask Sandra. Oh, wait,” he paused and snickered. “You can't.”

I head butted him.

I laughed as pain filled my forehead. Lex nose was definitely broken from the amount of blood streaming from it and the fact it was now at an odd angle.

“You broke my nose, you fucking slut” He roared then pulled himself to his feet.

He swung his foot at me, connecting powerfully with my stomach making me throw up almost instantly. I retched as he gripped a handful of my hair and literally dragged me from the room.

I screamed and reached up to my head to where he had a hold of my hair. “Let go.” I cried, digging my nails into his hands making him yank on my hair harder.

I notice Lahara and Lynelle tried to crawl to me but the two men in the room pounced on them. I squeezed my eyes shut when the popped there belts open.

I knew they where going to rape them.

“Leave them alone you bastards!” I screamed so loud it echoed into the hallway.

The men laughed and the pressed themselves down onto the girls cover hiding their bodies from my sight.

“No, no, no!” Lynelle cried just as the door to the break room closed.

No further sounds where heard.

Lex told me the room we where kept in was sound proof so nobody would hear our screams or pleads for help. He was right, you couldn't hear a thing.

“I'm sorry, I’m so sorry. Please Lex, make them stop, please.” I begged as Lex pulled me upright so I was now on my knees.

His grip on my hair was still as tight as ever, but my worry for the girls out weighed the pain.

“Get your slutty ass to Tony's office, now!” Lex barked to me, covering his nose with his right hand.

I fumbled to my feet and limped as fast as I could towards Tony's office. The damn hallways in this place where endless so what took a minute to two minutes to get from one place to the other, felt like an hour.

“Tony!” I cried as I pushed the door to his office open.

He was sitting on the edge of his desk, leaning towards a girl with black hair who was sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

He was rubbing her cheek when I entered and seeing that I forgot why I entered the room.

“Who is she?” I asked, well, more like snapped.

Tony removed his hand from the girl as she stood up a smile stretched across his face.

He gestured to the girl with his hand. “This is Jamie. She's your new room mate.”

Room mate, what a term to call us.

I laughed, sarcastically.

“And you're here, outside of your room because?” Tony asked me, pointedly.

I got nervous them and scratched my neck.

“Well.. um..”

“She broke my nose!” Lex interrupted with a hiss from behind me.

I whirled around and snarled at him. “That's not fair, you threw teasing remarks about Sandra in my face! And you dragged from my room by the hair while your two goons raped my friends!”

My friends!

Remembering the girls I spun back around to face Tony. “Please make your men leave my friends alone, please.” I begged and dropped to my knees just to show much I wanted him to stop.

Tony sighed, loudly.

He moved then and came towards me, I was looking down so his feet where the first thing I seen. He lifted my head – gently – then and frowned when he looked at my face.

He looked up to Lex. “Go get your face fixed.” He said coldly.

Lex grunted out a response then left the room.

Tony lifted me to my feet then and examined my face. “He marked you good, your right side will bruise.. again.”

I shrugged because I didn't know what to say.

“It was punishment though, you where told no to sass any of my men!” He added.

I rolled my eyes. “I thought you told everyone not to harm a hair on my head, I mean, isn't that why Sandra was raped and murdered.” I spat then closed my eyes.






Tony snorted at me getting my attention then looked over his shoulder to Jamie. “Never act like this one, I have only enough tolerance for her acting out. You and the other girls will pay dearly for back talk.”

Jamie nodded her head frantically and I frowned.

She looked terrified but sort of happy when Tony looked at her.

“Don't scare her Tony.” I said softly.

He turned back to me and smiled as he pulled my body flush up against his. “You didn't give me my hello kiss,” he purred.

Feelings of sickness whenever Tony wanted to kiss me now turned to one of annoyance, he was like a teenage boy virgin, always wanting to touch me in some way.

“You didn't tell Lex to stop your men from raping my friends.” I retorted to Tony.

He held my gaze for a few moments before he sighed and took his phone from his pocket. He pressed a button and held it too his ear.

“Find Lex and help him get cleaned up... I don't care what you're doing or who you're in right now, do it.”

My stomach churned at what my friends must be going through.

Tony clicked his phone shut and raised his eyebrow at me. “I did what you asked, give me a kiss.”

I swallowed and quickly pressed my lips to his. I squeezed my eyes shut and did my best to ignore Tony's hands encircling my waist.

Justin. Justin. Justin. Tony... No!! Justin, Justin, Justin.

When Tony slipped his hands to my butt, I instantly pulled away from the kiss.

He grinned at me then winked. “See, was that so difficult?”

Yes... kind of.

I shrugged. “Not really.”

Tony snorted and kissed my cheek gently.

Jamie then cleared her throat from behind us. “Will I leave?” She murmured.

I looked around Tony and shook my head at her. “He is just being rude.”

Tony slapped my ass making me wince. “Behave,” he purred into my ear after he pulled me close again.

I just nodded so he would release me.

He slapped my butt again as he walk to his desk and I bit back a curse word because the pain in my face – from when Lex struck me - suddenly burned making me hiss and rubbed my cheek.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Jamie whispered to Tony.

He snorted. “Yep,” he replied.

I growled in annoyance.

“Really, she looks around my age.” Jamie whispered again.

Tony snorted. “You're older than her by two years, she is nineteen,” he replied.

Jamie looked disgusted.

“I'm standing right here you know, I can hear what you're saying.” I spat whilst folding my arms.

Tony grinned at me and winked. “Come here, Sweet Pea.”

I hated that damn name.

As I walked towards Tony I watched as Jamie studied me. She pulled a face when I sat on Tony's lap and I didn't know whether she thought it was gross or if she was jealous.

She seemed jealous to me.

Maybe she liked Tony. That thought made me inwardly laugh, no body could like Tony unless they were messed up in the head.

“Kyah?” Tony shook me, hard.


“You zoned out.”



He sighed. “Med's time.”

He reached over and grabbed me my tubs and gave me some water, like a robot I thought my pills and swallowed the water then turned to Tony and opened my mouth so he could see I swallowed them.

He was convinced that I would tried hide them under my tongue so I would have an episode and hurt myself or something. I found that stupid though, why would I want to cause myself any more pain?

“Are you sick or something?” Jamie asked me, curiously.

I shook my head.

“I'm bi polar,” I explained.

She looked me up and down again. “Really? You don't look the type to have that.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together. “I didn't realise you had to look a certain type of way to be bi polar.” I retorted.

Tony's hand found their way to my hips. It was a silent warning to calm it down so I did.

“I didn't mean to offend you.” Jamie said softly.

I shrugged. “You didn't.” I replied, flatly.

Tony snorted. “Then why the snappy response?”

I scoffed making him laugh. He reached around me and grabbed a cigarette, he lit it up and puffed away making me squirm.

He knew I didn't like the smell of smoke, I told him that the night Sandra died when he brought me to the rooftop so I could get some fresh air and 'calm down. It was a nice change though, I mean, sitting in a confined room all day everyday while being beat up from time to time – I bait Lex to much but whatever - was enough to make anyone appreciate the night sky.

“Kyah” Tony voice hissed, startling me.

I rolled my eyes. “I was thinking,” I snapped making him pinch my back. “Sorry.” I squealed and quickly reached around to rub my back.

Tony then patted my sides. “Bring Jamie to the break room. Lex will meet you there to let you both in.” He leaned down until his mouth was next to my ear. “Dinner later, Sweet Pea.”

When he kissed my cheek I found myself watching Jamie, wanting to see her reaction.

She narrowed her eyes which I found interesting.

I then disliked that I found her not liking Tony kissing me interesting because I should withstand Tony a lot more like I used to instead of giving into him just to get him off my case. I annoyed myself then, I was annoyed with Jamie for obviously liking Tony and annoyed with myself for having a problem with that.

What the fuck was happening to me?

I was actually having a problem with some girl having the hots for Tony. This was not right, I hate Tony, I really do but I think being around him so much is messing with me and in a way I’m starting to feel... attached to him.

I already think about Justin and my family less just to avoid the pain of missing them and to fill the void I bait Lex which always ends up in me being with Tony by the end of the day and in a twisted way, it comforts me.

Ugh, I hate me right now.


I inwardly growled.

“I was think-”

“Thinking, I know. You're always thinking but get your fine ass up and go to the break room with Jamie. I've business to attend to.” Tony explained, angrily.

I stood up, careful not to hurt my leg by putting too much pressure on it too fast. I felt a pain in my chest then like I have being for the past few days since Sandra died, when Tony told me to come somewhere to him I was afraid it was going to be another person getting hurt in front of me. After what I witnessed with a few nights ago I never wanted to see or hear anything like that ever again.






I winced at my thoughts then glanced back to Tony, nervously.

“Dinner is just me and you later... right?” I asked looking directly into his eyes.

He gave me a wink. “Yeah, just me and you Sweet Pea.”

I nodded, satisfied. “See you later.”

He smiled at me as I turned. “Be good,” he called out to me making me snort and him laugh.

Yeah, like that would happen.

Jamie and I filed out of the room and began the long, slow walk to my.. our room.

“So, how come you're here?” I asked making conversation.

She cleared her throat. “My two brothers made a deal with Tony so my family could have me back.”

“What deal?” I asked, curiously.

Jamie shrugged as we walked. “Some fight thing, they have to win it in order to win me back.”

Horror filled me as I turned to Jamie.

She raised her eyebrow. “Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?”

I swallowed. “My brother and boyfriend made the same deal with Tony. They're fighting in The Arena to win me back then have to win it.”

Jamie didn't look to surprised, she actually shrugged. “Um, my brothers are both cage fighters, they're used to this kind of fighting.”

I gave her a look. “So are my brother and boyfriend, how do you think they came to a deal about the tournament?”

Jamie shrugged. “I thought Tony was your boyfriend.”

I came to a stop. “What?” I asked, bemused.

“Tony said you were his girlfriend, but you said your brother and boyfriend are fighting in the tournament thing for you.”

I eyed Jamie up. I just told her that both our families are fighting in a tournament to win us back, if one wins the other is stuck here and instead of being freaked about that it could be her, she is questioning who my boyfriend is.

I growled, she definitely has a thing for Tony.

“Justin is my boyfriend back home. Tony is... complicated.” I said, irritated.

Jamie nodded. “You have two boyfriends then.”

I hissed. “No! Well, yes. I mean no! Ugh, could you just mind your own business!”

Jamie snorted. “Okay, I was just asking a question.”

“Well, don't.” I snapped and started walking again.

Jamie quickly fell in step with me again and about a minute later we came up to the door of the break room. Lex and his two bitches where already there, peering into the room and taunting my friends.

“Hey!” I yelled shoving through them. “Tony said you have to leave them alone so fuck off!”

The two men eyed me then Jamie but she practically jumped behind me making them laugh. Lex was glaring at me, he had this white thing over his nose.

I remembered it was broke.

I smiled to him. “Sup, gorgeous.”

With a roar he tried to dive on me but the two men pulled him back. “She's not worth a bullet to the head man. The boss will have you on a plate, forget the slut.”

“Your mom is a slut!” I retorted to the man.

Jamie snorted from behind me but almost instantly shut up when he turned and glared at me. He shoved me backwards making me stumble, he then grabbed the handle of the door, slamming it shut. The noise of the door shutting sent vibrations through the room.

I shook my head and turned to my friend. Lahara was lying near Sarah – who was still unconscious and unmoving – while Lynelle sat next to her. They were both awake.

I moved over to them and sat next to them. Without a word and leaned forward and pulled them both into a hug, they both erupted into tears as I swayed left to right.

“I'm sorry, I didn't stop them sooner.” I whispered.

The girls pulled back and wiped their faces. “What?” Lynelle said. “If you didn't convince Tony to ring them they would have went on for ages. You saved us!”

I rolled my eyes. “You where still raped!”

Lahara sighed. “We've being raped loads of times in here but that time you ended it so thank you.”

I hugged them both again then turned when Jamie cleared her throat. “This is Jamie, she is here for the same reason as me. Her family is fighting in The Arena.”

Lynelle pulled a face. “Oh, that sucks,” she looked at me then and grinned. “I bet you will be the one to be stuck here and Jamie will be walking free.”

I glared at her and rubbed my head were Lex pulled me by the hair. “Does someone put bitch powder into your food or do you save the attitude just for me?”

Lynelle smiled at me then. “I don't know what you're talking about.”

I rolled my eyes. “Sure you don't you slut.”

“Your mom is a slut.” She retorted making us all randomly burst out laughing.

I shook my head as I relaxed my back against the wall rubbing my face every few seconds, it was still stinging.

A few minutes went by when Lahara giggled. “Light bulb.”

I raised my eyes and looked to her feeling totally confused. “Light bulb?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “What you were spying for earlier was a light bulb.”

I gaped at her then shoved her with my arm. “I said light bulb””

“No,” Lynelle butted in. “You said light not light bulb.”

I growled. “You said it was one word, light bulb is two!”

Lahara covered her face giggling. “Whoops.”

Lynelle laughed as well.

I shook my head in annoyance. “You're both so annoying.”

Jamie cleared her throat. “Um, sorry to interrupt... whatever it is you're talking about but..” She paused touching Sarah face and neck.

“But what?” Lynelle asked.

Jamie looked up to us. “You're friend here is dead.”


* * * *





“You have way more muscles than you did before, it's actually pretty hot amigo.” Rayne said to me as I filled up a glass with water.

I snorted and looked over my shoulder to her, pinning her with a cut-the-bullshit grin. “Stop this, I didn't even ask you about my muscles or my body for that matter, why are you hitting on me?” I questioned.

Rayne rolled her eyes, playfully. “I'm not hitting on you, I’m just making an observation besides you're not hot enough for me.” She grinned back.

I raised my eyebrow. “Are you saying Dante is hotter than me?”

She nodded. “Duh.”

“Dante? Dante Edwards?” I said again making sure I was hearing correctly. “The Dante with brown hair and looks similar to my girlfriend?”

Rayne laughed. “Yes, that Dante,” she paused then chuckled again. ”You do realise you think Dante is hot too, right? I mean you think Kyah is hot and you just said he looks like her, meaning you think he is hot.”

I pulled a disgusted face and Rayne cracked up laughing.

“What are you two talking about?” Harley asked as he entered the kitchen.

I swallowed back so water and shook my head. “I don't even known, she is being weird again.” I nodded towards Rayne.

Harley snorted. “What's new?”

Rayne scoffed. “Well, excuse me,” she said flinging her hair over her shoulder and prancing out of the kitchen.

Harley shook his head, smiling. “She is such a girl.”

I laughed. “I hope so otherwise me thinking she has a nice ass is gay.”

Harley punched my arm. “Your dating my sister!” He scolded, paused then laughed. “Wait, I think she has a nice ass as well. I take my punch back.”

I rubbed my arm. “The pain isn't going anywhere.” I grumbled.

Harley snorted then sighed. “It's been a few days since we rang Kyah, with the Holidays in a few days I'm missing her even more than I was. Want to ring and see if we can talk to her?”

I nodded straight away. I felt the exact same way.

Christmas was literally days away but it didn't feel like it. None of us decorated our places with Christmas stuff, it just didn't feel write without Kyah being here to enjoy it with us.

Harley called Jackson and Dante in as I picked up my phone, activating the app to triangulate Kyah's position before I dialled the number I had for Tony.

“I was wondering when you four would ring again.” The thug guy spoke into the phone when he answered.

Tony never answered so it was obviously this guys phone number I had and not Tony's.

“We want too speak to Kyah.” I said, my voice hard.

The thug snorted. “I'll ask the Boss if its okay.”

Seconds ticked by while we waited when Tony's voice suddenly came onto the line.

“Justin, my boy. How are you?” He chirped.

I clinched my fists. “Fine, where is Kyah? I want to speak to her.”

Tony snorted. “Kyah is in her room. She not doing too well to be honest, she acted out a few days ago. Broke my main man's nose.” He tutted.

I looked to her brothers who eyes where just as wide as mine.

“She broke someone's nose?” I asked, my voice laced with shock.

Tony laughed while another person grumbled. “Kyah isn't the same little girl you guys once knew. She is... different now.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, bemused.

“How is she different? What have you done to her?” Dante all but yelled.

Tony laughed. “I haven't done anything to her. She brings most of it upon herself but when she seen a woman die... suddenly she has being withdraw and sad. I usually have to rock her to sleep at night.”

I felt my face flush with heat, I was beyond pissed. I was sick and scared that she seen somebody die but that tuck a back seat in my thought when Tony said he holds Kyah.

My Kitten!

“She wouldn't turn to you for anything you scum bag, you're lying.”

Tony laughed again then his voice turned cold. “You don't have any idea what she turns to me for Justin.”

I froze, he never calls me by my name. His tone also scared me and had the worst thoughts creeping into my head.

“Tony, if you have touched her anywhere private or forced her into having-”

“I haven't forced her into anything like that. Despite how much of a bastard you think I am, I care about her. The only time I will have sex with her is when she wants too.”

I punched a glass off the counter causing it to fly across the room and smash onto the floor.

“I'm going to fucking kill-”

“Sweet Pea?” Tony voice cut me off.

Jackson moved to my side and patted my shoulder. “Breathe, man.”

I closed my eyes and took so deep breaths.

“Hi.” I heard Kyah voice chirp causing my eyes to pop open.

Dante shared a looked with me. “She sounds.. happy?” He murmured out loud.

I was confused as shit as well.

“Kyah?” Harley called out.

Tony snort. “Your brothers and Justin are on the line for you.”

Things where silent for a moment. “Give me the phone then.” Kyah said.

Tony chuckled. “Ordering me around now are you?” He teased.

Kyah snorted. “Just give me the phone.”

She actually snorted!

“And if I don't?” Tony asked, teasing.

Kyah sighed. “I won't turn up to dinner later, I'll hide in my room.”

Tony laughed then and I heard Kyah sweet giggling follow.

I shook my head.

Why was she teasing Tony and sounding like she was enjoying it?

What the hell was going on!

“Here. Be quick.” Tony murmured.

There was some noise then Kyah came onto the phone. “Hey guys.” She said softly.

“Hey Kitten.” I replied instantly.

Kyah's breath hitched. “I haven't heard you call me that in a while,” she said in a low voice.

I frowned. “I know but when we get you home I won't call you anything but Kitten, promise.”

Kyah chuckled. “Sounds good to me.”

I looked to Dante who was frowning.

“Why don't you sound upset any more, Kyah?” He asked.

She stopped chuckling and cleared her throat. “What do you mean?” She asked in a small voice again.

“I mean.” Dante's faced hardened. “You're having playful banter with Tony, the guy who kidnapped you.”

Kyah cleared her throat again. “He isn't so bad, he can be nice-”

“WHAT?” The four of us yelled in unison.

“I.. um..” Kyah trailed of clearly at a loss of words.

“You think he is nice? What the hell is he doing to convince you of that?” Harley barked.

Kyah's breathed quickened slightly. “He is just... there for me I guess.” She sighed. “I know he is the reason I'm stuck here and I do resent him for it but I’m finding it hard to hate him now. I don't know why, I just do.”

I shook my head, I had to be hearing her wrong.

Was she taking to Tony?

“Kyah.” I said then paused not knowing what to say to her.

She remained quite when Rayne suddenly stormed into the room and glared at my phone. “Kyah Edwards, what in the fuck are you playing at? Don't you dare allow yourself to be so confused that you think Tony is your guardian angel, he is the sole reason you're not here with us. Entender?”

Kyah cleared her throat. “Yeah, I understand... I miss you so much Rayne.” She said, crying now.

Rayne face softened and then suddenly she was crying.

I widened my eyes.

I never seen a girl go from mad to sad in a few seconds but Rayne just became the first.

“I miss you too chica. We all do, don't forget that, okay?” Rayne sniffled.

I imagined Kyah nodding her head. “I won't.. Te amo.”

Rayne covered her face. “Te amo, chica.” She said through her hands.

Dante put his arms around her, comforting her and I frowned. I envied Dante for being able to hug his girl while the best I could do it talk to her on a phone.

“Wrap it up, Sweet Pea.” Tony voice called out through the phone.

Kyah muttered a curse. “I have to go...”

“We love you Ki Ki and we're coming to bring you home. You will be with us in a week, I promise.” Harley vowed.

“I can't wait.” She whispered.

I sighed in relief, I was happy she still wanted to come home to us but I really worried about how she was acting and talking towards Tony. It was too friendly and teasing for a captive girl to be having with her kidnapper. Too damn friendly.

“I love you, Kitten.” I said knowing she was about to hang up.

She sniffled again. “I love you too, Justin. I love you all, so much.”

When the phone line went dead, I checked her location and it hadn’t changed, that was great news for the plan but I felt like crap after that conversation so I placed my face in my hands.

“What is wrong with her? How can she think Tony is.. nice?” I asked out loud, my voice laced with venom.

Jackson sighed, shaking his head. “Maybe she developed Stockholm Syndrome.”

We all looked to Jackson and he shook his head again, this time annoyed. “None of you know what that is do you?”

We all shook our heads, bemused.

Jackson grunted. “Stockholm Syndrome describes the behaviour of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.” He blew out a big breath then. “Its the trauma from the situation she is in, she has being beaten we all know that and now Tony admitted she seen someone die. That must have messed with her head so much that any act of kindness from Tony – him being nice and comforting her so she can sleep – in Kyah's head is magnified to the point were she can relate and actually feels bad for him. She is confined and that added to the abuse is messing with her head, Tony is playing to that... I think he knows she will turn to him, and thus will start to turn away from us if he convinces her we are the bad guys trying to take her from him .”

My mouth hung open when Jackson finished.

“He is using her vulnerability against her. He is gaining her trust because of that. I’m going to kill him.” I cursed.

Harley growled as he looked at me. “Next week cannot get here fucking fast enough!”




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