Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


1. Panic


“Kyah?” I called out and knocked on the bathroom door.

I sighed and shook my head, why the fuck do all girls take forever in the bathroom?

“Rayne.” I shouted when I seen her walk by.

She stumbled when she stopped so I reached out and steadied her. “Gracias amigo,” She muttered.

I rolled my eyes and hope she wasn’t drunk enough to speak just Spanish because unlike Dante and Kyah, I haven’t a fucking clue what she does be saying.

“Rayne,” I said and shook her a little getting her to look up at me. “Oh, Hola Justin,” she giggled and I couldn’t help but crack a smile.

She was that cute. A pain in the ass when she was hammered but cute non the less.

“Hola,” I grinned then focused. “I need you to go in to the bathroom and get Kyah, she is in there nearly ten minutes,” I said clearly and she nodded.

“Get Kyah for ten minutes, got it,” she said then giggled and stumbled into the bathroom.

I shook my head, chuckling at her.

“Have you seen Rayne around here?” Dante's voice asked from behind me.

I turned around and nodded. “Yeah man, she is in the bathroom with Kyah,” I said and rolled out my aching arm.

My whole body was aching from the tournament, all I wanted nothing more than to fall into bed with Kyah and sleep for a week.

“Can you believe how this shit went down? How lucky was Kyah that Lana tripped and knocked herself out. I hope Kyah's leg didn’t get hurt, it's fucked already as it is,” Dante sighed, concern wrote all over his face.

All Kyah’s brother are close to her but Dante is her twin so he has a whole other connection with her and freaks out easily when something is up with her.

“She will be fine man, I just want to get her home to bed,” I said and watched Dante’s face hardened.

I laughed and held my aching arms up. “To sleep man, just to sleep,” I said quickly and Dante grinned, obviously happy with my answer.

He is smaller than me but my man can pack a punch, growing up with Harley and Jackson ensured that.

“Where is Harley?” Dante randomly asked while looking around.

I shrugged. “He went to give Tony the money we owned him, I was going too but gave it to him instead so I could come back here and get Kyah. He is probably off with Anna fucking somewhere,” I grinned.

Dante shook his head. “No way man. He wouldn’t just ditch after Kyah was hurt like that, you know that. You would have to drag him away kicking and screaming.”

I nodded my head slowly. He was right, it’s usually hard to get Harley to loosen up when it comes to Kyah.

So where the hell is he?

As if on queue Harley pushed through the crowd looking frantic. He didn’t stop by us, he instead pushed the bathroom door open were I caught sight of Rayne on the floor lying on top of what looked like crutches.

I knew something was wrong and followed Harley.

“She’s gone,” Harley said and punched a toilet stall door.

He then hoisted Rayne up and handed her off to Dante. I noticed her head was bleeding and I looked back to the ground and realized she must have fell over Kyah’s crutches when she came into the bathroom and hit her head off the sink.


“Kyah?” I shouted and pushed the toilet stall doors open.

Each stall was empty.

“What the fuck?” I said totally confused.

Harley was pissed something fierce.

“What’s wrong? What do you mean she is gone?” I asked.

He threw an envelope on the floor. It was the envelope I gave him to give to Tony.

What the fuck?

“I went to give Tony the money for you like you asked but I couldn’t find him so I went up to the parking lot to see if he was there and Roman said he noticed a guy matching Tony’s description walking to his car with two guys and a girl. Only the two guys where carrying the girl and she has a boot cast on her left leg. He didn’t think anything of it because he thought the guys where just helping the girl,” Harley shook his head and punched the stall door again.

“Kyah? The girl was Kyah? Tony has her? What the fuck? Why?” I screamed at him then shoved him hard

He stumbled but stayed on his feet then shoved me back, hard.

“I don’t fucking know why,” He yelled, getting in my face.

“Shut the fuck up, the two of you. This is not helping!” Dante yelled and kicked at me.

It would have being funny if the situation was different and he wasn’t holding a bleeding/unconscious Rayne in his arms.

“Rayne?” I said and lightly tapped her face. “Rayne?” I said and tapped her face a little harder.

She groaned and I sighed.

“She’s alive,” I sighed with relief.

Dante shoved me with his free hand. “I knew she wasn’t dead, I felt her pulse you know. I wouldn’t be standing her casually if I thought she was dead,” he snapped at me.

I held my hands up. “Sorry man,” I mumbled then helped him get Rayne out of the bathroom.

Harley grabbed Kyah’s crutches and followed us.

“Where’s Kyah?” Jackson asked us when he found us in the crowd.

Harley sighed and relayed what Roman the bouncer told him about Tony and his men taking her.

“I’ll fucking kill him,” Jackson snarled talking about Tony.

Get in line man.

I shook my head. “We need to get outside,” I said and motioned for Mark to come over to me.

“Tell Anna and Baila to met us outside man,” I said and he nodded.

I watched him grab his microphone. “Listen up. Dudes, shut your bitches up,” He shouted and I smirked as his choice of words.

Kyah would kick his ass for saying that, she hates how he talks about girls.

“Baila and Anna. Calling Baila and Anna, your men are leaving and want your fine asses with them. Where are you at, ladies?” Mark shouted pulling me from my thoughts.

Jackson and Harley let the comments slid because their minds where on Kyah.

“Here. We’re here!” Baila’s voiced laughed as she and Anna came through the crowd towards us.

Anna stopped laughing when she seen Rayne. “Omigod,” she gasped and put her hand over Rayne's head replacing Dante’s hand to keep pressure on her head.

“Hospital, now!” Anna said and Dante face paled but he nodded in understanding.

Jackson explained to them the situation as we left Jed’s and Baila burst into tears. “She’s being kidnapped?” She sobbed.

Hearing her say the words out loud made me feel sick.

“W-We have t-to call the p-police,” Baila cried out and smacked at Jackson as he tried to comforted her. “Call the p-police!” She yelled at him.

He remained unmoving though as did the rest of us.

“Why aren’t you doing a-anything?” She screamed at all of us.

Anna ignored her and focused on getting into her car with Rayne and Dante. She was the DD tonight that‘s why she has her car.

“We can’t call in the cops, babe,” Jackson sighed looking pained.

I rubbed my face wanting nothing more than to do as Baila wished but I couldn’t and all us guys knew it. We couldn’t involve the police in this. Not with a guy like Tony if we did Kyah was as good as dead.

“What do you fucking me mean you can’t call the cops? Are y-you fucking shitting me right n-now?” She bellowed and punched Jackson’s shoulder.

I stepped back. Red head's have a crazy temper and I didn’t want to be hit any more today, being in the tournament was enough for one night.

“I’ll f-fucking call them if you bastards won‘t!” Baila hissed and began routing through her bag.

Jackson grabbed her phone when she took it out. “Give it back,” she cried.

He shook his head. “We have to get her back ourselves. Tony will get rid of her if we bring any heat down on him.”

Harley kicked over a near by trash can and I fisted my hair with my hands at the realization of what was happening.

“Get rid of her? You mean… you mean. You mean he will k-kill her?” Baila froze and fresh tears escaped her eyes.

Man, it killed me seeing her cry.

Jackson nodded confirming Baila’s thoughts and if possible she cried even harder. “If he touches her, I w-will kill him!” She stated.

Before any of us could say anything a girl stumbled from Jed’s holding her head. I got a good look at her and seen it was Lana.

Baila spotted her and full on screamed. “This is all your fault,” she bellowed and got out of Jackson grasp and ran at Lana.

Lana ducked away from Baila’s incoming punch but she couldn’t get away from Baila's bodies jumping on her. Lana covered her injured head - that she hurt herself when she tripped and fell in the cage - while Baila literally slapped and punched at her body parts as they fell to the ground.

I have never seen Baila like this before. So it took a second for the shock of what she was doing to pass when both Jackson and I sprung forward and separated the pair.

It was much harder that you would think. Girl hands when fighting are like pit bull’s lock jaw, nearly impossible to get the grip unlatched. That’s exactly why Jackson had to tickle Baila’s under arms to get her to let go.

A cheap shot but whatever is was very effective.

I picked up Lana and straightened her up. Baila was right she was the at fault for Kyah being taken by Tony but it was Jeff who filled her head with hate for us. “Go home and don’t come around here again. You or your brother, I‘ll break more than his arm next time if I see him,” I snarled to Lana.

She tensed up and nodded frantically. I could see she was afraid of me and for once I didn’t care that a girl felt like that around me. Her fear will keep her away from us.

“Okay,” she said then turned and stumbled towards a taxi which her brother was already in the back of.

It snapped in my head that this whole started from them being involved with Tony so they obviously knew how to contact him.

I ran over and jumped in front of the taxi before it pulled away. I walked up to Jeff’s side of the car, he was scared but put on a front.

“Give me the number you have for Tony. Now!” I hissed.

If we where going to contact Tony and arrange to get Kyah back we needed a contact number for him.

Lana fumbled but call out Tony’s number to me and when I put it into my phone I nodded. “I never want to see either of you again!” I spat the turned and walked away from the car.

No doubt they where going to the hospital, they where both fucked up good.

I shook my head and turned towards Anna’s car. “C’mon,” I said to Jackson.

He nodded and picked up Baila who was still crying. We crammed into Anna’s car. Jackson and Dante held their girls on their laps while I squeezed beside them. Harley and Anna where in the front and argued back and forth about the quickest way to the hospital as we drove.

Thankfully we got there in one piece. Rayne was slightly awake and complaining of a headache and the fact that the blood from her wound was staining her dress. I was so happy she was awake I didn’t care about her headache or the stupid blood stain, just once she wasn’t out cold and unmoving I was happy.

Dante carried her into the hospital E.R while Anna trotted behind the nurses station and pushed her to the front of the list to be seen by a doctor. The fact she was a nurse was very handy in this situation.

“That’s a beauty,” Doctor Chance's voice said from behind us.

Of course he would be the doctor Rayne would be seen by.

“Aren’t you suppose to be in ICU somewhere?” I asked him.

He grinned and moved over to Rayne who was now placed on a trolley bed. “I’m on E.R call duty tonight,” He said to me while assessing Rayne.

“Is she under the influence?” He asked and we all nodded.

He looked at me and Harley and shook his head. “Do you both need medical attention?” He asked referring to out busted up faces.

Shit, I forgot about our faces.

Harley shook his head. “Nope, we’re fine. It’s Rayne who needs you,” he said and Doctor Chance nodded.

Rayne groaned and muttered something in Spanish when Doctor Chance touch her head.

Dante snorted. “Be nice baby,” he cooed to Rayne and she blindly reached to and slapped his face and muttered more things in Spanish.

Dante rubbed his face and looked at us. “She just in pain. That’s all,” he said and I chuckled.

Rayne’s hand print was across his cheek.

“She needs stitches,” Doctor Chance said then turned to Anna and looked her up and down which made Harley grunt.

Doctor Chance smiled. “I guess this is your night off?” He said to Anna and she nodded, uncaring. “I’ll get what you need to stitch her up, be right back,” she said and when off to get medical supplies.

“How did she do this?” Doctor Chance asked.

I scratched my neck. “She feel over Kyah’s crutches and hit her head off a sink,” I explained.

He raised his eyebrows. “And where is Kyah?” He asked looking around the group.

Dante lowered his head while Harley clinched his fists.

“She was kidnapped,” Baila blurted out.


“Baila!” We all hissed in unison.

She didn’t reply she just buried her face in Jackson’s chest and cried. Doctor Chance stood up and motioned us closer to him.

“Explain,” He said firmly.

I slumped down and figured what the hell? He saved Kyah’s life twice and kept her sane by giving her meds. I relayed everything on him. From how Kyah got involved with Tony to the tournament earlier tonight.

“Why did he take her if you got him the money?” Doctor Chance asked.

I rubbed my temples. “That’s what we don’t understand. He didn’t get his money he just took Kyah. He broke our deal big time,” I snapped.

Doctor Chance raised his brow then shook his head. “No, the deal was you win the tournament and the money to pay the debt but you didn’t win it. Kyah did.” He said and I blinked at him.

He was right.

“He took her as insurance,” Harley bit out.

Jackson punched the bed and made Rayne jump a little earning a glare from Dante.

“What? Like he took her as.. as payment instead of the money?” Baila asked with a sniffle.

“Yeah,” Jackson said through gritted teeth.

“Omigod,” she muttered, “we have to call the police Jackson, we have to!”.

He shook his head. “We can’t. A guy like him won’t want cops sniffing around,” he explained and she pushed him off her.

“I’m done with you,” she spat and turned her body away from him.

“What?” He asked and shook his head as if he heard her wrong.

Anna came back and gave a tray of supplies to Doctor Chance.

He grabbed the big ass needle. ”Hold her still, I need to numb the area,” he said to Dante and Harley.

They took a shoulder each and held her arms tightly still as the doctor stuck the needle into her head. Rayne came alive and screamed but Anna held her head between her hands stopping her from moving her head while I took her legs.

“I have to numb the area, sweetheart,” Doctor Chance said in a very calming tone.

A few seconds later Rayne stop shouting and cussing in English and Spanish. “That’s nice,” she slurred and we chuckled a little.

She went from crazy and dangerous to calm and mellow within a minute.

I looked away from Rayne and looked to Baila. “Baila, you can’t break up with me,” Jackson said, his voice damn bear breaking point.

I felt bad for the guy.

None of the Edwards brother’s would beg a chick for anything but there current girlfriends meant a lot to them so the rule book was out the window when it came to them.

“Well, I just did,” she sniffled and slurred at the same time and came over and cuddled into my side

I shook my head. “She doesn’t mean it,” I said and Jackson just nodded and stared at Baila‘s back.

I patted her shoulder. “C’mon Bail's, you’re being unfair to him and you know it.”

“I just want Kyah to come home,” she slurred.

“Me too,” I whispered and held her close to me.

Minutes past and her breathing calm down enough that she fell asleep leaning on me.

“She’s out,” I said to Jackson.

He stood up. “I got her,” he said and picked her up into his arms.

He sat on a chair with Baila on his lap, fast asleep on his shoulder. I knew Baila probably wouldn’t remember breaking up with Jackson when she woke up but by the look on his face he sure as hell would remember it.

I looked away from Jackson and Baila and switched my gaze to Rayne and Doctor Chance.

“Dios,” Rayne suddenly gasped then she began crying.

Dante grabbed her hand. “What is it?” He asked.

She sniffled. “I’m going to have a s-scar on my forehead. I’m going to be… u-u-” She couldn’t finished her sentence because she burst out sobbing again.

“Ugly?” Doctor Chance guessed her unfinished word.

That sent Rayne into a full on sob fest.

“You will not be ugly, that is impossible you’re too gorgeous as it is,” Dante purred to her.

She calmed down crying a little and looked to him with a pout. It was one of the cutest pouts I have ever seen other than Kyah’s and Jazzy’s pout faces, it was a winner. I raised my eyebrows when I thought of my sister.

“Fuck,” I said out loud and searched for my phone.

“What is it?” Harley asked from the chair next to Jackson where he was now sitting.

“Jazzy was mean to be in the apartment with Kyah. What if Tony took her too?”

I thought I was going to puke.

“Shit man, call her,” Harley said and searched for his own phone.

I finally found my phone and hit sped dial one. Jazzy has always being sped dial one on my phone. The phone rang out a few times and I was starting to freak out when she answered on the eight ring. “Hey bro,” she answered sounding a little breathless.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” I asked her.

“In the apartment. Why?” She whispered now.

I sighed with relief but then wondered why she wasn’t freaking out about Kyah. “Where is Kyah?” I randomly asked her.

“Um.. She is,” I heard her paused then open a door,“crap where is she? Kyah?” Jazzy called out.

“She’s not fucking there. Where the hell where you?” I yelled.

Anna came to my side and gestured for me to lower my voice so I did.

“I was.. I was in Jake’s apartment watching a movie,” she blurted out.

I punched the wall next to me. “Jake's fucking apartment? Did he touch you?” I asked.

Harley stood up while Jackson and Dante snapped their heads to me as well.

“No Justin, I swear,” Jazzy said sounding nervous. “We kissed but that’s it I promise he didn’t even try anything, we just watched the movie.”

I gritted my teeth. “She snuck to Jed’s when you left the apartment now she is gone,” I snapped.

Jazzy sniffled. “I’m sorry. I - I.. Wait, what do you mean she’s gone?”

“Gone as in kidnapped, Tony has her. Damn it Jazzy, you where suppose to be watching her.” I snapped.

Jazzy whimpered. “I’m sorry,” She burst out crying but I didn’t care.

“Stay in the apartment and don’t move until I get there.”

I ended call just as Doctor Chance finished up stitching Rayne’s head. “Nine stitches,” He counted.

Rayne groaned making Dante snort. “I’ll prescribe some pain pills for her but only let her take them tomorrow when the alcohol has left her system.” He said to Dante who nodded in response.

Dante hoisted Rayne up into his arms after his shook Doctor Chance’s hand. Jackson carried Baila out to Anna’s car while Dante carried out Rayne.

Harley and I hung back with Doctor Chance.

“I’m not going to ask how your going to get her back, I don’t really care just once she’s safe,” he paused then grabbed a prescription pad. “This prescription is for her medication a few months supply because you don’t know how long he will have her. Make him understand she needs them and send them to him - it can be used in any state.”

Doctor Chance gave me the prescription. “Keep me updated,” he said.

I know doctor’s cared about their patients but Kyah was under Doctor Chance care every time she came to this hospital. He saved her life twice and developed a bond with her since he seen her for hours and hours every single day. I knew he wanted her back just as much as us and I appreciated that.

“Thank you.” Harley and I said in unison.

Harley and I began to leave the hospital. “We have to ring Tony,” Harley reminded me.

I nodded. “When we get to the apartment we will call him.”

When we got to Anna’s car I cracked my neck and Harley raised his eyebrows. “You don’t want to ring him now?”

I shook my head and tensed my jaw. “I’m dealing with my sister first.”


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