Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


2. Nightmare



A nightmare.

That’s it.

That’s the only explanation for this screwed up situation. I’m not really sitting next to Tony’s desk like a dog while he reads through some paper forms.

No, this is all a really horrible dream.

I never did actually go to Jed’s and get locked in the cage while Lana kicked my ass then got kidnapped by a crazy man, nope I actually did fall asleep when I just pretended to be out cold.

I’m just going to pinch myself and wake up in my warm comfy bed.

“Ouch,” I hissed when pain filled my arm.

“Did you just pinch yourself?” Tony ask me in an amused voice.

Okay, so it’s not a dream after all.

Damn it.

I cleared my throat and mumbled, “No”

Tony petted my head. “You’re so pretty,” he purred.

I resisted the urge to curl away from him. “I need to put my leg up Tony,” I said changing the subject. “It has to be elevated a lot.”

His eyes looked to my boot cast and sighed.

He then look to one of his thugs - he said they are his employees - and gave him a slight nod. After receiving the nod the man - the mother fucker who felt me up in the black jeep the first time Tony took me - came over and picked me up off the floor - like I weighed nothing - and moved me over to the couch in the room and placed my leg up on a pillow.

I sighed in relief.

I could actually feel the pain easing away instead of the throbbing sensation from blow flowing to the area like it was when I was sitting on the floor is was feeling better.

“Thanks,” I murmured.

I relaxed back and rubbed my face then winced.

“Watch your eye,” Tony said without looking at me.

I nodded but didn’t respond.

What happened to my eye you ask?

It’s black, blue and swollen shut. I made the silly mistake of trying to scream for help when we arrived to Vegas - I knew we where in Vegas because I seen all the buildings lit up when the black sack was taken off my head. It resulted in one of Tony’s thug men punching me directly in the face knocking me out cold.

I still have a bump on my head from when they hit me over the head in the Jed’s bathroom and now I’ve a messed up eye to go with it.

I look like a battered child.

“Lose the pout, Sweet Pea,” Tony called out.

I narrowed my eyes, “I’m not pouting.”

He snorted, “Yes, you are.”

He nodded to his men and one of them tossed me a little black lumpy cloth. I opened it and seen ice inside it, I folded it back over and placed it on my eye wincing a little then sighing.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Tony asked me.

I’m guessing my lesson was not to scream for help.

“Sure,” I replied dryly.

Tony stood up and walked over to me. I cowered away from him, afraid he would hit me.

“Don’t hide away from me, Sweet Pea,” he purred.

I felt a hand on my shoulder so I slowly straightened myself up but kept my head down.

Tony however lifted my head up with his finger under my chin.

He leaned into me and before I knew what was happening he pressed his lips to mine. I didn’t kiss him back but he didn’t really kiss me either his lips just lingered on mine for a few moments.

When I felt his tongue flick onto my bottom lip I gasped and he pressed his mouth firmly only mine and kissed me hard. I whimpered but made no move to reciprocate the kiss in any way.

He fisted his left hand into my hair and tugged on it painfully. “Kiss me back,” he growled onto my mouth.

I shook my head and this time I cried.

I didn’t want to kiss him or have him kiss me or touch me in anyway.

I just wanted to go home.

Tony pulled away from me and lightly tapped my face. “You’ll learn to do as your told Sweet Pea, you‘ll learn.“ He looked to his men and gave them some sort of look because then nodded.

When Tony moved away I snapped my head to the two men moving towards me. One of the guys was actually practicing punches on his hand and that’s when I knew they where going to beat on me.

If I defined Tony this would be my punishment.

I think he planned to beat me into being obedient… literally.


“Jazmyn?” I called out as I entered Kyah and Rayne’s apartment.

I ran up ahead of the guys. I was pissed at my sister but I needed to see with my own eyes that she was okay.

“I’m here,” she shouted as she ran to meet me in the hallway of the apartment.

Her eyes where red and puffy indicating that she had being crying.

“Why the fuck did you leave this apartment when I told you not to Jazmyn? I don’t give a shit how old you are, when I tell you to do something to keep either you or Kyah safe, you fucking do it!“ I screamed.

My hands where shaking from anger, I was so angry it wasn’t even funny.

“I’m sorry,” she cried and looked to the ground while hugging herself with her arms.

“Look at me!” I snapped.

She quickly looked up and I could tell she was scared of me and I didn’t like that so I forced myself to take a few deep breaths but that didn’t help because all I could think now was if Jake took my sister virginity or not.

“Did you have sex with Jake?” I asked through gritted teeth.

She shook her head. “No, I promise.”

She didn’t even nag about me asking that question, she knew I was pissed and wanted a direct answer. I just looked at her and my gaze caused her to break down right in front of me and it reminded me of when she was little and came running to me when she was upset or just wanted a cuddle.

I am almost four years older than her and you can actually tell the difference, she is still a girl. She may be eighteen now and want some independence but she’s still little Jazzy.

I frowned as she wiped her eyes. “I’m s-sorry Justin, I’m so sorry. I t-thought she was asleep, I didn’t think she w-would leave. P-Please don‘t hate me Justi-” “Come here.” I sighed and opened my arms.

She ran into me and wrapped her arms around my back and cried into my chest.

“I didn’t think she would l-leave. I swear,” she sobbed.

I rested my head on hers and closed my eyes. I love Kyah to bits because she is my girl but I honestly hate to think how the guys are feeling because holding Jasmyn in my arms is making me thankful she is here with me.

I would go off the deep end if someone even thought about harming my sister.

The guys entered the apartment with the girls and glanced at me and Jazzy - who had her head buried in my chest - and nodded lightly. Jackson placed a sleeping Baila on the couch while Dante helped Rayne into her room so she could lay down.

Jackson said she wasn’t allowed sleep yet in case she had a concussion. The last thing we needed was for Rayne to end up in hospital again so she agreed on just relaxing.

We know she would doze off because she is still drunk but we’re just going to have to keep her awake.

“I don’t hate you,” I murmured into Jazzy’s head.

She sniffled and looked up at me. “It’s my fault she is gone though.”

“Kyah wanted to leave and would have snuck out either way,” I said knowing it was true.

If Kyah wanted into Jed’s she would have made it happen and she did.

I shook my head. “Anyway Tony wanted her so if she stayed here he probably would have came and got her. He probably would have taken you too so I can be thankful for you being here at least.”

She hugged em again while I lifted my head up and seen Harley comforting a now crying Anna. I closed my eyes and sighed.

I couldn’t handle all these girls crying. Any girl crying would sort of upset me a little but when it one of the girls I’m close to it really sucks.

“Will she come home?” Jazzy asked me.

It was muffled but I heard it.

I wanted to answer yes but I just didn’t know so I gave her what I was thinking.

“I’m going to do everything I can to get her back. The guys are as well, she will be okay.” I assured Jazzy who nodded into my chest.

I looked up to Harley who was still hugging Anna but looking at me.

He gave me a nod.

I nodded back knowing it was a nod about the phone call that had to be made.

“I need you to sit with Anna on the couch while I make a phone call okay?” I said to Jazzy.

She squeezed me one last time as I kissed her head. She let go of me and moved to the empty couch with Anna.

Harley and Jackson moved over to me while I hit dial on the number Lana gave me for Tony.

Dante came out of Rayne’s room and came over to us when he seen my phone in my hand.

I placed the call on loud speaker.

“Who is this and why is your number blocked?” A male voice answered.

I cleared my throat. “I want to speak to Tony,” I replied flatly.

The man snorted. “Is that so?”

I clinched my fists. “He took someone that doesn’t belong to him and I want her back.”

“Her?” The man said with slight surprise.

“Yes, her.” I said calmly.

Things where quiet for about a minute then the same guy said. “Her brother or boyfriend I think.“

We heard muffled talk then a scream. “Justin? Harley? Jackson?” Kyah’s voice yelled out.

The girls let out cries and I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Dante!” Kyah's voice screamed very loudly then there was a loud smack followed by another scream/cry.

“Shut the fuck up!” A guy bellowed.

They where hitting her. I could tell and it made my blood boil.

Harley covered his face with his hands while Jackson punched the wall. Dante was doing something I’ve haven’t seen him do since Kyah was in hospital.

He was crying.

“So, which one are you?” The guy asked me with a snort.

“Justin,” I replied after I cleared my throat.

The noise of Kyah crying and screaming made me choke up.

The guy repeated my name. “Ah, the boyfriend.” The guy snorted then someone asked him for the phone.

“Justin my boy, how are you?” Tony’s voice came through the phone sounding pretty happy.

I clinched my fists. “I want her back.”

“I can’t do that I’m afraid. You didn’t come through on our deal.”

I growled. “You never said you would take Kyah as insurance if I didn’t win the fucking tournament.”

He laughed. “I didn’t did I?” He said more to himself sounding amused.

“Cut the bullshit, I have your money here. You don’t want Kyah you want money and I’ve got it right here for the taking”

He laughed. “I believe Kyah would fetch more than twenty g’s my boy. With a body and face like hers, shit, I reckon I’d get two hundred grand for her easy...”

Anna gasped while Harley a Jackson paled.

It took a second to realize what he was saying to settle in.

He was talking about if he sold Kyah.

Only human traffickers sell woman and it doesn’t surprise me that Tony who be involved in that circle. He is that type of person.

An evil mother fucker.

I froze with fear, we‘d never get Kyah back if she was sold into human trafficking.

“What do you want? We’ll do anything to get her back!” Harley cut into the call.

Tony snorted. “One of the brother’s I suspect?”

Harley gritted his teeth. ”Yes, I’m her brother.”

“The fighter?” He asked.


“Mmmm,” Tony hummed like he was thinking.

“You’d do anything you say to get her back you say?” He asked moments later.

I raised my eyebrow.

What was he getting at?

“Yes, anything,” Harley answered instantly.

It took a few moments but Tony cleared his throat. “As you both know I like a bit of excitement when it comes to money and gambling so I’m thinking I could use yourself and Justin.”

Harley and I looked at each other in confusion.

“Use us how?” I asked.

“You know little club in Arizona that you go to, Jed’s? There are plenty of places like that around the country but here in Vegas the stakes and money are higher. In one month there is a tournament called The Arena. I want you both in it as my fighters, you win it then you get Kyah back,” Tony explained.

“Done but no tricks like taking her like you did earlier tonight,” I warned.

He laughed. “I’d give you my word but I don’t think that would mean much to you or her brothers.”

“Your right, it wouldn’t!” Jackson hissed.

Tony snorted. “Keep this phone with you, I’ll send you the information about The Arena and when you two have got to come here.”

I sensed he was going to hang up. ”Wait,” I shouted.

He sighed.” What?”

“I want to hear her, to know she is okay." I stated.

He went quiet for a moment then sighed. “Is she awake or out cold?” I heard Tony ask and I gritted my teeth.

“Tell your fucking men to stay away from her or I will kill them!” I yelled.

Tony laughed. “They wouldn’t touch her if she didn’t call the names or hit them.”

“Don’t touch her, none of you!” I warned.

Tony laughed. “I do believe you would try and kill me you and her brothers so you have my word I won’t touch her and neither will my men unless she get’s sassy.”

“Just let me talk to her,” I growled.

I needed to hear her voice and make it clear she wasn’t to provoke these men because myself and her brothers weren’t there to stop them if they touched her.

“Sweet Pea, can you talk?” I heard Tony say.

What the hell did that mean?

“You fucked her mouth up, you’re lucky I’m not selling her. How the fuck could I sell her like that?” Tony yelled and I heard a thud.

“Sorry boss,” A man grumbled.

“Kyah?” Tony's voice prompted.

Things where quiet for a second until she finally said. “Yes?” I then heard her spit.

I could imagine she was spitting blood from her mouth.

“Say hello.” Tony encouraged her.

I heard her breathing before she spoke. “Guys?” She said in a smile voice.

“We're here baby,” I replied.

She sniffled. “I want to come home.”

Jackson covered his face with his hands while Dante sunk to the floor.

She sound so scared and that tone in her voice cut through me like a knife.

“You will be coming home baby, we're coming to get you.” I assured her.

“Don’t tell mom.” Kyah said to her brother then sniffled.

“They won’t tell anybody,” Tony’s voice chimed in. “Isn’t that right boys?”

I wanted to kill this bastard so bad.

“Yeah!” I said through gritted teeth.

I remembered Kyah's condition and the prescription Doctor Chance me for her.“Tony, she has bi polar and-” “I know, Kyah gave me a list of her medication and I’ve already got one of my men picking it up.” Tony cut me off.

I didn’t even want to ask where he was getting her medication from but I’m sure he wasn’t paying for them in a pharmacy.

“I’ll let her call you every few days or so. She will be fine here, I just want her settled in case you don’t win.” Tony explained.

My face hardened.

Did this motherfucker really think that even if we didn’t win The Arena that we would leave Vegas without Kyah?

He was on another fucking planet if he thought that.

“Wrap it up, I want to show the other girls you face to keep them in line.” Tony said in a quiet voice to Kyah but we all heard him and Dante left out a choked cry.

“I love you guys and the girls. Tell them I love them too,” Kyah sniffled. “Let Baila take care of Tibbles Justin, he doesn’t like you very much.”

I let out a choked up laugh.

She is kidnapped by a fucked up crazy man and she’s worried about Tibbles?

That’s so Kyah.

“I will, Kitten.” I said.

“We love you, so much.” Harley said.

“We will see you soon.” Jackson added then nudged Dante to say something.

“I love you,” he got out.

“Dante,” she choked up and I heard her sob.

Dante stood up and wiped his eyes. “Don’t cry, it will all be okay,” He assured her.

“Promise?” She whispered.

He nodded. “I promise.”

“Hang up.” I heard Tony say.

“Bye,” Kyah said softly then the phone went dead.

I turned around and smashed a nearby glass off the wall while the girls let out cries. Dante re-sat on the floor and drew his knees up to his chest and rested his head on them.

Jackson moved over to Baila and pressed his head onto her stomach while Harley engulfed Anna in a hug while she cried.

I felt Jazzy’s around me before I even seen her move.

“What are you guys going to do?” She sniffled.

I rested my chin on her forehead and licked my lips then said then only thing on my mind.

“Where going to win The Arena and get her back and then I’m going to kill that mother fucker.”


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