Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


3. Meeting New People.


“What is this place?” I asked when I was shoved into a darkish room.
I heard a few whimpers and hushed whispers followed by light sobs.
I froze but Lex - Tony’s main man who’s name I learned when Tony called him by it - shoved me forward making me land on my knees.
I cried out in pain.
Does that prick not realise I can't walk?
“Pick her up, she’s needs to be in one piece for when her brothers see her next month,” Tony’s voice said from the door way.
I felt myself being lifted to my feet and I hissed when pain flooded my leg.
I felt hands on my hips steadying me then I felt hot breath in my ear. “This is your home for the next few weeks. Of course when your brother and boyfriend lose The Arena you will be mine and I’ll upgrade you to my living quarters,” Tony said and kissed my neck.
I cringed and I felt him smile against my skin. “Play nice,” he whispered before he and Lex left the room.
A light suddenly came on and I gasped when I seen three girls huddled up in the corner of a filthy room. It smelled of urine and faeces, it was disgusting.
I glanced around and spotted the chair facing each other and I assumed they where for me so I could elevate my leg so I hopped over to them.
None of the girls spoke to me they just starred at me with interest and what looked like fear.
“Hi,” I said and slightly waved.
They didn't wave or say anything but one girl slightly smiled to me. I think she had blonde hair but it was very dirty and had blood in it so I couldn't make out the actual colour.
“Are you girls okay?” I asked then winced at how stupid of a question that was to ask.
They shook there heads to my question and a average height blonde groggily stood and walked over to me.
She titled my head back, rubbed under my eye then placed a cold cloth on my eye. “It will help sooth the throbbing from the swelling,” she explained when I tried to move away from her.
I nodded and forced myself to sit still. The cold actually did make my eye feel slightly better so I sighed in relief which made the girl smile.
“I'm Lahara,” she said softly.
I cleared my throat. “I'm Kyah.”
The other girls stayed quiet and didn't even look at me so I took the hint that they didn't want to speak to me. I looked around the room again a literally felt sick, it really was revolting.
“How long have you guys been here?” I asked Lahara.
She shrugged and glanced around the room. “Weeks? Maybe months. Time doesn't really matter in this place.”
I frowned at her words. “Why are you guys here?”
She raised her eyebrow at me. “For the same reason as you I suppose.”
I didn't hind my shock and gaped at Lahara. “Your brothers and boyfriend are fighting to get you guys back as well?” I asked.
Lahara furrowed her eyebrows. “What?” She asked in confusion.
I chewed on my lip because my reason for being here was clearly different to hers. “My brother and boyfriend are fighting in some fight thing to get me back. The made a deal with Tony.”
Lahara laughed but it wasn't happy laughter. “That's nice.”
I frowned. “You guys are here for different reason than me?” I asked then widened my eyes when it dawned on me why they where here.
I remembered Tony mentioning something about selling me back in Jed's when I was being rude to him and I just knew these girls where apart of a human trafficking ring.
“We're being sold to the highest bidder,” Lahara said emotionless.
I sniffled a little when a wave of sadness hit me for these girls. “I'm sorry,” I said because I really had no idea what else I could say.
Lahara patted my arm. “Me too,” she whispered.
We were silent for a few minutes until Lahara cleared her throat. “So your boyfriend and brother are fighting in The Arena?” She asked wanting a change of topic.
I nodded when she said the name I heard Tony use on the phone to Justin and my brothers. “Yeah, Justin and Harley – boyfriend and brother – are going to be his fighters and Tony said if they win then they get me back.”
Lahara shook her head. ”Tony won't give you up. He just said he was going to upgrade you to his living quarters when your brother lose so he isn't planning on selling you or giving you back to your family,” she paused then pinned me with an upset gaze that suddenly back my belly churn. “Kyah.. he is going to keep you.”
“This is my fault,” Dante said as we all – everyone except Rayne because she was sleeping now that her concussion was gone, Baila was sleeping too – sat in the living room of Kyah and Rayne's apartment.
I lifted my gaze from the floor and switched it to him. “What are you talking about?” I asked him in a husky voice.
After the phone conversation with Tony and Kyah ended last night I broke things, screamed a lot and eventually cracked and cried so much it hurt my throat and made my voice sound slightly hoarse.
“I should have stopped this from happening again,” Dante said as his voice cracked.
I frowned.
He blamed himself for Kyah being kidnapped when they where children and is once again pinning the blame on himself which is stupid both both times he could have done nothing to stop it from happening, none of us could.
He didn't answer me so I said it again and louder this time which made him look to me. “You couldn't have helped this. We didn't know it was going to happening if we did, Kyah would be here with us and that mother fucker would be in a hole somewhere. Believe that.” I said firmly.
Dante nodded slowly then squeezed his eyes shut. “I feel broken,” he whispered which got a sniffle from Anna who was curled up on Harley's lap. “I've never being away from her for long, we're always together. We had the same class schedule in middle school and high school and even now that we're in college she switched her lunch period to the same as mine so she could see me. I know we whine about being together all the time but I love being near her, I just like teasing her about it.”
I looked to the ground as Dante spoke because his words where actually choking me up. I mentally slapped myself for being such a bitch but I couldn't help it, I've cried more times about Kyah than I have in my entire life but she is my girl so I don't think that makes me a wimp.. well, not really anyway.
“I know you guys know we're close because we hang out so much and that's what you think twins do but it's more than that, I need to be with her to function right. She is apart of me and without her I feel broken,” Dante let out a husky snort but there was no joy behind it. “She's gone a few hours and I feel fucking broken, man.”
When he lowered his head again Jackson reached out and patted his back. That was all Dante could take because he turned and pressed his face into his older brothers shoulder and cried. I frowned again when I looked up at him, it's so easy to forget that he is only nineteen and Kyah's twin because he plays the older brother role extremely well, but like Kyah, he is still young and fragile whether he likes to admit it or not.
Seeing him so upset only fuelled my hatred and anger towards Tony.
When light movement on my legs got my attention I lifted my arms and put them around my sister. I was so focused on my thoughts and Dante that I forgot she was on my lap. I leaned forward and kissed her head silently thanking God she was here with me and not with Tony too.
I don't even want to think about what it would feel like for her to be taken away from me.
“I'm going to kill that bastard!” Harley snarled as he watched Dante noticing how heart broken his younger brother was.
Jackson and I nodded in agreement.
“What is The Arena thing like? I know it's some brawling thing but I've never heard of it.” Anna murmured to Harley as she cuddled closer to him.
Harley shrugged his shoulders. “Tony said he will contact us on Justin's phone to give us details about it but I honestly don't give and fuck. I will kill any bastard standing in the way of getting my sister back and that is a fucking promise.” He snarled.
Anna frowned a little but Harley quickly kissed and cuddled her so she didn't think he was angry with her.
I agreed with Harley's statement but I knew the reason we didn't know anything about The Arena it was because it was obviously a well kept secret.
“It has to a big tournament, I mean he wants us both as his fighters and it's in Vegas. It won't be like the one Jed's that's for sure.” I muttered and Harley nodded in agreement.
“We're going to have to train man, we hardly ever did for Jeds fights because them fights are piss easy but we can't afford to lose any fights in this tournament.” Harley said after a few moments and I nodded knowing what he was saying was true.
I was about to answer him when my phone indicating I received a text message. I quickly took my phone out and seen it was a message from an unknown number. I opened the text and read the the first line. “Info on The Arena.”
Everyone moved closer to me while I licked my lips and cleared my throat and read the text a loud.
“On December 31st The Arena will be held in the MGM Grand hotel lower levels. Be outside the hotel at seven thirty p.m. or fuck off back to Arizona-” “I'm going to kill that mother fucker.” Harley cut me off with a growl.
I understood his anger but I wanted this information so I ignored him and read on. ”Understand that if you both are not there at seven thirty then we will take that as confirmation you don't want the girl or any part in the tournament.”
Fuck that!
“However if you have the balls to show up know that upon entering the lower levels of the MGM Grand you will be frisked and you will not say a word about it or you will be tossed out on your asses without the girl. Note that If you carry or conceal a weapon or any harmful object on your bodies you will be beaten and fucked onto the street.”
“Jesus Christ,” Jazzy murmured while she climbed behind me on the chair and wrapped her arms around my waist whilst resting her head on my shoulder.
“Come with the clothes on your backs and that's it, you don't need anything else.”
We all let out a breath and how blunt the text was. “What does it mean by lower levels?” Anna asked, puzzled.
Jackson rubbed his temples. “Places that are off limits to the public,” he answered her and she nodded in understanding while side hugging Harley.
I scrolled down a little then seen the information Harley and I really needed.
“The tournament is simple. There are twenty men in total in this tournament, each in pairs so you two will be against nine pairs of fighters just as eager as you to win the tournament. You and your partner will enter a labyrinth together and try to find your way to the centre where there will be a large steel cage. The first pair to reach the cage will fight the reigning champions, bet them you win the tournament. The usual prize is a lot of money but in this case if you win then you win the girl back and Tony receives the money as you are down as his fighters, it's a win, win situation for everyone. Unless you both lose then its bad luck for the little lady.”
I closed my eyes as I read out the final lines of the text, I was right when I said this was bigger than Jed's, it was fucking huge.
“A labyrinth? Does that mean you could run into the other fighters randomly and have to suddenly fight them?” Jazzy asked me.
I nodded. “I think that's exactly what it means, it will be like a race against the other fighters to find our way to the cage first. It doesn't say anything about submissions or rules though, I mean how do we know when to stop fighting or what's allowed and what's not?” I thought out loud.
Harley grunted. “I'm sure we will find out when we get there. My money is on it be like the tournament last night, no rules and everything goes.”
Jazzy gasped. “No Justin, you can't enter this thing. There has to be another way to get her back.”
I shook my head. “This is the only way Jazzy.”
“You could get really hurt though Justin. I don't want that,” she cried and tugged on my arm like a little girl.
I shrugged her off me. “Stop it Jazmyn, this is the only way we can get Kyah back.” I stressed but she was having none of it and jumped up from the chair and ran down to the guest bedroom which was now her room.
When her door slammed shut behind her I sighed and shook my head.
Harley patted my back. “Go talk to her man, explain it so she understands. You're her brother she doesn't want you to get her no matter what the reason,” he said softly.
I nodded and stood up from the couch and walked down the hallway to Jazzy's room. When I got there I paused for a second then knocked on the door. “Jazmyn?” I said when she didn't reply to my knocking.
I pressed my ear to her door and heard sniffling coming from her room. I sighed and reached out my hand to the door handle and gentle pushed the door open. When I popped my head inside I couldn't help but smile at what I saw, Jazzy was sitting in the middle of her bed under the covers so there was just a huge bump In the middle of her bed like she was in her own little fort.
She did that all the time when we where younger and she was upset and wanted to get away from everything, I guess she hasn't grown out of it.
I gently shut her door behind me then crossed her room and climbed onto her bed, I lay on top of the covers while she was still under them. “I have to do this, sis.”
She whimpered under the covers and I felt my heart constrict, I hated when she cried.
“Please, don't cry,” I whispered, pleadingly.
Suddenly the blankets where flung backwards and Jazzy was on top of my, her face buried in my neck and her arms squeezing the life out of me. “Promise me you will come home,” she mumbled.
I engulfed her into a tight hug. “I promise.”
She was still crying five minutes later and I began to think how could she have so much tears in her little body until she sat up and wipe her tear streak cheeks. “Who will stay with me when your gone?” She asked curiously.
I raised my eyebrows. “Rayne and Baila will be here,” I answered.
She fiddled her fingers and I set my jaw knowing what she was thinking. “If Jake steps foot into this room or you step foot into his I will kill him,” I snapped.
Jazzy rolled her eyes, she looked more annoyed than upset now. “I'm eighteen Justin, I can do what I want,” she stated.
I raised my eyebrow. “Is that so?” I asked amused.
She flushed but nodded firmly. “Yes, it is.”
I tensed my hands hating this. “He touches you and you will watch what I do to him!” I promised.
Her eyes widened with horror. “Oh my God, Justin. You're such a... such a..”
“Such a what?”
“Big brother!” She grunted and folded her arms together angrily.
I smiled. “Thank you.”
“That wasn't a compliment,” she grumbled making me snort.
Seconds passed until she slapped my leg and groaned out loud. “It's not fair Justin, you're such a hypocrite, you have being having sex with Kyah since she was eighteen!”
I was about to hit back with a retort but came up short.
“And you aren't a virgin since you where fourteen, four- freaking- teen, you slut!”
I laughed then which only annoyed Jazmyn further. I forced myself to stop though when I seen her face, she looked pissed.
I cleared my throat. “Look, I’m your big brother so I’m going to want you to be pure forever but unfortunately I know that's not going to happen but I will not have you sleeping with guys as a one string thing. The only way I would be mildly okay with you doing anything... sexual was if you where in a relationship otherwise its a no go.”
Jazzy gaped at me. “Hold on a minute,” she raised her index finger then pointed it at me. “Are you actually saying I’m not allowed to have sex unless I have a boyfriend?” When I nodded she narrowed her eyes to slits. “Harley, Jackson and Dante gave Kyah more freedom than that!”
I snorted. “No they didn't, they still don't.”
I suddenly frowned with the mention of Kyah which in turn made Jasmyn frown. “I miss her,” she said softly.
“Me too but this time next month she will be back here, I promise,” I assured her.
She nodded then suddenly grinned. “I'm going to being dating Jake by the time you come back, just letting you know.”
I chuckled then almost instantly stopped when I realised she was seriously. “What?”
Jasmyn shrugged. “You said if I was in a relationship then I could have sex, Jake and I like each other a lot so that won't be a problem.”
I stared at her and actually felt my eye twitch. “I didn't mean that you go and turn into your boyfriend though, that's not happening Jazmyn.”
Jasmyn patted my hand gently. “But you said if I was in a relationship you would be mildly okay with me doing anything sexual, you can't take that back so you just focus on getting Kyah back and I'll focus on changing my relationship status. I'm so glad we figured that out, love you bro,” she then squeezed my cheeks like I was a child then up and left the room.
I sat starring a the place on the bed where she sat moments ago and shook my head in disbelief of what just happened.
I think I was just played by my little sister.

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