Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


5. Drinking Problem

“Justin?” Jazzy's voice called from somewhere in the apartment. “Are you here?”
I didn't answer her, I stayed put on Kyah's bed, looking down at my hands which where tangled around her favourite tee shirt she wore to bed.
It still smelled like her.
“Justin?” Jazzy's voice said softly from the doorway of Kyah's room now.
I looked up at her and watch and she lifted her hand to her mouth. She dropped her hand and quickly moved to kneel in front of me, with her right hand she moved the bottle of half drank vodka away from my feet and out of my reach.
She then placed her hand on my cheeks and forced me to look at her. “I know you miss her but getting half ass drunk for a week straight won't get her back here, Justin. You and Harley getting to the gym and working your ass off to win The Arena will get her back here.”
Yeah, I was drinking.
For a week straight.
Not a surprise for me but drinking on my own is probably a depressing sight but I can't help it. I woke up last week in Kyah's room – like every other day since she was kidnapped- and the realisation that she was really kidnapped hit me like a train.
I mean, I knew she was kidnapped but it actually just sunk in that she is really gone and because of that I’m slowly starting to lose it hence me drinking by myself.
I knew what Jazzy was saying is right but I feel like I need to let this sadness stick with me for a while then it can re-turn to anger that I will focus on putting into mine and Harley's opponents in The Arena.
I sighed out loud feeling down because of my thoughts but I didn't dwell on it because my cheek was suddenly burning causing me to howl in pain.
Jazzy slapped me across the face, hard.
I rubbed my cheek and looked her directly in the eyes. “What the fuck was that for?” I hissed, angrily.
“You're feeling sorry for yourself and I'm not sitting around to watch it. Get up, get to the gym and get prepared. We're all counting on you and Harley... Kyah is counting on you and Harley!”
Talk about a painful wake up call.
“You're right,” I said, nodding in agreement to Jazzy's statement.
She scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Of course I’m right, now go!” She ordered, pointing to the door.
At the minute, I felt like she was my older sister rather than my baby sister.
I stood up and looked down at her. “Since when did you become so bossy?” I asked, grinning now.
She stood up also but her head barely reach my chin so she tilted her head back to look at me. “Since I found my eldest brother drinking in his girlfriends room alone, it's a pathetic sight and I don't want to encounter it again.”
Well, excuse me.
I didn't say anything to Jazzy I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a hug. “I love you,” I murmured.
She put her arms around me and hugged me tight. “Love you, too.”
When I realised her she put on a weird smile. “I'm going to Jakes for a while, see you later,” she informed me.
Big brother mode was suddenly enabled and turned up full notch.
I took hold of her arm. “Stay away from that kid until I get Kyah back, I can't think about him kissing or touching on you when I'm focusing on getting her back. Understood?” I rhetorically asked.
Jazzy huffed and crossed her arms. “Now who is the bossy one,” she grumbled.
I smiled and kissed her forehead. “I'm bossy because I love you. Fact.”
I side stepped her and headed into the living room and grabbed my gym bag that Harley pack for me that morning, he was already in the gym.
“I promise you, by the time I'm twenty five I will have seven kids by five different fathers. That's what protectives will do to me!” Jazzy yelled from Kyah's room, clearly annoyed.
I laughed as I hooked my gym bag strap over my shoulder.
“Seven kids? You will definitely be housebound then sis,” I shouted as I walked out of the apartment.
“Motherfu-” I stood the apartment door before Jazzy could finish making me chuckle.
I headed down to my motorcycle and prepared for a hard day in the gym and an ass kicking or two by Harley.
“Justin?” Harley said with both eyebrows raised.
He was pounding into a practice bag but stopped when I entered the gym from the changing area all dressed and ready to train.
I gave him a nod and he squinted his eyes, boring them into mine.
“Your not drunk?” He said, amazed.
I snorted. “Jazzy took my bottle and gave me the kick up the ass I needed to get my head out of the gutter.”
I raised my hand to clap it with Harley's when he raised his.
I was a little surprised, I thought he would have punched me for not taken training for The Arena seriously but I guess he was just happy I was in the right mind for it now.
Harley patted my back also. “Good to see your head is screwed on tight, bro.”
“Wait,” he paused then shoved me away. ”That sounded gay.”
I laughed as I rolled my neck and shook out the rest of my limbs.
They were stiff and they hurt.
I moved to the bag next to Harley and lightly started throwing jabs that eventually turned to upper cuts and kicks to the bag. The longer I practised on the bag the harder I threw kicks and punches at it. I imagined that the bag was Tony and took out my anger on him for everything he has done.
I felt the sweat bead across my forehead and drip down my neck, streaming down my back like a river.
I only stopped when I heard someone call out Harley's name.
I glanced around my punching bag and seen Harley walk up to a guy who fights in the cage in Jeds sometimes. “What are you doing here, man? You don't come here, ever! You know this!” Harley snarled getting up in the guys face.
The two guys that where with the guy stepped to his side which of course had me moving to Harley's side.
“I moved to town a few days ago, I’ll be in this gym from now on. We don't need this to turn violent, I’m just here to train a little and lift weights with my buddies. That won't be a problem will it?” The guy ask with a raised eyebrow.
Harley shoved him. “Yeah Lipsy, it is a problem. This is my gym, I don't want you in here watching me train!”
After hearing his name I recognised him as the guy who fought Jeff in the tournament in Jed's the night Kyah got taken, a little over a week ago.
I looked him over and his bruises where fading, some wear still dark and other's where completely gone, like mine and Harley's.
Lipsy shoved Harley back snapping me to attention. “I don't have beef with you or Bieber so back the fuck off!” He hissed, furiously.
I mentally laughed, Harley would destroy him for that alone.
“You ruined the chance of Justin getting Jeff in the final last week when you broke his arm, my sister had to fight his fucked up sister because of that!”
I clinched my fists together realising Harley was right. I know Lipsy didn't purposely ruin my chances of getting Jeff in the final but he still was apart of Kyah getting trapped in that fucking cage and getting hurt which eventually had her going to the bathroom to clean up and led to her being kidnapped.
I was now pissed.
I was brought from my thoughts when Harley swung and punched Lipsy's face knocking him backwards.
I mentally sighed.
Here we go.
It only took a second for Lipsy's buddies to attack and I was ready for them. I caught the punching of the tall dude on the right who was aiming for the back of Harley's head, I twisted his hand until I heard the snap of his wrist and the wail of pain from his throat.
Yep, his wrist was definitely broken.
The punch to my gut from the guy to the left of Lipsy didn't catch me by surprise but it did hurt a lot. With a roar, I turned to him and speared him to the ground. I raised my upper body up and repeatedly punched the guy in the face until blood from his nose and lips coated my knuckles.
I would have continued punching him if I wasn't tackled from behind and kicked in the head when the person got me to the ground.
“You broke my wrist, you motherfucker!” The guy – whose wrist I snapped - yelled and he kicked at my body parts, hard.
I'm not going to lie it did hurt but if anything it only fuelled my anger to kick their asses even more, which is why when I reached out and grabbed the guy's – who was kicking me – leg and yanked him to the ground and rolled on top of him and began punching his face, I found it easy.
Fighting was always easier when you're angry.
“Justin!” Harley's voice shouted from my right snapped me out of my kick-these-motherfuckers-asses trance.
I stopped hitting the guy and stood up looking to Harley who was breathing heavily like myself.
Harley gave me a look. “Us getting arrested for killing these ass-hole’s will not help our situation.”
He emphasized on the word situation and I knew he meant Kyah, I nodded because he was right. If we got arrested any chance of us saving Kyah went out the window and we couldn't let that happen.
I looked over to where Lipsy was lying out cold, covered in his own blood.
Harley did a number on him.
I glanced to his buddies who where groaning on the ground also covered in blood, I did a number on both of them.
“I guess it's safe to say, they will be looking for another gym to train in.”
Harley looked at me, scrunched up his face and laughed.
I snorted myself but stopped when Presley walked into the gym and looked at the guys on the floor.
Presley is the owner of the gym and the woman is fierce which is why I backed up a little when I seen how pissed off she looked.
I've only met her once because I don't really come to the gym much since I get my exercise at Jeds but my first encounter was enough to know she doesn't take shit and that she runs things around her.
“Damn Harley, you got blood all over my equipment!" Presley snarled to Harley and gave me a venomous side look.
I raised my hands in defence and said. “They attack us Presley.”
Not true, Harley threw the first punch but them coming here was asking for trouble. All the fighters in Jed's know Harley is always at this gym and if he had beef with them, they best stay the fuck away.
Presley tossed a towel at me then one at Harley. “Clean up and lift them to the first aid room, I'll clean them up – because I know none of you will want cops involved – while you two clean up in here.”
Harley wiped his face and knuckles. “But-”
“No buts, just do it!”
I didn't even argue with Presley, she reminded me of my mom and as tough and hard as I am, I’d be too shit assed afraid to back talk by mom.
Her slaps damn well hurt!
I cleaned myself up with my towel and turned to Harley. “Come man, let's just do it.”
He sighed but nodded.
It took up ten minutes but we carried the heavy motherfuckers into the gyms first aid room and left them in Presley's care.
She of course handed us a mop each, some rags and a mop bucket full or hot water.
I grumbled and I wiped down some of the gym equipment that got blood splattered on it while Harley mopped around me. He looked even more annoyed that he had to clean than me but didn't say anything.
I heard a snort from behind us followed by full on male laughter.
I growled and turned around expecting to see some punks laughing because they found us cleaning funny but instead I found Dante and Jackson laughing... because they found us cleaning funny.
“Fuck off,” Harley snapped but they didn't.
They just laughed harder.
“All you need is an apron and you're officially mom, bro,” Dante teased Harley making even me snort.
Harley tried to maintain his murderous glare at his brothers but he failed and laughed at Dante. I think he let Dante away with a lot because of the fact he was so much like Kyah – them being twins and that jazz – and he reminded him of her.
Jackson wiped his face. “Not that this isn't a lovely sight, but why the hell are you both cleaning this shit up? Does Presley have some dirt on you both or something?” He asked, curiously.
I shook my head. “Not exactly, she walked in on us beating up Lipsy and his buddies-”
“Who?” Dante interrupted.
I filled them in on who he was and then fully explained what happened.
“So either you clean the equipment and floor up or she calls the cops? That woman knows how to make you guys work,” Jackson laughed.
I nodded in agreement.
“Care to help us?” I asked tossing them a rag each.
Dante bowed to me. “Why of course.”
I shook my head, chuckling.
Jackson came up beside me and clapped a hand on my shoulder. “Good to see your head is out of the gutter and the bottle out of your hand, man.”
I bumped fists with him. “Thank Jazzy.”
Jackson understood what I meant and shook his head laughing. “Little sisters.”
I snorted and continued cleaning.
With the four of us pitching in we got things back in position and had them – and the floor – blood free in no time.
I was about to hit the showers when Dante moved closer to the three of us.
“Do you think we should call Tony?” He fumbled his fingers. “I mean it's being over a week since we last heard from him or Kyah and being honest I just don't trust the prick,” he looked down. “I need to hear her voice as well.”
Harley patted his back as a sign of comfort. “I've being think the same thing little bro and I'm with ya. I need to hear if she is doing okay as well.”
“Me too,” Jackson chimed in. “Thinking of what she is going throw has me awake nearly every damn night. Besides she said he would ring and he hasn't so you just ring him.” He said to me.
I didn't need convincing, I was with them one hundred percent.
I jogged into the changing room, followed by the guys and rooted through my bag until I found my phone.
I blew out a breath and dialled the number I hand for Tony and put the phone on loudspeaker.
It rang eight times before a male voice answered.
“Weren’t you told we would contact you?” The man said upon answering.
I tensed my jaw. “Yeah, that was the deal but no one has rang to let us talk to Kyah so put her on the phone.”
The guy snorted and I really, really wanted to kill the fucker for testing my patience.
“I don't think she can come to the phone, right now. She is... busy.” He snorted again.
I shared a look with Kyah's brother then looked back to the phone. “Busy with what?” I snapped.
The guy laughed louder this time. “Getting her last hair session done, she is in a bad mood because the bleach burnt her scalp a little.”
Burnt her scalp?
What the fuck?
I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. “What are you doing to her head or hair?”
“Dying it,” he replied casually.
I clinched my fists together. “What? Why!”
“Tony wanted too.”
Harley rubbed his face. “Let us talk to my sister... please.”
The man laughed. “I bet that word tasted like vinegar in your mouth, eh buddy?”
“You've no idea, buddy,” Harley hissed back.
The man laughed. He must have put his hand over the speaker because we could just hear him mumbling then, it was hard to make out what he was saying.

A few seconds later he removed his hands. “Okay, she wants to speak to you guys as well.”
Each of our faces brightened up a little.
“Hey guys,” Kyah's angelic voice spoke softly through the phone.
“Kitten,” I said at the same time the guys said. “Kyah.”
She chuckled a little. “I miss you guys so much,” She said a little louder than before.
Her voice sounded a little husky.
“We miss you too baby, are you okay? Your voice sounds a little different.”
She cleared her throat. “It's from screaming,” she murmured.
I closed my eyes and listened as Harley growled. “Why were you screaming?” He asked her in a calm voice.
“Sandra – Tony's fucked up hair stylist – doesn't like me and she burnt my head on purpose when she was doing my hair," she paused for a few moments. “I look totally different.. I don't look like the old me.”
I shook my head. “It's just hair, your hair doesn't make you who you are Kitten.”
“That's what Lahara said,” Kyah murmured.
I furrowed my eyebrows together. “Who is Lahara?” I asked, curiously.
“One of the girls I share a room with... she is really nice, you guys would get on great with her,” Kyah said happily then dropped her voice back low. “I don't think you will ever get to meet her though.”
I frowned.
It was obvious this girl Kyah was talking about was apart of the human trafficking ring, Tony operated. There had to be more girls as well since Kyah said Lahara was one of the girls she shared a room with.
I pushed those thoughts from my head and focused on the phone in my hand.
“Have you being getting your meds, babe?” I asked, hoping she was.
“Yes, Tony makes me take in them front of him everyday so he knows I’m getting them.”
I nodded then looked to her brothers, silently telling them to say something.
“The girls really miss you,” Jackson blurted out.
There were sniffles from Kyah's ends of the phone. “I miss them too,” she paused then gasped. “How is Tibbles, Justin? Did you give him to Baila like I asked?”
I softly laughed, she is still worried about that damn dog. “Yes, I gave him to her like you asked babe.”
“Good, that's good.”
I looked at my phone and felt like this conversation with Kyah was very different to last week's one.
Harley noticed this as well. “Kyah, are you okay?”
I winced at the question because it was obvious she wasn't okay but I knew what he meant, was she okay at this minute.
“Yes, I'm... I’m doing okay here now.” She said hesitatingly.
What the fuck?
“What?” Dante said, shocked. “Are they making you say this Kyah?” He demanded.
Her voice was shaky. “No-o Dante,” she said then broke into sobs.
I was so confused I just stared at the phone.
“I better go... I have to go have dinner with Tony now,” she paused. “I will convince him to let me call more often. I love you all so much, don't forget that. Ever!”
Before we could reply back the dial tone rang out indicating she hung up.
“What the fuck, was that?”
“She seemed different!”
“Do you think he was making her say those things?”
The boys said all this in unison so I told them to shut up so I could clearly.
“She was different! She didn't sound as upset as last week,” I said looking at my hands.
Jackson shook his head. “Being there and away from us is just fucking with her head. She has to be traumatised by this whole fucking situation and is tricking herself into thinking she likes it there”
Dante placed his face in his hands. “What if she doesn't want to leave Tony? You heard her, she is going to dinner with him. Who the hell goes to dinner with their captor?” He said to no one in particular.
I shook my head.
I was just as confused as them.
“I don't believe she wants to stay with that bastard, she hates him and we know that! There has to be a reason for her acting so closed off with us," I shook my head. “We can't focus on that, we just focus on getting her back.”
“I guess,” Harley muttered.
I rubbed my hands together. “But,” I said which caused the guys to look at me,“Just in case Tony isn't playing by the room and is brainwashing Kyah or something where going to have to come up with a backup plan.”
Dante furrowed his eyebrows. “Like what? You and Harley have to fight in The Arena”
I gave him a small smile and clapped my hand on his shoulder. “Ever being to Vegas before buddy?”

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