Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


4. Changes


When the door of the room the girls and I where in suddenly sprung open and in stepped Lex, the girls cowered away to the corner of the room, clearly terrified of him. He smiled at there shuddering bodies and it angered me knowing he was liking the fact that they where scared of him.
Sadistic bastard.
I fixed him with a glare showing him that I wasn't afraid of him even though I too was shaking in fear.
“C'mon, let's go hoppy,” he eventually said to me then chuckled at his own joke.
I rolled my eyes. “Original.”
He snorted again as he crossed the room to me when I made no move to get up. He haled me up to my feet ignoring my winces as he tossed me over his shoulder like I was a rag doll.
“You stupid piece of crap, that's fucking painful. I do have an injured leg and foot you know,” I bellowed as I smacked at his back.
I heard the girls gasp as Lex and I left the room. He locked the door then turned walking down a hallway, I heard the jiggle of keys as he popped them into his pocket.
So he has the keys to that room we're locked up in.
I was pulled from my thoughts when Lex suddenly swatted my butt – hard – three times making me scream out in pain. “Watch how you speak to me, bitch,” he snarled as he tightened the grip he had on my body.
I smacked him back more angry than afraid now.
“Tony told you not to hit me any more, you idiot!” I yelled.
I heard Tony's laughter as we approached a door that led to his office, I didn't know for sure but I just had a feeling it was his office. When Lex stepped inside with my still over his shoulder I glanced around the room and found I was right in thinking this was Tony's office.
“I could hear you yelling all the way down the hallway, Sweet Pea,” Tony chuckled and Lex put me onto the couch quite roughly.
I tried to smack him but he snickered and jumped out of my reach. “Don't touch my butt again you pig!” I snapped, angrily.
He gave me a wink which made Tony snort. “Swatted her?” He asked Lex.
When Lex nodded Tony cackled with laughter as he looked to me. “Have you being a bad girl?” He asked, grinning.
I gave him a fuck-off look which made him laugh again.
“You're getting a little to big for your boots, Sweet Pea.”
I recoiled a little knowing that meant I was over stepping boundaries of how much I can act out.
Tony switched his gaze from me to Lex. “Are the other girls still secure in there?” He asked.
I knew he was talking about Lahara and the other girls.
“How can you keep those girls in that horrible room?” I blurted out then cringed when Tony snapped his head to me.
“They're business and my business is none of yours Sweet Pea, got that?” He said with a snarl.
I wanted to give him the finger and then him where to go but instead I nodded then looked to the floor.
“Go get Sandra,” Tony then said to who I'm assuming was Lex.
When Lex left the room leaving us alone Tony came over and sat by me. He placed his hand on my back and stroked it up and down which gave me shudders, but not the good kind.
“You're so pretty,” he murmured into my ear.
I squeezed my eyes shut. “Tony?”
“What, Sweet Pea?”
I fiddled my fingers. “What are you going to do to me? Why are you keeping me here?” I asked softly.
He didn't speak for a few minutes which make me nervous but when he brought his hand up to my neck and forced me to look at him I whimpered a little. “I'm going to make you mine,” he purred.
I widened my eyes.
He couldn't do that, I was Justin's not his.
“I have a boyfriend.”
He slapped me across the face before my brain registered his hand even moving. I screamed as I fell from the couch to the floor and covered my face which was stinging so badly it throbbed.
“You're mine, don't doubt that. Ever!” Tony snarled as he glared down at me. “There is noway your brother and ex can win The Arena.” He bellowed and kicked my bad leg.
Ex? What the hell.
Justin is not my ex!
I began crying but not from the pain in my face or leg but at the things Tony was saying. He sounded pretty sure the boys couldn't win and that worried me.
Tony pulled me back up onto the couch just as the door of his office open and Lex stepped in with a curvy blonde woman. She didn't look afraid to be here in fact her presence gave me the creeps just like Tony and Lex's does.
“Who's she?” I murmured to Tony and I gently rubbed my face that I sure was redder than usual.
The woman snorted. “'She' is Sandra and 'she' can hear your just fine,” 'Sandra' spoke, sounding irritated.
First impression of Sandra? Absolute bitch.
“Snaps for you,” I retorted earning a glare from her.
She stopped glaring once she glanced at my head. “For that rude retort, I might just cut away all your pretty hair,” she smirked.
Oh, so she was a hair stylist?
I shrugged. “It's only hair.”
She narrowed her eyes at me and I shook my head, annoyed.
Was her threatening to cut off my hair meant to scare me? I'm being held captive by a guy who claims I am his and won't let me go home to my family.
A hair cut is the least of my fucking worries.
“You're not cutting it, Sandra. Just dying it,” Tony butted in.
I snapped my head to him. “You can't be serious!” I spat, disgusted.
He grinned then winked at me as he stroked my battered up face. “I told you in Jed's I would prefer you blonde, so I’m making you blonde.”
I felt sick.
He was punishing me with abuse whenever I defined him and is now dying my hair and stating I’m his.
Does he think changing my hair colour and holding me captive will make me want to stay with him.
Fat fucking chance!
I wanted to say something snappy but my body felt very sore and I couldn't help but notice my hands where shaking. Tony must have followed my eyes but he took my hands in his, ignoring my cringing.
“You must need your medication,” he said and nodded to Lex who walked over to a cabinet, opening it, taking objects out then re-closing it.
I mentally shook my head.
I totally forgot about my meds. Justin and my brothers would freak out if they knew I missed a night of meds and so would Doctor Chance.
I sighed thinking of them but was dragging from my thoughts my Tony shaking to little tubes in my face.
“These are you medication. I forgot to give you them last night when I sent you to the break room but you can take them now. You need to take them three times a day, right?”
I nodded and held out my shaking hand.
Tony placed the tubes in my hand then a bottle of water in the other. I didn't ask where the water came from because it would probably earn me a slap.
I uncapped the tubes the took a tablet from the both, placed them in my mouth a took of swig of water, swallowing them.
“Did you have an episode in the break room?” Lex randomly asked me.
I guess the 'break room' was the filthy room myself and the girls where in.
I shook my head at Lex's question which he just nodded to. He looked bored of being in the room so him and Tony both headed for the doorway. Tony of course paused, turned, winked at me then left.
“Creep,” I mumbled.
I felt a tug on my hair causing me to turn to my left where Sandra was now standing.
She pointed to the chair in front of Tony's desk when I gave her a what-do-you-want look. I rolled my eyes but walked and sat down in the chair. The door of the room opened again and when I looked to see who it was, it was only Lex handing Sandra a big bag right before he left again.
Sandra opened the bag and took out lots of hair products. I lost interest and turned around facing the Tony's desk and the wall.
When I felt a brushed suddenly dragged through my hair I screamed. My hair was full of knots and the bumps from when I was hit In Jed's and beaten when I first arrived here where still as big as ever.
I jerk away from the brush. “I'll do it. I have a bumps on my head and you're tearing at them, you idiot,” I spat to Sandra who shrugged and handed me the brush.
I looked at the brush and wondered if you could beat someone to death with one then chuckled at my own thought which made Sandra look at me like I was a weirdo.
For twenty minutes or so I painfully brushed every last knot from my greasy hair.
Sandra suddenly appeared to my left and ran her fingers threw my hair while muttering curse words. “I'll wash it then dye it, the dye might not take with the thickness of the grease,” she said, disgusted.
I snorted and sarcastically said. “Sorry, I didn't have time to wash it in-between been tricked into fighting in a tournament and being kidnapped.”
Sandra tugged on my hair making me wince as she turned me to her. “Watch how you speak to me, you little bitch!”
I snickered this time not bothering that her face was turning red with anger. “Who do you think you are? I mean, you're about to dye and style my hair so if anything that makes you my bitch.”
I laughed when she swung for me.
I moved out of the way of her hand and fell back onto the floor still laughing even though my leg hurt like hell.
The room to the door opened revealing Lex leaning against the door frame.
He shook his head at me. “Do you have to anger everyone you spend more than five minutes around?”
I shrugged. “Not everyone, just you scum bags.”
Sandra tried to kick me but I wiggled backwards, laughing at her failed attempt.
Lex snorted and came into the room, he stood me up right then re-sat me in the chair in front of Sandra. “Play nice,” he said to us both. “I'm sitting outside so no more bickering. I can hear everything.”
I stuck my finger up at him for scolding at me like I was a child but he only grinned and winked in response which annoyed me.
I really hate him.
I was pulled from my thoughts – literally – when Sandra tugged on my hair.
“Oh stop whining, I'm barely touching you,” Sandra tsked.
The bitch was was pulling the head off me!
I bit my lip, hard. “Need I remind you that I have an extremely sore head full of bumps and bruises from been beaten by dickwad outside and his buddies?” I bellowed.
Before Sandra answered Lex shouted in, “I heard that!”
I rolled my eyes and turned back to the wall while Sandra separated my hair into sections. She didn't go gently but at least she wasn't pulling my hair hard, I might have to murder her if she did that.
I sat quietly listening as Sandra again unzipped her bag pulling more stupid hair products. When I heard the sound of liquids mixing together I knew it was the dye for my hair.
I absentmindedly twirled a strand of dark brown hair around my finger and wonder how this could be turned to such a light colour.
“How will you get my hair blonde? It's very dark.” I asked Sandra.
She cleared her throat. “I will strip it in sessions. It won't go blonde today because of the colour of your hair so I will have to do it a couple of times over the next three weeks. Tony was you to be platinum for the big fight night,” she chirped.
My stomach churned.
I mentally shook my head and forced my not to think about the fight or my family and Justin. As much as I loved them, thinking about them was so painful because I missed them so much.
Before I knew it Sandra brought me to a little bathroom and washed my hair which felt so good I almost moaned out loud when when rubbed my scalp. I didn't know, I didn't want her to know that her little head massage felt like heaven.
When that was done she have dried my hair then scooped a lot of paste like goo onto my head until every root and strand of hair was covered and matted down to my scalp.
I bet I looked stupid.
Sandra told me I had to let the dye set for an hour which basically meant I sat around with the crap in my head until she washed it out.
I did that for the hour and by the time Sandra washed my hair again I was beyond pissed. How the fuck can girls sit in salon's for hours getting this crap done to there hairs. This is why I never dyed my hair before, too damn long of a waiting time.
I didn't make my thoughts into conversation with Sandra because I already decided I hated her and didn't want a thing to do with her so when she finished my hair and asked for a thank you, she got pissed when I told her to go fuck herself.
“You ungrateful little bitch!” She bellowed.
For a few moments I stared at her blankly, blinking.
Until I snapped.
“Ungrateful? Ungrateful? What the fuck do I have to be grateful for here? I hate this place and I hate everyone here. So shove this 'you're ungrateful' speech up your fat ass because I will never be grateful for anything by you people. Never!” I screamed and threw hair brushes and other hair crap at Sandra who retreated to the door of Tony's office.
Lex of course entered when he heard my yelling and turned red with anger when the flying hair products hit his face. Some of the lett over dye crap Sandra put in my hair even got on his head and I was delighted about that.
Even was he pulled me to my feet by my hair and hit me across the face I was still smiling.
The thought of Lex's dark hair being patchy blonde made me happy.
Little did I know it was the last time I would be happy for a long time.

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