Sequel to Brawlers

Held captive by a guy who doesn't play by the rules is not the situation Kyah wants to find herself in. Without the ability to change things she has to hold onto the faith that her brothers & Justin will find her.

The boys are determined to find her no matter the cost. Which is why when Harley & Justin manage to strike a deal with Tony & agree to be his fighters in an exclusive underground brawling tournament in Las Vegas called The Arena things heat up.

Unfortunately being held captive does things to a girl & much to the boys horror what they're not expecting is Kyah turning against them, things change when you're caged.


6. Big Mistake


Author's Chapter Notes:
WARNING: This chapter contains scenes of rape and murder. Some of you find parts of this story instense with the extreme violence so I'd advise you NOT to read this chapter if any of the above is not your cup of tea.






. Kyah







When I handed Lex his phone back after I hung up on the guys, I felt like crap. They must think I didn't want to speak to them. No shit, what would ever give them that Idea? Maybe telling them I kind of like it here then rushing them off the phone so I can go have dinner with the dude who kidnapped me. Yeah, that wasn't subtle at all. I growled at the sarcastic voice in my head which made Lex raised his eyebrow at me. I didn't care if he thought I was crazy - I kind of was.

"Looking good blondie, I think I prefer your hair this way. Platinum blonde suits you," he purred, taking in my bleach blonde locks. I hated the colour though, really hated it! I stepped back away from Lex, narrowing my eyes at him as I moved. He grinned wickedly at me and made a kissy face towards me, honestly it made me throw up in my mouth a little. He was gross. "I would say the same to you but you look vile, as per usual," I paused then I smiled, widely. "Honestly though, the light patch in your hair looks just fabulous." I inwardly snorted at my sarcasm. He looked fucking stupid. When the dye got in his hair last week, he didn't have time to wash it out before it dyed his hair a little leaving a small patch of his hair a lighter colour than the rest of his black hair. I, for one, found it hilarious, he however, did not. Lex dropped his grin only to replace it with a devilish smirk and a wink. "I will fix my hair soon and don't worry, I'll show you how vile I can be later, Blondie." I froze momentarily, I didn't know what he meant by that because he wasn't allowed hurt me, Tony made that clear to everyone in the warehouse. His exact words were, "No on is to harm a single hair on Kyah's pretty little head...unless I say otherwise." Sandra, the stupid bitch didn't listen though. She hates me just as much as I hate her so instead of it taken the three weeks to lighten my hair like she said it would, she did my hair almost everyday for a week straight which resulted in some of it falling out and my scalp being burnt from the bleach. I screamed bloody murder when my head started to sting me, I was heard all over the warehouse. That's where me and the girls where being kept, a big ass warehouse somewhere in Las Vegas, over the week and a few days I've been here, Tony has spent lots of time around me and as a 'bonding session' he felt the need to show off his business to me so I could get a little in site on what he does. He business in the warehouse consists of drugs, money laundering and human trafficking. In the main open part of the warehouse where there was plenty of space, Tony's 'workers' set up a franchise that Lex liked to call The Kitchen because they made lots of things in there but none of them requiring any food ingredients . It was strictly drugs. The workers in there weighed, divided and bagged piles of cocaine, heroine, ecstasy tablets and other narcotics that I really didn't care for. What I did care for was sectioned of area in The kitchen, there where dividers set up to make a number of little cubicles. In each cubicle contained a drugged up girl waiting to be violated. Tony figured his workers get a decent wage – illegal money - but twelve hour shifts can take a toll on them so he offered them sex – raping a girl who he got addicted to drugs so she would be doped up and wouldn’t put up a fight - as a perk to the job. It horribly sad and extremely disgusting. A random man stands outside the cubicles with a ticket roll. He gives a ticket to each worker with a time limit of ten minutes and the number of the cubicle which is currently 'free' and ready for 'use'. "Yo Blondie, you okay?" Lex snapped his fingers in front of my face pulling me from my thoughts. I pushed his hand away from me. "I'm fine, just reminiscing on my time here in Costa Del Hell." Led snorted, "Smart-ass." I rolled my eyes as I turned and awkwardly hopped towards the break room - mine and the girls room - but I was suddenly halted by Lex. "You're having dinner with the boss, remember?" He reminded me. I visibility slumped, I did not want to deal with Tony right now. “Silly me, how could I forget?" Led took hold of my arm and carefully led me down another hallway inside the warehouse. The place was fucking huge and each hallway seemed to be never ending, I would for get lost if Lex didn't come with me everywhere. When we came to a big metal door at the end of the hallway, Lex opened it a gestured me into the room. I hopped in on one foot and because I felt so tired, I sat in the first chair I seen which just happened to be at a dining table across from Tony. He frowned at me and asked, "Where is your crutches?" I was about to speak when Lex opened his trap first. "She threw them at Sandra." I looked over my shoulder to him and fixated him with the evillest looking glare I had. He snickered at me, clearly amused. "Scary.” Prick. "Fuck y- " "Kyah!" Tony's voice cut me off with a bellow. I jumped in my seat because his voice startled me. I turned back around then looked down to my plate setting to avoid looking at what I was sure to be a murderous glare from Tony. "Why did you assault Sandra?" He asked through gritted teeth. I wanted to laughed but bottled it down. Funny how he uses the word assault in this situation but when I get beaten bloody he calls it punishment. The fucking whack job. "I asked you a question, why did you assault Sandra?" Tony prompted me, angrily. I cleared my throat then licked my lips because the suddenly went dry. "She burnt me really bad, she left the bleach on my head way too long today and it's giving me some nasty little blisters. Oh and not to mention that my hair is falling out from how many damn times she has put that crap into it," I shook my head, angrily then lifted my head to meet Tony's stare. "I just lost it when she was blow drying it, it hurt so damn bad and she was cackling while she did it. The bitch knew she was causing me a lot of pain and yet she laughed! So if you are going to punish me for assaulting her then to ahead because I'd do it again in a second!" When my outburst was finished I actually closed my eyes and tensed my body wanting for Lex to come round my side of the table at punch me for yelling at Tony the way I did. The punch didn't come though, nothing did, only silence. This confused me. "Get Sandra in here now and bring Kyah's crutches," Tony said calmly to Lex who after a few moments obeyed and quietly left the room. I peeked open an eye then after a few seconds opened the other one. I straightened myself up and looked at Tony totally bemused. He raised an eyebrow at me. "Why do you have that deer in the headlights look plastered on your face?" I blinked and remained silent for a moment until blew out a breath and said, "I was expecting Lex to hit me." Tony stood up from his chair and moved around to kneel in front of me. I flinched when he reached for my hands making him frown. He surprised me further my kissing the backs of both my hands and looking up to me, he almost looked like a normal person. Almost. "Why would I get him to punish you? You did nothing wrong, Sandra hurt you on purpose. Everyone was told not to harm a hair on her pretty little head," he paused and glanced to my worn out blonde hair. "And it looks likes she went against that order." Tony then gently twirled a long blonde lock of hair and his fingers and smiled. "I knew blonde hair would suit, you look gorgeous, Sweet Pea. Almost good enough to eat," he winked giving me a nasty chill up my spine. He snorted then gently rubbed my head. I felt weird because he was being somewhat nice to me. He has being doing this all week, If I did or said something he didn't like he got Lex to punish me then he would to me later and actually try and comfort me. I don't know what he was doing but whatever it was, it was confusing me to no end. Tony stayed kneeled front of me for a few moments until suddenly opened my boot cast straps. I couldn't help the sigh that parted from my lips, the boot had to be a little tight during the day for support so whenever I took it out to let some air at my leg it felt nice, really nice. "It's doing much better, the swelling has gone down so much. It's being nearly three weeks since your surgery, I'd say you will be able to put some weight on it now." I didn't question how he knew when it happened because I remember he admitted in Jed's - the night of the tournament- that he had me followed in case I skipped out on our deal - the twenty g's Jeff and Lana got me landed with - so I simply nodded to his statement. "I can, I tried earlier. It's not broken, the doctors put pins in my ankle to fix the break so the boot cast is just for protection until my leg strengthens up enough to walk again," I explained. Tony smiled to me. "This is nice." I raised my eyebrow. "What is? My leg?" I asked, confused. Tony snorted and patted my leg. "No, not your leg. I mean the two of us actually carrying a conversation without you wishing death upon me." I snorted but didn't smile. "The night is still young, I may get a death wish in there so don't hold you breath yet...or do." Tony raised his eyebrows at me. "Did you just tease me, playfully? Ladies and gentleman we have a new Kyah Edwards in the house." I shook my head making Tony chuckle and kiss my temple. He got up and moved back to his sit while I sat in my own feeling speechless. Why the hell was I sort of nice to him just then? He is the reason I'm here and away from my family, boyfriend and friends, I should not and cannot be nice to be. But. I have to say. It's a little nice knowing he wont get me hurt for back talking him like I usually do every chance I get. Maybe I'm just growing tired of what is happening to me here and just giving up to Tony's will. Wait, what the fuck am I thinking? I groaned and put my head down on the table. "You okay there Sweet Pea?" Tony asked. I groaned again. "This damn place is messing with my mind!" Tony snorted. "Confinement will do that to a person," he said quietly but I heard him. I was way too confused to even think about what he said but I didn't even have time to linger on it because there was suddenly a loud knock on the door to the room then the noise of the door open. "You wanted to see me, boss?" Sandra's shrill voice called out to Tony. I didn't turn around to look at her but I felt her eyes on me and it made me squirm in my seat. Tony ignored my movements and focused on Sandra and to be honest he glare he was currently sporting looked scary and I was very glad I was not -for once- on the receiving end of it. "You burnt my Sweet Pea's head today, Sandra." His voice was cold and hard. Sandra cleared her throat. "Yea sir, it was an accident. I timed the setting time for the dye in her hair wrong." Her voice was cracking and she almost stuttered on every second word. "That's not what Kyah told us, is it Lex?" I heard a grunt then Lex called out. "No, boss." Tony smirked in front of me, never one breaking his gaze from Sandra. "You also made her hair look unhealthy and some of it is actually falling out. Explain that to me." The coldness in Tony's voice was making me nervous and I actually felt a little sorry for Sandra but then the pain from the blisters on my head pulsed as in a reminder of what she done to me and suddenly I didn't feel bad for her any more. "Um.." Sandra said then sniffled a little before she blurted. "I didn't space out the sessions that I originally planned to avoid damaging her hair or hurting her scalp but she is such a bitch to me Tony, I just wanted to hurt her a little and slightly ruin her hair so maybe she would give her smart mouth a rest." I was angry at her reasons but Tony, well, he just looked down right fucking furious. "Come here," he barked. I flinched at the loudness of his voice then listened to Sandra scurrying from her current position in the room to his side in seconds. She had her head down either as a form of respect or shame, I'm not sure which one. Her lowered head only gave easier access for Tony to hit her and that's exactly what he did. I tensed up as I watch him ball his hand into a fist, pull it back, swing, then connect with Sandra nose which instantly gushed blood. I swallowed a lump - that I'm sure was vomit - down my throat and stayed very still. I winced as Sandra cried out and scurried backwards on the floor when Tony got out of his seat and moved toward her. He kicked her twice, connecting with her belly each time making her make a choking sound as if he knocked the wind out of her which I'm sure he did. He then fisted Sandra's long blonde hair in his hands and angrily pulled gulps of it out of her head which had her screaming in agony. I didn't realise I was crying until I felt the droplets fall onto my hands. I didn't feel sorry for Sandra because she was an evil person, I just felt sick that I had to watch her to through this beating. It was disgusting. "Are you sorry?" Tony asked Sandra, breathlessly as his slapped her face hard. She cried out, "Yes! I'm so sorry!" Tony realised his hold on her, letting her drop to the ground with a thud. "You will be! Lex?" Tony boomed. "Boss?" Tony smirked down at Sandra's shaking form. "Fuck her raw." I widened my eyes at Tony's command to Lex. I wasn't sure if heard him correctly but when Lex suddenly appeared over Sandra un-tucking his shirt form his pants, I gasped. Was he really going to rape her right here, in front of other people? Granted, it would still be rape of they where in private but it seemed so...evil to have her raped with an audience. It was evil either way but this would be so shameful and humiliating for Sandra so I made a point of looking away from her and Lex and focused on my plate setting. "Please, no!" Sandra cried. I heard shoes being kicked off. I tensed. "Please, please. I'm sorry, so sorry. Kyah, please!" Sandra wailed. I cringed and squeezed my eyes shut. Why the hell was she saying my name? I didn't order this. Guilt struck me though so I looked up to Tony who was openly watching Lex pull Sandra's clothing from her body. I forced myself to not side look at what was happening and willed myself to focus on Tony. "Stop this Tony, I don't think he should do this to her. Please, she's endured enough!" I pleaded over Sandra's cries. Tony gave me a smile sadistic smile. "This is her punishment for going against my orders of not to harm a hair on you head," He paused then yawned loudly. "Are you hungry?" I stared at him blankly, blinking. Was I hungry? Who the fuck would have an appetite while a woman was about to be raped a few feet away from them? I may have bi-polar but I'm not that fucking crazy. "No, I'm not hungry." I said just as an ear shattering scream filled the room. I accidentally snapped my head to my right and was met with Sandra naked and turned to face me and Tony with her chest and stomach on the ground and her butt in the air. Lex wasn't raping her vagina though, he was raping her behind and by her screams it was agonising. I guess that's what Tony meant by fuck her raw. I only had anal sex with Justin once and it was so sore even with Justin taken it easy on me so I could only imagine the pain Sandra was feeling especially because Lex did it with no mercy and did it dry. I looked away from Sandra being raped and lowered my head as more tears filled then escaped the brim of my eyes. I could not believe someone was getting raped right next to me over something they did to me. Sandra may have hurt my head but she didn't deserve what was happening to her, nobody deserved this. I continued to cry even when people bright in plates of food and sat them in front of myself and Tony. I watched in horror as they entered and left the room without so much as a glance in Sandra and Lex's direction. I felt disgusted then just when I thought I couldn't feel worse, Lex groaned out, "Fuck! You're so tight! I think you like this Sandra, you pushing back against me." I heard a loud slap then and figured it was Lex slapping her bum. I didn't believe she was enjoying it at all because she was still screaming and begging for him to stop. He didn't though. "Eat, Sweet Pea." Tony prompted me. I looked at him feeling hollow and sick. "I feel like getting sick, I can't eat food." Tony frowned at me then glanced to Lex and Sandra. "You don't like having to witness this, do you?" I gaped at him. Was he serious? "Of course not. It is disgusting and evil!" I cried, angrily. I resisted the urge to puke when Lex made some pleasurable man grunts. Sandra's sigh of relief didn't go a miss either when Lex stood up, removing himself from her body. "Get dressed," he barked down to her. "Don't mind the blood, it's from your nose and ass. You can clean yourself up later." “There won't be a later,” Tony interrupted. "Understood, boss." I looked up at him in confusion then looked to Lex when I heard a loud click. Don't ask me where he got it but he had a black hand gun in his hand and it was pointed to Sandra's head. My breath hitched. “No!” I screamed. Sandra looked up and screamed as well just as Lex pulled the trigger. I instantly turned my head and puked all over the floor. I was still heaving when Lex re-dressed himself and casually sat next to me at the table as if nothing happened. He killed her. He just shot her in the head as if she was nothing. She was just on the floor...dead. I was suddenly furious and my whole body shook from the anger radiating through me. "You're a piece of dirt, I hope you die a very, very painfully death! You fucking bastard! You killed her! You killed her!" I cried to Lex and began swinging my fists, connecting with his face a few times. He easily restrained my hands though. My mind was spinning and the overwhelming needs to hurt Lex made me sick again. Tony's sudden laughter got my attention so I looked to him. "Wow, you really didn't like being a witness to that." I didn't answer him I knew I was tipping over the edge to have an episode so I did my best to just gave him a revolted glare as tears streamed down my cheeks. He however, evilly smiled at me and winked. "I finally think I found a punishment that will keep you in line from now on, Sweet Pea." .

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