The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


7. Chapter 7

-Alex's POV-

     I went in my bedroom, and took my dress off along with the heals and jewelry and set then the dress in my hamper. I went in the bathroom and took a shower. I took out my contacts and put my glasses on. I sprayed my leave in conditioner in my hand and rubbed it all though my hair. I put my pajama/lounge shorts on and a sweat shirt that said I only date super heros on it. The door was open and will walked in while I was taking my make up off. "Wow, look at my beautiful sis," he said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. "Harry's so lucky to have you sis! And if he EVER hurts you, just tell me cuz I will take care if him!" Will said. He let go and I turned around and gave him a hug and he's about a head taller than me and he's only 5'10. "William! You're so sweet bubba! I love you!" I told him. "I love you too sis! You better get to sleep we've got a big fall break tomorrow! You know what that means!!!" He said as i smiled and said "SURFING?!" "Surfing!" William said as he kissed my forehead and went to his room across from the bathroom. I've been waiting all school year to go surfing! Now that break is finally here we can go!!! That means some wet suit shopping! Yayy! I went on to bed and laid there for an hour reading a book because I couldn't sleep. Then I heard a knock at the door. Who would be up this late it's 11!  I went down stairs and opened the door anyway. 

    "Hey babe, I just had to come apologize," harry said. "Apologize for what?" I asked him. "Apologize for not being able to spend a lot of time with you since the lad have been here," he said as he grabbed my hands like he always does but I like it. "Oh harry why apologize they've only been here for a day!" I told him. "Yeah but I would've spent mo-" he said as I cut him off and I crashed my lips in to his so he would just shut up already cuz it really isn't bothering me about his friends. About a minute late we pulled apart and he gave me that smirk that I love. "No it really doesn't bother me boo, now why are you over here this late?" I asked. "Ok ok, I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking of you love," he said as he pulled me on closer. "I couldn't either boo! I missed you!" I told him. "I missed you too that's why I came over too see you," harry said. "Well since you can't sleep and I can't sleep wanna come over to my house and watch a movie? The lads just left and went to their apartment room, well exept for niall, he's still at my house asleep on one of the couches haha," he said. "I'm sure I'm gonna go get my phone and tell will so he can watch Ryan for me," I said as I ran upstairs. I told will and went to check on Ryan, I noticed he was awake. "Sissy, where are you going?" He asked me. I sat down on the side of his race car bed and smiled and kissed his forehead and said, "to a friends, I'll be back soon, so go back to sleep ry ry," I said and got up and went to his door as he said bye. I walked back down stairs to harry and he held out his hand and I put mine in his and we went over to his house. I was sitting on his couch flipping through the channels as he went upstairs to get some blankets. Niall woke up and looked at the couch that I was sitting on and smiled at me and I smiled back. "Hey what are you doing here darling?" Niall asked. "Harry invited me over since I couldn't sleep," I told him. "Oh how sweet!" Niall said as he winked at me. "Yeah haha," I said. Harry walked back in and saw niall sitting there awake. "Hey nialler! You finally up?" Harry asked. "Yeah, haha" niall said. Nialls phone buzzed. "Who was that?" Harry asked. "This girl," he said. "Oh really now?" Harry said. "Is she pretty?" He asked. "Um she's okay," niall said. "Uh huh," harry said as he winked at me. "Oh hush!" Niall said. "What does she want?" Harry asked. "She want to meet our mates," he said. "Oh that sounds nice," harry said as he looked at me I yawned and he put his arm around me. Niall came over to the couch me and harry were sitting at to show us a picture of her and he ended up falling asleep in my lap. Then I fell asleep on harry. 

-Harry's POV- 

  Niall ended up falling asleep on Alex but she didn't mind. Then she fell asleep on me so it was all good. I eventually fell asleep too. 

-Alex's POV- 

Niall got alittle restless for a moment and I wasn't even thinking who it was so I did what I normally do when one of my brothers can't sleep, I played with his hair. Most of all the guys I know love it when you do that. Then I thought that it was niall, oh crap what are you doing Alex?! Oh well it calmed him down anyway. I finally fell back asleep.

-Nialls POV- 

i got alittle restless during the night but then Alex started playing with my hair. I love it when people do that to me! I don't even really care who, it just calms me down. So I soon fell back asleep.

-Alex's POV-

   I finally woke up and harry was gone so it was just me and niall lying on the couch. Could this get any weirder? Haha who cares niall is adorable! I'm so glad he found a girl! I was laying there when I opened my eyes when I felt someone kiss my forehead but I soon realized it was just harry. "Good morning love," harry said as he bent down and kissed me. Niall looked up "are you two lovebirds done yet?" He asked as he got up and found the remote. "Haha sure anything for you nialler," I said. "Gee thanks!" He said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. "Hey! Ashley's coming today," niall said, I could tell he wasn't overly excited. "Is this your dream girl?" Harry asked. "No not really, I don't think I met her yet," niall said. "Oh, ok Niall," he replied. "Yeah we are all gonna meet her in the park, is that ok guys?" Niall asked me and harry. "It's fine if it's fine with AJ," he said as they both looked at me. "Um I'm suposed to go surfing with William and Samuel today, but if y'all want y'all can meet us on beach," I told them. "Oh that sound wonderful! I forgot that we are so close to the beach!" Niall said. "Yeah that sounds great I want to see my love surf!" Harry said. "Oh my gosh! I've got to go get ready! I've got to go I'm supposed to me William on the beach at 11 and it's already 10:30!" I told them. "Ok well meet you there in a few!" Niall said. "Ok bye guys!"

   I ran to my house and saw the babysitter which is also one of my friends,Amber. I greeted her and Ryan and ran up stairs. I put on my bikini and squeezed my wet suit over it. Yay it kinda still fits! I took off my necklace and left it on the counter in the bathroom. I put a ponytail around my wrist just in case. I shoved some capris and a tank too in my backpack just in case. I grabbed my surf board from downstairs and slipped on my flip flops and started for the beach. I met will and Samuel there. "Are ya ready to catch some waves?" Will asked. "Oh yeah!" Me and Samuel said. Me and Samuel ran out to catch some waves and will stayed on the shore so he could make sure we were doing every thing properly. I finally caught a nice wave. Everything else was totally out of my mind like what always happens when I'm on a wave it was getting big enough where I got to ride the inside of the tunnel. When I got out of the tunnel thingy I dove into the water. Samuel was cheering for me and then I noticed on the shore so was William harry and Niall. I swam to shore and they congratulated me. "Hey this is Ashley, Ashley this is Alex," niall said. "Hi nice to meet you," I said as I stuck out my hand. "Hey," she said as she barely shook my hand and then wiped it on her pants. "Hey harry," I said as I ran up and jumped on top of him and wrapped my arms and legs around him. "Hey babe, eww you're all wet!" Harry said. "Oh boo hoo! Like alittle water will bother you!" I said as I kissed him and jumped down. I looked over to Ashely and she gave me this snarl look. What does she want?! He's my boyfriend! Soon the other boys came and watched all three of us surf. I was on shore when Samuel caught his first tunnel. I was cheering so loud for him and he ran up to me and said, "DUDE DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID?!" As I jumped into his arms and said," YES SAMUEL IM SO PROUD OF YOU BUD!" I knew he couldn't drop me cuz he's the captin of the wrestling team so he's pretty strong! "Oh my gosh that was so amazing!!" He said as he put me down. Then when I was out on the water I saw something. 

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