The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


6. Chapter 6

- Alex's POV- 

    We got to church and me and harry took Ryan to Bible school. We went on to our class hand in hand. Class went by pretty fast because we talked about David and galioth and how David wasn't the under dog and how we miss judge people. Next we went on the the service. We always talk about something about the same as class so it was again about David. We sang, prayed and also clapped for people who got baptized. We had a great time! After church harry wanted for us to talk so I asked Maddy if she could take Ryan on home because Ryan really loves Maddy. He thinks of her as another big sis and she thinks of him as a little brother too. So me and harry walked to the park and walked and talked. Then Harry's cell rang. "Hello?" He said. "Hey Hazza it's us! All of us!" All of the guys said. "Hey guys what are you up to?" Harry asked. "You might want to turn around!" All the boys said so harry turned around and so did I. He hung up his phone. "LADS WHAT ARE YALL DOING HERE SO EARLY?!" Harry asked them. "WE ARE HERE TO SEE YOU!" The adorable blonde one said. "They all came for a group hug I backed out of the way so I didn't get attacked haha. "Who's this lovely young lady?" The blonde one asked as he grabbed my hand and kissed it just like a prince would. "Niall, That's my girlfriend!" Harry said like he was about to lose his temper braces he's very protective but I like it when he gets like this. "Harry, babe, it's alright he's fine," I told harry to make him calm down. "I'm sorry mate I didn't mean anything by it! You know I do that to almost every pretty girl out there!" Apparently his name was niall that said that. "It's ok he's very protective," I told niall. "Yeah haha, I remember," he said as he winked at me. "Sorry niall, i am. I just don't want anything to happen to my girl!"harry told niall. "It's ok man!" Niall said. "Well aren't you gonna introduce us?" Said by the guy with the longer brown hair that was sorda spiked up in the front. "Sorry Lou," harry said. "Guys this is Alex or AJ, Alex this is niall liam Louis and zayn," harry said I shook their hands and said hey to them. They seemed nice. "Hey lads let's go to my place!" Harry said as he grabbed my hand and we started walking to Harry's house. They all talked about how everyone in back in England misses him and how they've missed him and crap. We all got to Harry's house and I pulled him aside and said, "hey I'm gonna go home. I thought y'all might want some time together and I have to babysit Ryan," I told him. "No, darling don't leave me!," harry said as he put his hands around my waist. "I'm sorry harry, but I have to anyway Maddys all alone at my house  with my idiotic brothers! So I gotta go I'm sorry babe, if ya wanna do something later just call me," I told him. "Ok, I will, and one last thing," he said. "Wha-" I was cut off by harry who kissed me. When we pulled away he pulled be back in and gave me a hug and said,"I love you AJ." "I love you too boo," I said as I walked out the door and all the guy yelled bye from upstairs, I guess they heard everything but I don't really care. I yelled bye back and walked across the street to my house I opened the door and there was all my brothers and Maddy playing a board game of Ryan's. They were all so cute! "So what happened? Why aren't you with your boy?" Maddy said. "Oh all if his friends from England are here so they are gonna call is later to go do something." I told em and sat down and joined the game.

-Harry's POV-

   All of the lads love it here but I just really wanna be with Alex right now... "Aww harry you're such a lady's man aren't ya mate?" Louis said. "Oh so you were eavesdropping? Haha I really don't care if ya where," I told em. "Man you sure do have a way with the lady's don't you?" Niall said. "Uh I don't know," I said back. We all started laughing and then Zayn suggested that we all went to a fancy restaurant and took Alex and her friend. "I'll be back mates!" I told hem as I stepped in the kitchen.

"Hello?" Alex said. "Hey babe. the lads want to know if you and Maddy want to go to a fancy  restaurant with us?" I asked her. "Sure sounds great! What time?" She asked me.  "6:30 tonight, is that ok?" I asked. "Yeah that's perfect! See you then! Love you boo!"she said. "Bye , love you too baby!" I said and I hung up. 

    "Come on mates we gotta find something to wear tonight!" I said. "Ok I got some stuff in our bags," zayn said. "I've got some stuff in my closet too," I said as we went up stairs to get ready because it's 5.

-Alex's POV-

    It's already 5 oock so I pulled Maddy up the stairs to find a dress. Maddy found her one of mine and asked if she could wear it but I didn't care. I found a short link dress that hit at my knees. It was a strapless one. It was fancy but not really over doing it. I put it on and then curled my hair because most of it had fallen already. Then I put on my make up and some nice jewelry. Next I had to find the shoes. It took me a while but I finally found some sparkly heels. After I got all fancied up I helped Maddy get ready. When I was curling her hair I said, "ya know Maddy you are gonna love the boys! They are so funny! Then there's niall he's so adorable!" "Woah now AJ! You're dating harry," Maddy said as I released a curl from the wand. "Oh my gosh, Maddy, I don't like niall! I love harry!" I said. "Ok you better!" Maddy said. I finished curling her hair and she did her own make up. I walked down stairs and all of my brothers were shocked. They were looking at me with their mouths wide open. "What's wrong guys?" I said. "Woah, sis you look wonderful!" Said Samuel. "Awe thanks bubby!" I said as I went over and kissed his forehead. "Yeah Samuels right! Harry's lucky to have such a wonderful girl!" Will said. "Aww guys stop! You're took sweet!" I told them as I gave em all hugs. "Know you really do look like a princess!" Ryan said. The doorbell rang, "oh my gosh will get it! I'm not done yet! I slipped off my heals and ran up stairs. I looked out my bed room door and will opened it and it was harry with a rose, "hey will is your sister here?" Harry asked. "Yeah she's upstairs she said she wasn't done yet hang on ill get Ryan to go get her," will said as he told Ryan to come get me. "Thanks," harry said. "Oh come on in man," will said as he shut the door behind him. "Sissy," Ryan said as he opened my door," your prince is here." "My prince huh?" I said as I smiled and held my hand out "well if my prince is here can you please escort me to him kind little sir?" I asked Ryan. "Otay," he said. We started to walk down the steps and will said "well here comes the princess and her escort!" I just smiled at will as Ryan led me to harry. Ryan gave my hand to harry and said "here's your prince sissy!" I kneeled down and gave Ryan a hug and kissed him on the cheek and said "thank you bud! I love you Ryan!" "Sissy ill always love you no matter what!" I looked at him and gave him a huge hug and then yelled at Maddy to come down. Harry have me the rose once we were standing on the porch and said "for my lovely lady." "Aw thanks boo, you're so sweet!" I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and he smiled and kissed me. We pulled away and walked to the restaurant hand in hand. Maddy was introduced to the boys and instantly fell for Louis. Well I guess harry was right! When we got to the restaurant they showed us our table and we all ordered. We ate and talked for about 2 hours. Maddy told me that she was gonna show Louis around so me, harry, niall, liam, and zayn were left. "Hey mates why don't you go on to my house. I'll meet you there later," harry said. "Ok bye Alex!" They all said in unison. "Bye guys nice to meet you!" I said as they all came in and hugged me. Me and harry walked alittle behind them because he wanted to spend some time with me. "So what'd you think of the lads?" Harry asked. "They all seem very nice!" I said to harry. "Yeah they really are! Oh and excuse niall he's always like that he's such a lady's man! But he's always there for me so I don't mind to much," harry said. "Haha, no he was fine! It was so sweet!" I said. "Haha yeah. he is!" Harry said as he looked up and me and grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Alex," harry said. "Yeah?" I asked. "I love you," harry said as he pulled me closer. "Harry I lo-" he cut me off yet again with a kiss. I guess he's getting payback for all of those times I did it to him. "Harry, you didn't let me finish," I said. "You didn't need to," harry said. I just smiled at him and we kept on walking to his house. We got to his front porch and we stopped. "Well I guess I'm gonna go now," I said. "Are you sure?" Harry said and he grabbed my hands. "Yeah, MADDYS still at the house with Ryan and I'm sure she want to go on home," I told him. "Ok, well I'm right here-" this time I cut him off with a kiss. When we pulled back he said, "Alex, you didn't let me finish," mocking me again. "Well you didn't have to, I know," I said now mocking him. He gave me a hug and he went back inside and I went to my house. "Sissy's home," I said when I opened the door when I saw Ryan and Samuel and Maddy sitting on the couch watching Thomas the train. "So how was your date?" Will said. "It was great!" I said as I went over and punched will on the arm. "Ouch!" Will said as I just rolled my eyes at him. "I took Ryan up stairs because it was 8:30 and he needed to go to bed. I sat there and read him a story and watched him fall asleep. I went over and kissed his forehead and turned of the lamp and shut the door.


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