The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


24. Chapter 24

-Harry's POV-

I've been so worried about Alex lately ever since she found out about Ryan. She hasn't really talked much and she's in her own little world.

She love Ryan more than anything! And I guess I see why she's like this.

She slept most of the way there or she was talking to her older brother.

"We will be landing in ten minutes," the flight attendant spoke through the loud speaker.

I looked down to see Alex asleep on my shoulder. I kissed her cheek and she fluttered her eyes open.

"Babe, were landing," I told her and she lifted her head up and checked her phone at the time.

"Ok. Hey, I'm gonna stay at the hospital tonight," she said.

"I know, and I am too," I said as I kissed her head.

"No, you don't have to. You can go on home," she said.

"No, I want to stay with you and Ryan, he's like my little brother too," I smiled at her.

"Yeah you're right ok, where are the guys?" She asked looking around the plane.

"Um,they are somewhere around here. Well Niall's right here," I said pointing to the seat nextto her." He moved up here sometime while you were asleep cuz zayn was bring annoying apparently," I told her as she chucked and played with his blonde hair as he slept.

He just groaned and opened his eyes.

"Oh it was you little sis," he said.

"Yeah, of course it was!" She said laughing.

"You may now exit the plane," the flight lady told us.

"Come on let's go!" I said as I pulled Alex on my back and carried her off the plane and to her brothers car he left for us.

Me Alex and niall all piled in and drove to the hospital.

-Alex's POV-

Harry carried me off the plane and we got into a car my brother had left for us and we headed for the hospital. I was on the verge of tears.

Why, why does this have to happen?

Why does it have to happen to him?

He's way to young to-Oh I can't even say it...

But he's still alive, I don't even know what happened to him, what bones are broke? Is he awake? Why?

Niall drove so me and harry could sit in the back.

Harry held me the whole way there and I just looked out the window.

"Alex? Earth to Alex? Babe?" Harry asked.

"Oh sorry what?" I asked looking at harry.

"We are here," he said and I ran out of the car dragging the boys with me as I ran to the front desk.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The nice lady asked.

"Um, which room is Ryan smith in?" I asked in a hurry.

"Um, room 233 miss. Good luck," she told me.

Good luck? What? I really hope he's ok...

I dragged haz an ni to the door which labels '223' and walked in.

I looked around and saw Sam in a chair asleep and will sitting beside Ryan's bed with his head in his hands.

Tears started falling freely as I looked at ry who was asleep with a cast on his arm and one on his leg.

I let go of Harry's hand as I walked over to will and put my hand on his back.

He looked up quickly and jumped up and pulled me into a hug.

"Shhh, Will it's ok, I've got it now," I said letting my tears fall as I felt some on my back as he sniffled.

"Sis, I'm so glad to see you! And I can't do this anymore. I needed you here this whole time I just can't do this by myself!" He said.

"I know bubba. And I'm here now," I said as I let go of him as I looked at Ryan.

He looks so pale and peaceful though. He has a green cast on his leg with a blue one on his arm.

"They say he's in a coma but it's not serious like he should be out of it tomorrow or in a few days," will said trying to keep a steady voice.

I put his good hand in mine and kneeled down next to the bed and fiddled with his hair.

"Babe, I'm going to go talk to the lads ok? They are outside," harry said quietly as he kissed me head as I nodded.

"Why? Why did this happen to you?" I whispered to ry.

"Hey sis," Sam said in his sleepy voice as he wrapped his arms around my neck from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Hey," I said.

"We really missed you but especially ry, he would cry before he went to bed some because you weren't there to tell him stories or to kiss him goodnight, and apparently I'm not good enough," he said making me smile.

"Nobody's as good as me," I said standing up hugging Samuel.

"And for the record I miss you too," I whispered in his shirt taking in the nice scent of his cologne.

"Awe thanks sis," he said as he kissed my cheek and made his way back to his seat. Will offered me his seat next to ry but I just sat on the arm so I could still see ry.

El came in and saw me and her smile dropped when she glanced at ry.

"Come here," she said softly opening her arms and hugged me.

"How is he?" She asked.

"He's in a coma," I said as a tear fell down my cheek.

"Awe bay, I'm sorry. Come on the boys want to see you and Harry's really worried. He's a mess right now," she said as we walked out the door to the waiting room and all their heads poked up.

"Alex!" They all screamed as they ran over to me. Oh how I missed these boys from the hours we left.

"Hey guys," I tried to put on a smile.

"We know how you feel love, you don't have to put on fake feelings," liam said.

"Thanks guys," I said as I hugged liam and stepped back.

"Just know we are always here for you ally," zayn said.

"Thanks zayny!" I said as I hugged him and he kissed my head and stepped back.

"It's true, you are our little sister! Well other than Harry's that would be wierd," Lou said as he hugged me.

"Yeah thanks guys! By the way where is haz?" I asked.

"He had to go get some fresh air," niall said as he hugged me also.

"Thanks ni," I spoke softly as I tried to hole the tears in as I walked out the doors to the hospital to find harry sitting on the curb.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Oh hey Alex," he said.

"What are you doing out here? There's plenty enough room inside," I told him.

"I just needed time to take all this in, and I don't want to bother you," he said.

"Harry! You never bother me! And yeah I know what you mean there is a lot right now," I told him.

"Alex, my other family wants me to move back to england," he said as a tear ran down his face as it glittered because of the moon light.

"Oh," I said as one fell down my cheek.

"But," he said as he stood up to face me."I told them no because the love of my life lives in the US," he said as he came close to me and planted his lips on mine.

I never wanted this to end.

"Harry, you can always move back if you want," I told him knowing that I really didn't want him to.

"Alex, I can't, I can't leave you!" He said as he put his arms on my hips.

"Harry, maybe you wouldn't have to leave me," I smiled.

"Really? You would go with me?" He asked.

"I would go anywhere to be with you but I can't right now because I have to take care of Ryan," I frowned.

"You could take him with us, and we could raise him! You could take online classes and I could finish my singing career out there with the lads," he said.

"That sound great! I would love to!" I told him.

"But could we maybe let things settle down here first?" I asked.

"Of course," he said as he kissed me one last time.

"ALEX ALEX ITS RYAN HES AWAKE!" Lou yelled at me.

"COME ON!" Harry yelled pulling me in there.

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