The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


18. Chapter 18

"Babe, it's 7 now wanna go out and get something to eat?" Harry asked.

"Sure," it told him as I yawned.

"Ok, come on," Harry told me as he took my Hand and grabbed his keys.

"So where do you want to go?" He asked as we drove through London.

"Um, Starbucks?" I asked him.

"Sure, anything you want is fine with me," he told me and he picked up my hand and kissed it.

"Thanks Harry," I told him.

"Welcome love," he told me as we pulled into the parking lot.

He came onto my side and opened the door for me and we walked in.

"Hi how may I help you?" The lady behind the counter said.

We ordered and we sat and talked for about thirty minutes.

"Ok harry, so how long have you lived here in England?" I asked him.

"I've lived here all of my life but my sophomore year of highschool me and Lou moved to the US," he told me.

"But why would you want to move to Alabama?" I asked him.

"Cuz we thought it sounded cool and we wanted to live by the ocean where we could surf as much as we wanted too. Plus all the 'fame' was getting to our heads so we thought we needed to cool off for a while and we fell in love with it back there," harry said.

"That's so cool! And I'm glad you did move here!" I told him as I took a sip of my frappechino.

"Yeah, I do get homesick some though, but when I'm around you I'm always home," he smirked at me.

"Awe, Harry you're too sweet!" I told him.

"It's true," he said.

I shot him a smile and took a sip of my coffee.

I'm just happy I know more about him now!

"Well are you ready to go? I thought we should go sight seeing today before the party," he said.

"Yeah, sounds fun!" I told him.

We got up and walked back to the car and drove off.

"Harry, ya know how you were in that band and all?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said keeping his eyes on the road.

"I wanna hear your music, please?" I asked.

"Of course, anything for my princess!" He said as he plugged his phone up to the speakers.

"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me...." Zayn sang. The music was wounderful! I loved it! My mouth had dropped open when I heard it.

"Babe, you alright?" He asked.

"Oh yeah! This is just wonderful! It's the best!" I told him.

"Thanks we've been working on another album but it's kinda hard doing it over he phone or skype," he said.

"Well maybe you should work on it while you're here!" I told him.

"No, it's fine. I came here with you! I'm not just gonna ditch you like that!" He said.

"You aren't ditching me! You're helping me! By making wounderful music that I can play on repeat forever!" I told him.

"Are you sure? You can hang with Eleanor, Lou's old girlfriend! She's really cool, also there's perrie, Liam's girlfriend!" He said.

"Sounds great! Plus we don't go back to school next week! We could stay longer if ya need," I told him.

"Really babe? You sure?" He asked.

"Of course I'm sure!" I told him.

We arrived at Harry's apartment and I ran to his bedroom so I could put some different clothes on.

"Ok I'm ready!!" I said as I ran into the living room where harry was.

"Ok let's go!" He said as he grabbed his keys and threw me over his shoulders.

"Haaaarrryyyy!" I whined.

"What?" He asked as I giggles.

"Put me down," I whined

"Nope!" He said as he shut the door as we walked out the door.

He sat me down in the passenger seat of the car.

"Thank you! Finally!" I said.

"Welcome love," he said as I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, we are gonna go on to the studio but we will meet the girls there k?" Harry asked as he drove off.

"Yeah that's fine! I can't wait to meet them!" I said and harry just laughed.

Afew minutes later....

"Ok, were here babe," harry said as he kissed my cheek and got out of the car.

I unbuckled and opened the door and climbed out.

Harry grabbed my hand and walked in to the studio.

There where two very beautiful girls standin with some of the boys talking until they saw me and harry and the looked at our intertwined hands and grinned.

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