The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


15. Chapter 15

-Alex's POV-

I walked downstairs to the lounge room. I was looking at pictures of harry and his sister I'm guessing. They looked so cute! I felt arms wrap around my waist and looked up to find harry.

"Whatcha doin love?" He asked me.

"Just lookin. Is this your sister?" I asked.

"Yup! You're gonna have to meet her. She's at college right now but she should be home soon," he said as he rested his head on the top of mine.

"Sounds great!" I said as I reached up and kissed his cheek.

"Well, should we get goin babe?" He asked as he spun me around looking straight into my eyes.

"Not yet," I said. I reached up and kissed him. When we pulled back he just grinned.

"Ok now I'm ready," I said. As I released from his grip.

"Ok let's go! You have a big day today!" Harry said.

"You do too! Boys try outs are today too ya know?" I asked him.

"Yeah but they ain't as big as a deal to me!" He said As he kissed my forehead.

"Ok, well I guess we should get goin!" I said as I grabbed my backpack and my sports bag that was pretty big cuz all my soccer junk was in it.

"Ok," harry said as he grabbed his bags and started for the door.

He locked the door and we both headed for school. We both have cars but we like to walk. Especially since school is only down another block from here.

We finally arrived and the rest if the day flew by. I couldn't concentrate so I kept getting in trouble. Oh well! I was actually just scared for later today. Like what if I didn't make it, I just layed aside my whole football career and can't even play soccer!

"Hey babe ready for try outs?" Harry said as he wrapped his hands around my waists from behind. I felt myself relax when he did this.

"Oh, uh... I don't know, I mean I guess so," I said. I was so nervous for today!

"What are you saying right now?!" He said as he spun me around.

"Uh i don't know," I said.

"This is not the same AJ I know! She's up for everything! She doesn't give up! This isn't her!" He sorda shouted reassuring me of today like a coach would on game day.

"Ya know your right! Again! Come on let's go!" I said as I marched out the front door and headed to the field. As I we did I turned around to see harry right behind me.

"It'll be ok love! You got this!" Harry said as he must've saw my face fall when we got out there to see most of the best players in the whole city.

"Ok well I gotta go get changed I'll see ya in a few! Wait you are staying right?" I asked.

"Of course love, I wouldn't miss it for the world!" He said as he put his hands around my waist.

I smiled up at him and he leaned in and kissed me. We pulled back when we remembered we were in public by all the ohhhhs and awwwws. We both giggled and I went to the locker room to change.

Ok you can do this aj, you got this! I kept telling my self this.

"Ok girls come on we are now ready to get started!" I heard a voice that sounded like the young and beautiful miss Candace. She's the girls soccer coach. We all ran out the door on the field. We did many drills and everything you can imagine that has to do with soccer.

"Ok thanks girls! Y'all can go now we will post the team tomorrow after lunch alright?" Miss Candace said.

"Yes ma'am!" We all said. She's only like 5 years older than all of us therefore she's awesome! She totally gets us!

I ran in the locker room grabbed my bag and ran out to find harry.

"You did wonderful babe!" He said.

"Thanks!" I said as I have him a hug.

I walked over and set my bags down on the bleachers and sat and watched harry try out. He's amazing! I hope he makes it! If he did we could be that cute soccer couple! I was daydreaming about everything when I was snapped out of my thoughts.

"Erm, hello?" Some boy said.

"Oh, hey sorry I don't believe I know your name," I said.

"No, I'm Michael, and your Alex right?" He asked.

"Hi, nice to meet you and yes, how did you know?" I asked as I extended my hand out and we shook hands.

"Oh well everybody knows you! You're the best football and soccer player ever!" He said.

"Awe! You think so? Your too sweet!" I told him.

"Yeah i know so I saw you try out!" He said.

-Harry's POV-

I went and sat on the bench to get a drink when I looked over and saw Alex and some guy....

No no no! Look at them! They're laughing and junk! This little sun of a biscuit ain't takin my baby away! Apparently my best mate Lou noticed how mad I was.

"Mate, you alri- ohhhh," he said as he looked on their direction.

"Mate take it easy, it'll be ok," Lou said trying to calm me down because he knows how frustrated and jealous I get.

I stood up and Lou put his and on my shoulder but I shrugged it off and walked twords them.

"Hey babe, who's this?" I said as I smirked and put my arm around Alex's waist.

"Oh hey, this is Michael," she said.

"I believe you've met my girlfriend already?" I growled at him.

"Oh this is your girlfriend," he said as his smile turned to a frown... Perfect!

"Yes, she is!" I said as I kissed her cheek.

"Well I guess I'll see you around al! Bye harry," he stated as he grabbed his bag and walked away.

Al?! Nuh uh! Nope harry keep your cool...

"Harry, what the crap was that?!" Alex asked.

"Well I wanted to meet your little friend who seems like he wants you and is flirting with you!" I sorda started to yell.

"Harry! Nothing is up with us! Ok? He's just a friend! Why do you always get so worked up?" Alex sorda yelled as tears started streaming down her face.

"No baby," I said but she ran off to the girls locker room. Crap! I can't go in there!

"Babe open up, please I didn't mean it, I know I'm being a total idiot! I just saw something in y'all's eyes when you were talking and it's the way they look when you talk to me... Baby I'm sorry please open up," I said softly into the door.

"Come on babe, don't make me come in there," I said.

I could only hear her cry.

"Ok I'm coming in," I said. I slowly opened the door and looked around to make sure no one else was in there.

There was my lovely girlfriend, sitting on the counter crying.

"Babe, I'm so sorry. I just get really jealous. I just couldn't take it of someone took you away from me. I love you Alexis," I said as I scooped her into my arms.

"Do you forgive me?" I said as she buried her face into my chest.

She pulled back and nodded her head. I know I hurt her when I get frustrated.

"I really didn't mean to yell baby, I'm sorry," I told her as she buried her head further I my chest and I tightened my grip in her.

"Come on darlin, let's get you back home," I said as I released her from my hug and grappled her hand. She just nodded her head and continued to cry.

"Look," I said as I stepped infront of her and lifted her chin up. "I'm sorry for everything I just can't lose you. You're my everything!" I said as I kissed her. I pulled back and she smiled.

"It's ok harry, I love you," she said as she hugged me.

"I love you to baby," I told her as I grabbed her hand and continued to walk out of the locker room.

We walked to her house and we went up to her room. She went and put her bag in her closet and collapsed on her bed.

I went and laid next to her and she came up and put her head on my chest.

We laid there for a while and just talked.

"Well I think I oughta get goin love," I said.

"Awe look the south is rubbing off on you! But don't go! Stay here with me!" She said and she tugged at my arm.

"Ok ok! I'll stay," I said.

We cuddled up on her bed and she fell asleep in my arms. It was perfect having the one I loved in my arms I never wanted to let her go! I laid there a while stroking her hair until she fell asleep. Before I knew it I fell asleep too.

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