The Boy Across The Street(Harry)

I'm Alexis, but my friends and family call me Alex Or A.J. For short. I'm just a normal 17 year old girl who goes to school, have 3 brothers. They range from 5 years of age to 18years. The youngest, Ryan, is five; the middle child, Samuel, is 13; and the old out of all of us, William is 18. I've got pretty crazy parents that I hardly ever see cuz they are always on "business"! I've had a pretty good life, I've came close to God these past years, I have great friends, and a wonderful family. I've been practically raised a boy with my crazy brothers! But hey! I sure know how to skateboard, play soccer, football, and baseball! So see something good has come from it! But my great life is gonna get even better when this guy named harry moves to our school! Did I mention he lives across the street?! I can't even describe my feelings for him! I've never felt like this before.... So we'll see how this goes. (Ps most outfits can be found on polyvore look for megalynn33)


11. Chapter 11

-Alex's POV-
    "So what happened?!" Maddy asked as I walked in the house. "Well were back together," I said as I was smiling. "YES! I knew this had to happen!" Maddy said as she gave me a hug. "Uh... Maddy.... I.. Can't ... Breathe!" I said because she was squeezing me so hard. "Oh I'm sorry I'm just so happy!" Maddy said. "I know but not as happy as I am!!!!" I yelled as I screamed into a pillow. "Haha oh al, I love you girl!" Maddy said. "I love you too madds!" I told her. 
   (Ring ring ring!) I answered my phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Alex, can you tell Maddy to come in home? She won't answer her dadgum phone!" I heard a country voice say through the phone, it was Maddy's dad. "Oh why sure David!" I told him. "Gee thanks AJ! Well I'll see ya later alligator!" David said. "Bye David!" I said as I hung up. 
    I told Maddy and we hugged and she left. 
   I went into my closet and changed into my pjs. The were romper lookin things that were short shorts and long sleeves and had elephants on em. I put my hair up in a bun and put my glasses on.
    "Hey aj?" Samuel asked as he walked into my room. "Yeah bubby?" I asked. "I was invited to a party but I've got to take someone like Maddy or even more... So can you go with me?" Will asked. "Yeah, when is it?" I asked. "Uh it's Friday it's Thursday so you can think it over, but I also need help because there's this girl I like that's going..." He trailed off as he shut my door behind him. "Yeah I'll go! Oh I can help you with that! Oh yeah! Bubby me and harry are back together!" I told him. "That's wonderful! And he can come with," Samuel said. "Ok, and what's the lovely young lady's name?" I asked as I winked at him. "Uh... It's , um... Well... It's Abigail," he said. "WAIT A SECOND!" I said. "AJ shhhh I don't want every one to know!" He whispered. "Oh I'm sorry but like Abigail  as in Maddys sister Abigail?" I asked in shock. "Yes..." He trailed off. "Oh my gosh that's so cute!" Abigail is Maddy's 13 year old step sister. I don't see her that much because sometimes she's with her real dad. "I know she is!" He said. "Haha but I can help without her knowing! But we've gotta find something cute to wear! I'll call Maddy so she can go with me and harry can take you," I said. "Ok thanks AJ, I love you! You're the best sister in the world!" Samuel said as he gave me a hug. "Thanks bubby! I love you too!" I told him. "You better be getting some rest because it's on a be a long day tomorrow! We will go shopping in the morning so we will have some time," I told him as we released each other and he got up. "Ok thanks again sis!" He said as he opened my bedroom door. "You're welcome bubby!" I said. 
   "Hello?" Maddy said over the phone. "Hey Maddy! Do you want to go to a party with me, Samuel and harry tomorrow? Supposedly your sisters goin to this?" I asked. "Yeah I heard about that and we should all go together!" Maddy said. "Ok good! We are going to go shopping tomorrow and Abigail's more than welcome to come!" I said. "Ok thanks AJ! Well meet you at your house in the morning around 9," Maddy said. "Ok that sounds great! See you then! Bye" I said as I hung up. 
    I told Samuel and that she doesn't know about him. This is going to be perfect for Samuel! Now I just gotta call harry boo!
   "Hello?" A raspy, tired voice said over the phone. "Hey boo, do you mind going to a party with me and Samuel tomorrow? He likes Maddy's sister and he needs some advice about stuff, well like how to ask her out and plus he needs some clothes to wear," I told him. "Sure love what time should I be over in the morning?" Harry asked. "A little before 9 well that's when Maddy and Abigail are coming, so around then or before," I said. "Ok love see you then bye babe," he said. "Ok bye!" I said as I hung up. 
    "Samuel! Come here!" I shouted out my bedroom door. "What?" He said as he stood by my door. "Come in here," I said as I pushed him in my room and shut my door. "Harry's going to go with us and he will help you with Abigail since she's going shopping with us," I continued. "Ok thanks I don't think you could've got anyone better!" He said. "Awwww that's so sweet of you! Now go on to bed and I'll wake you about 9.Night," I said as I opened the door again. "Ok night," Samuel said as he walked out and back into his room. 
    I went into the bathroom and took off the makeup and brushed my teeth. I left my hair in a bun and also left my glasses on. I walked in my bed room and laid down because it was gonna be a long day tomorrow. 
     "BEEP BEEP BEEEP!" I got up and turned off my alarm. I changed my alarm so it wouldn't sound like my phone ringing. I got up and went into Samuels room to wake him up because it was 9. "Samuel! It's time to get up in the morning!" I sang to him as I started to jump on his bed. I didn't sorry about it because Ryan had gone to a friends house and mom and dad were at work. "Ugh shut up! I love you but shut up!" Samuel said as he put the pillow over his head.  "Haha well don't you want to see Abigail?" I asked. "OK IM UP!" He said. "Ok good cuz my next step was the bucket, and not of feed," I told him. "Oh thank goodness! No leave so I can get ready!" Samuel said as he got out of bed and was only on his boxers. "Oh Samuel you better go put some pants on!" I told him as I threw a pillow at him. "No maybe I like this look!" He said as he walked into his closet. "Whatever you say!" I said as walked out of his room and into the bathroom to get ready. 
    I curled my hair and decided to leave on my ray bans glasses. I threw on a tank and some skinny jeans. I put on my old Skool vans and grabbed my purse and phone. 
    I heard a knock on the front door and ran down the steps. "Hey babe," I heard as I opened the door and it was harry. "Hey boo," I said as I shut the door behind him. "So is this girl coming with us?" He asked as I heard another knock on the door. "Does this answer your question?" I asked as I opened the door to Abigail and Maddy. "Yeah, I guess it does," harry said as he stood up and greeted them. "So are we all about ready?" Maddy asked. "Yeah hang on I better get Samuel," I said. "Oh babe let me get him," harry said as he winked and ran up to Samuels room. 
   "So are you girls ready for some shopping?" I asked. "Yeah I can't wait I need something for the party tonight!" Abigail said. "Yeah we all do!" I told her. "Y'all are goin too?" She asked. "Yeah of course Samuel invited us," I told her. "Well that was sweet of him! I can't wait to go and hang out with y'all!" Abigail said. "Aww you're too sweet darlin!" I told her. "Aw it was nothin!" She said. 
-Samuels POV-
    I was so nervous! I had on my skinny jeans that were khakis a tee shirt and had on black vans. I also put on my grey beanie. It's my normal clothes anyway. I just stayed in my room trying to make my beanie perfect and to make sure I looked ok. Then I sat on my bed and was scrolling through Instagram on my phone when harry came in and sat on my bed.
-Harry's POV-
     "Hey Samuel are you ready?" I asked. "Yeah I guess," he told me. I could tell he was nervous but he will have fun I know it! "Ok just act natural, you'll be fine. Act a little flirty but not too much. Just be yourself and I'll be there to make sure everything goes good, ok?" I said. "Ok thanks harry! You're the best!" He told me. "Thanks. Now come on there's some beautiful ladies down there waiting on ya," I told him as I stood up with Samuel and walked down stairs. "Were ready now!" I told them as I went over to Alex and put my arm around her. "Ok let's go!" She said as we all walked out the door.
-Samuels POV-
   Abby is so perfect! Gahhh I can't do this! I'm gonna get so nervous! Ok calm down just do what harry said. We all walked out I the door and walking in front it was harry Alex and Maddy. Behind them was me and Abby. It was so awkward I didn't Really talk the whole way there until Abigail started talking to me. She was just so pretty though!
-Abigail or Abby's POV-
    Samuel is so perfect! With his perfect brownish blonde hair that flows perfectly to the left to those grey braces! He's always wearing vans just like me! And he loves to surf! I've heard all about it at home from Maddy. I just wish we were goin to the dance together! We didn't really talk the whole way there but I finally broke the silence. "So I heard you surf?" I asked. "Oh uh yeah, sorda," he said. "Oh shut up Samuel! You are amazing at surfing! Do you not remember the other day when you caught that one and you rode through it?!" AJ said. "Oh well that was just one so that doesn't mean anything," he said he was pretty shy but he's also the class clown! "I've always wanted to learn!" I said. "Oh well I'm sure me, AJ and will could teach ya!" He told me. "That sound great!" I told him and we just arrived to the mall.
 -Alex's POV-
   "Ok guys! Let's go in here because they have cute stuff!" I said as I grabbed Harry's and pulled him in there along with the others. "Ok I guess we are going in here guys!" Harry said. "Ok harry you take Samuel over to the guys section and if you need anything we will be here!" I said. "Ok babe," harry said as he kissed my cheek and then let go of my hand. "Ok to the dresses!" I said as me Abby and Maddy headed to the dresses. We all found a really cute dress perfect for the party. 
-Samuels POV-
   Me and harry went over to the guys section and picked out some stuff. This wasn't a dressy dressy party but you need to look good. I picked out a few dress shirts and some more khakis. I also found me another beanie! I saw Abby over by the fitting rooms trying on a dress. She looked so beautiful! I was just daydreaming about her but then harry snapped me out of it. "Samuel, don't you know it's not nice to stare?" He asked as he laughed. "Oh I'm sorry she's just so pretty!" I told him. "I understand, I feel the same way about your beautiful sister," he told me. "Yeah I don't guess I've ever took a moment to realize how pretty my own sister was, but I'm glad she has you! She's not had much luck with boys cuz ever one she gets comes out to be a jerk, but you're different in a good way!" I said as I looked back at harry. "Yeah Ill never let anyone else get ahold of her she's a keeper!" Harry said. "Yeah probably the same way with Abby but first I gotta catch her," I told him. "Yeah but it won't be that hard!" Harry told me as Abby caught me looking at her and smiled and looked away. "Maybe, maybe not," I said as we went to check out. Her curls are the same color as my hair. And she's shorter than me but not by much so she's the perfect size! She has the prettiest eyes they are a greyish blue color sorda like mine. I mean why wouldn't you stare haha!
-Abby's POV-
   When I was trying on my dresses and outfits I caught Samuel staring at me. I don't care because I did the same! His smile is so perfect even with braces! I saw him laughing with harry and it even put a smile on my face! "Abbs, is there something you should tell us?" Maddy asked. "Um what are you talking about?" I said nervously. "Um I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about! So so you like him or not?" She asked as she smiled at me. "Yeah, he's so perfect look at him!" I told them. "Well I have some news for you darlin," AJ said as she put her hand on my shoulder. "He likes you to babe!" She said as it slapped a big smile across my face. "Really?!" I asked. "Yeah! He's just really shy, and he really wants to take you to the dance so that's why Harry's here so he can help," she told me. "Oh my gosh I wish he would ask me!" I said. "Well I'm sure he will!" AJ told me as we went to pay. Next we were gonna go get a bite to eat so we settled for Starbucks. I got my coffee and went and sat at a two person table. Then Samuel came up to me. "Hey is this seat taken?" He asked. "Oh no, you can sit there," I told him. "So are you ready for the party?" I asked. "I'm sorda but I'm missing something," he said. "What are you missing?" I asked. "You! So Abby, will you go to the dance with me?" He asked and I started blushing. "Of course I will!" I said as I stood up to give him a hug. He gives the best hugs! We released and sat down and talked some more. 
-Alex's POV- 
   We went to throw away our garbage when I texted Samuel to come meet us. I saw Samuel walk up holding Abby's hand. "AWWWE! Look at you two y'all are so cute!" I said. "Oh my gosh shut up AJ!" Samuel said as we all started laughing. "Well let's go back to the house and get ready!" I said because it was 2pm and the party started at 5. 
    We all went to my house and put our outfits on. I helped Abby with her makeup. I put it on where you can tell you're wearing it but it doesn't look trashy because I go with natural colors. Her hair was already curled but I put it in a waterfall braid. 
   I put on my skater skirt and a top and some flats along with jewelry. I haven't even took off the necklace harry gave me, even when we weren't together! I curled my hair and left my 'bangs' down they weren't really bangs since they were pretty long. I walked down stairs and waiting was harry and Samuel. When I walked down there they both stood up. "Hey guys Abby and Maddy will be down in a few," I told em. "Ok and wow! Sis you sure can dress up!" Samuel told me. "Aw thanks sweet pea! You're lookin pretty good yourself!" I told him as I have him a hug. "Thanks!" He said. "Babe you look beautiful!" Harry said as he kissed my cheek. "Thanks boo," I told him. "HEY AJ COME HERE!" Maddy shouted from my bedroom. "Ok I'll be right back guys!" I said as I ran up stairs. "What's up?" I asked when I walked in my room. "Do you think I look ok?" Abby asked. "Darlin! If course you do!" I said as I gave her a hug. "Thanks girl!" Abby said. "Anytime now let's go get our party on!" I said as I grabbed Abby's hand and walked out of the room. "Ok she's ready now!" I said as harry and Samuel stood up again. "Wow you look beautiful Abby," Samuel said. "Thanks," Abby said as she gave him a hug. They are so cute I wish he would just ask her out already!
    "Hey babe, don't ya think we should get going?" Harry asked. "Yeah," I said. "Samuel, y'all can catch up to us in a few, we are gonna go on," I told him As I grabbed Harry's hand and we all walked out of the house. "Hey Abby if you need anything just call," Maddy said as she shut the door. "I thought if give them some alone time for a little while," I told harry and Maddy. "Yeah they could use it! I really wish they would just go out already!" Maddy said as one of Harry's friends Liam showed up as we walked around. "Liam?" Maddy said as she started to see him more clearly. "Hey Maddy! Can I talk to you?" He asked her. She looked at us as I nodded my head and she said, "sure." They walked off and I looked at harry. "Did you do this?" I asked. "Of course I did! I wanted to have some time with you and anyway, they've been drooling over each other for a while!" He said. "Yeah that's true! You're to sweet!"I told him. I never actually noticed that she cared for Liam! I'm such a great friend! Ugh! I really oughta apologize! I feel so bad! I've been caught up with every thing and better yet, soccer and football starts in 2 weeks! Ugh! Me and harry walked to the little park out I front of the school. We walked along the sidewalk and harry stopped me. "Baby, I love you," he said as he leaned in. He pulled me in close and I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. "I love you too boo!" I said as I kissed his cheek. "Should we go on?" I asked as I looked at my phone and it was 4:45. "Sure," harry said as he smiled and kissed my forehead.
   We arrived at the school and walked into the gym. I saw Samuel and Abigail walk in together holding hands. "Harry look at Samuel," I whispered. "Finally," he said as he kissed my cheek. Next to come in was Maddy and.... LIAM! "MADDY!" I yelled and she walked over to me. "So what's up with you and liam?" I asked. "Well, we are dating now," Maddy said. I squealed! I couldn't help it though. "Madds, I'm so sorry I didn't realize that you liked him, and I've been such an awful friend, and Maddy I'm just so sorry I don't know-" Maddy cut me off as a tear slipped down my face. "AJ, no stop! It's fine! I promise! And I know you've had other stuff and I know soccer and football starts in 2 weeks. I totally get it al! It's been hectic! It's ok! Really," Maddy said as she pulled me in for a hug. "Ok. Thanks Maddy you're the best!" I told her as we released from the hug. "You better get back to to you're little boy!" I told her. "Oh shut up AJ!" She said as she winked and walked back to Liam. Harry walked back over to me. "So they are dating?" He asked. "Yepp! I'm so happy!" I told him. "Me too, but I'm happy because I have the most beautifulest girl in the world standing beside me right now and I can call her mine," he said as he pulled me in and kissed me. "Harry, I love you!" I said as I pulled him in for a hug. "I love you too AJ," he said. 
    Next thing I know, I saw Samuel kiss Abby. At first I got into that protective sister mode but then I realized it was just Abby and was happy for them. Maybe they were dating or at least he might ask her now. 
    We had the best night ever! Samuel and Abby are dating and so are Maddy and Liam! And I've spent like 5 hours extra with my favorite boy in the world! Since tryouts are next Friday for both soccer and football I'll have to spend as much time with my friends because practice will go in forever I'm afraid. And I know what you're thinking. Girls don't play football, well you're wrong. The football team can't ever find a good kicker so one year I tried out because I had good experience with my brothers and soccer so I made the team. 
    Me and harry walked home together. "Harry, well will have to spend a lot of time together this week," I told him. "Why?" He asked. "Well of course I want to but why should it be doffrent?" He asked. "Well soccer and football tryouts are next Friday, and I have to go for both," I said as I dropped my head. He lifted my chin up and said,"Babe it's ok, I'll do whatever you want me to do! And I'd love to spend time with you," he said. "Thanks harry!" I said. "Oh I've got a surprise," he said. "What?" I said. "I'm trying out for soccer too," he said. "REALLY?!" I asked. "Yeah of course! I love soccer!" He said. "Great! We can be one of those soccer couples!" I said. "Haha anything you want darling!" He said. I just smiled and we had arrived at my house. "Well I guess I'll see ya in the morning!" I told him. "Ok bye babe! I love you!" He said. "I love you too," he said. "Oh one last thing," he said as he pulled me close, and kissed me. When we pulled back we hugged and he walked back to his house. 
    Soon Samuel got home and I made him spill it! He told me everything. From the kiss to her saying yes. They were officially dating and I know Abby's nothing like the other girls he's dated! She's so sweet! 
    I went up to my room and got ready for bed. I put my pjs on and washed my face. I grabbed my phone and payed down and read the things on twitter from the party thing. 
    I soon fell sound asleep.

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