Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


14. Talking with Harry

The rest of the day went by quickly.  Since drama was an extracurricular activity, it was only in one period, but that didn’t stop some of the kids from coming in and talking to me and Harry about the upcoming musical. 

Tiffany stopped in again to say that she was looking forward to starring in another play before she went to college, and when Harry told her that there were two stars of this play, she huffed and stomped out.

 Megan was looking forward to the musical—she told me that she had heard of it, but had never actually seen it or heard any songs from it.  She said it sounded interesting, and promised to look up some of the songs on YouTube.

As Harry and I were cleaning some things up before going home, Jenny slipped up and tapped my shoulder.  “Miss Jenkins? Um… I was wondering if you needed new backdrops and stuff like that for the play… I’m no good at acting and singing—at least, not as good as Megan or Tiffany—but I’m alright at art!”

“I don’t see why you can’t!” I smiled. “But I’d have to see a sample first.”

“Sure!” Jenny’s face split into a smile. She pulled her notebook from her bag, and handed it to me.  “I did some research on Wicked…This is what I was thinking for the opening scene?”  I flipped open the notebook, and my mouth dropped.  It looked almost exactly like the posters I had seen out front of Broadway Theater when I went to New York City, New York, for a vacation with my dad, Danny, and Charlotte. 

“Jenny, this is beautiful!” I gasped. “Harry! Harry, come look at this!” Harry walked over, and peeked into the notebook, then grinned.

“Great, Jenny! You're getting better every day!” He praised, clapping her on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Mr. S.” Jenny’s face turned slightly pink. “That means a lot, coming from you.” She smiled again.  “I have to go home—but is it okay to say that I have the job?”

“Heck yeah, you have the job!” I said, then looked at Harry. “If it’s okay with you…”

“Sure, it’s okay with me.” Harry winked at Jenny. “Ask Josh if he wants to help.” Jenny giggled.

“Okay. Thanks, Mr. S, Miss Jenkins!” She waved, and hurried out the door. I shook my head.


“She’s really a great artist.” Harry said proudly.  I smiled.

“You really like this job, don’t you?” I asked as we walked out. 

“Yeah, I do.” Harry closed the door behind me. “The kids are great, and most of them listen.”

“Most of them?” I asked, laughing slightly.

“Yeah, most of them.” Harry shook his head, making his curls bounce.  “Megan, Jenny and Josh are usually good about listening, but once Dalton and Gale start up, it’s hard getting them to stop.  And Tiffany thinks that the world revolves around her, so she’s hard to handle sometimes.”

“I can imagine.” I waited as Harry popped his head into Shay’s office, telling her that we were going to leave. 

“Need a ride?” He asked nonchalantly.  I felt my heart leap.

“Uh…I think I’m riding home with Katrina…” Harry’s face seemed to fall slightly, and I pushed my glasses up my nose.  “But, um…if you wanted to look over scripts for the musical…you could…come over…tonight…”  I cleared my throat. 

“Uh…sure.” Harry nodded. 

“Okay. Right. So. You wanna come over at…like, six?”

“Uh…sure.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck. “Not to sound creepy or anything, but, where do you live?”

“Oh, duh. Right.” I quickly told him the address. “So…I guess I’ll see you tonight?”

“Guess so.” Harry gave me a quick smile, then turned to leave.

“Harry?” I said softly. He turned toward me again. “I missed you.” I said. “Really. I’m sorry that I didn’t keep in touch.”

“It’s not just your fault.” He said, running his hand through his hair. “It was me too.”  He offered me a shy, lopsided smile. “Maybe we could…start over?”

“Sure.” I grinned. “Hello, I’m Annie Jenkins.” I held my hand out. “Nice to meet you.”

“Hello, Annie Jenkins, my name is Harry Styles.”

“Sure your name is Harry?” I teased. “You look more like a Marcel.” He chuckled.

“Whatever you say, Gwendolyn.”  I rolled my eyes, and we both jumped as we heard a car honking outside.

“Annie! C’mon girl we gotta go!” Katrina yelled. “Liam needs his car back!”

“Coming!” I yelled, then turned to Harry. “See you at six?”

“Sure. See you at six.” Harry smiled, waved, and walked away. 

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