Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


8. Not A Chapter

Okay, you guys, something really really bad just happened.

I had Reunited and Brokenhearted backed up on a flash-drive...


The flash-drive mysteriously disappeared.  I swear.  Taylor Swift and The Wanted broke into my house and stole my flash-drive, because Taylor doesn't want Harry to be happy WITH MY FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!!!! 

I'm really sorry, guys...I'm legit crying right now...


There is a bright side.

I kinda remember what i wrote, so I'll try to post ASAP, but idk...

I am so sorry.

If you guys could do me a favor, and go onto the Story Of My Life competition, and vote for moi, that would be lovely! 

And also...

Does any one wanna make a trailer for Reunited? I would love you forever, and put you in my story!!!!!!!!! YOU COULD BE A CELEBRITY.... no, never mind.  But i will put you in my story, write you a personal imagine on my 1D imagine story, and keep you in mind for further girlfriends for the guy of your choice in a future story i may write. :) I would be most grateful! 

HuGs AnD kIsSeS, yA'lL! 


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