Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


10. Meeting Liam's Girl...And My New Boss

Meeting Liam’s Girl…and my new boss

“You're gonna love her, Annie!” Liam grinned as we walked down the hallway. “She’s a science teacher here, and—“ He paused, searching the room numbers, then smiled and pushed a door open. “She’s funny and beautiful and smart and pretty and amazing and—“

“Not here?” I asked dryly, gesturing to the empty room. Liam made a face at me.

“Hey, love?” He called.

“Liam?” A head poked out of the closet in the back.  Katrina was medium sized, with brown hair and glasses.  Her eyes were a chocolate brown, kind of like Liam’s, but lighter. She held up one finger. “Hold on, babe—“ She said, disappearing back into the closet.  “One of the kids had an accident with a can of nuts and bolts… gosh, it reeks in here….I swear to Ghandi, someone died.  I wonder if they ever picked up the body, or if it decomposed and that’s what all this dust is from.” Liam rolled his eyes.

“Do you need--“

“No, Mr. Payne, I think I have this under control.” Her arm appeared, waving wildly, trying to find the broom: then her hand latched onto it, and she pulled it back into the closet with her.  I glanced around the room, looking at the posters on the walls.  I grinned—as always, there was a Star Wars poster in the corner.  I have yet to go into a science class where there isn’t a Star Wars poster on the wall.  I heard another crash, and Liam winced, then hurried over there.

“Oh, Kat…” He sighed, running a hand through his quiff.

“I’m okay—Don’t worry.” Katrina stumbled out of the closet, her lab coat stained with dust. “I’ll make Colin clean it up tomorrow.” She slammed the door. “They do not pay me enough for this job.” She turned to Liam. “Hey, babe! Great timing—I was wondering if—“ She noticed me for the first time, and looked at Liam again. “Who’s she?”

“Hello to you too, Katrina.” Liam chuckled, kissing the top of her head fondly. “This is Annie Jenkins, and old friend of mine. She used to go to school with me back in Holmes Chapel.”

“OOOH, is she the one that dated Harry?” Katrina asked, then before Liam could answer, she turned to me. “Are you the one that dated Harry?”

“Um…kinda.” I answered. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Katrina—Liam has told me a lot about you.”

“Uh-oh.” She bit her lip and looked up at Liam. “That cant be good.”

“Nothing but good things, of course.” I hurried to add. She smiled, and nudged Liam’s chest with her shoulder.

“He’s sweet like that.” She patted my shoulder as she walked to her desk. “Even though he lies.” She winked at him. Liam sighed.

“I do not lie.” He said.

“You just lied right now.” I pointed out. He gives me a dirty look, and I grin. Kat laughs.

“I like this girl.”

“Annie? Oh, good—I was hoping you hadn’t left yet.” Shay hurried into the room. “The principal saw your resume—he said that you got the job.  We are really desperate...when can you start?”

“When do you need me?” I asked.

“Um…at the start of next week would be nice.” Shay grinned hopefully.

“That’ll be fine. I need to tell my other boss that I’m quitting anyway.” I smiled. “Thanks for the job.”

“Thanks for accepting!” Shay grinned, smiled at Kat and Liam, then scampered down the hall. “You're working in room 2B, if you want to look! It’s right across the hall!”

“Wait—“ Liam asked worriedly. “You're working in Drama?”

“Yeah.” I hurried across the hall, and reached to open the door. Liam gasped.

“No, wait, Annie!” I ignored him, and opened the door.  The cool theater air hit me, and I smiled. Now this was my element.  There was a young man in the front of the auditorium, going over what looked like scripts. He looked vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t wearing my contacts, so I couldn’t really see who it was. Liam appeared at the door, with Kat, looking worried. He tried to call me again, but Kat put a hand on his arm, and whispered into his ear.

“Excuse me?” I called as I walked down the aisle. “I’m the new Drama 1 assistant—are you the head teacher?” The man raised his curly head, and I gasped, freezing in my tracks. 

“Annie?!” He choked on his words, clearly not believing what he was seeing.

Harry!?” I responded, my hands pressed against my mouth.

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