Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


12. First Day

“Oh, Liammmmmm?” I sang, stalking into the science room.  Katrina pointed back out the door.

“Um, I think he went that way.” She said, like she’s reading off a script. I shook my head, holding back a laugh. I can see the top of Liam’s tell-tale quiff sticking up from behind the desk.  I poked my head over the side. “Boo.” I said quietly. He yelps, and looks up at me guiltily.

“I didn’t know that you were going to have to work with Harry, I promise!” He said quickly.

“I know, I know…Liam, what am I gonna do?” I asked, sinking into the chair.  He climbed out from under the desk. 

“Um…” Liam chewed on his bottom lip. “Ah-ha. Um. You could…um…Kat? Sweetie? Any thoughts?”

“I don’t even know what’s going on here.” Katrina said, sitting on the edge of her desk. “Can you explain?”

“Basically Annie used to live in Holmes Chapel, she was friends with all of us, especially Harry—some stuff happened, and they got together.  But then her dad got a new job in London, and she had to move away, and lost contact with us. Harry is mad at her because he loved her, and she kind of stopped talking to him, and Annie is mad at Harry because she loved him, and he kind of stopped talking with her.” Liam said.  

“Gosh, Annie, your life sounds like a soap opera.” Katrina giggled. I rolled my eyes.

“Tell me about it.”

“Okay…um. I would suggest just stay out of his way. If you're angry at him, and he’s angry at you, you're just going to end up saying or doing something you're going to regret.”

“That sounds good to me.” Liam nodded. “Give him time, Annie. He just needs some time. I mean, he hasn’t seen you in years.  Give him some time.”

“Right…” I sighed.  “Thanks. I’m gonna head home, alright? I need some time to think.”

“That’s probably wise.”


In almost no time at all, the week had finished, and I was about to start at the school.  I was a nervous wreck.  Katrina came over to my flat and offered to carpool with me to and from the school—it turns out she lives a couple streets down from Marie and me.  I accepted, and there we were, on Monday morning, driving to school…

“I think I’m gonna hurl.” I moaned. Katrina glanced over.

“Please don’t.” She said. “This is Li’s car—he’s loaning it to me while mine’s in the shop.”

“I don’t think I can do this, Kat.”

“You’ll be fine.” Katrina took one hand off the wheel just long enough to pat my shoulder as she turned into the school parking lot.  She shut off the car, and turned to me. “Besides—if Harry’s rude to you, I’ll kick his butt.  I take karate, you know.”

“Like SpongeBob.” I grinned, and she sighed.

“Wow, haven’t heard that one before.” She said dryly, and we giggled as we walked into the school.


I took a deep breath as I stood before the double doors leading to the drama room.  I could hear Harry lecturing the class, and I quietly opened the door and slipped in. 

“…and auditions for that play will start today, after class.” Harry glanced up, and noticed me.  His cheeks pinkened slightly, and he ran his fingers through his hair, causing most of the female portion of his class to sigh.  I held back a snort.  “Well, class, I’d like to introduce you to my new assistant, Annie Jenkins.” He motioned me up to the front, and everyone looked back at me.  I waved slightly as I hurried up front.  One of the boys slouched in the back whispered something to one of his friends, and they both snickered, staring at me as I walked by.  I could feel them checking me out from behind, and I blushed.  Harry noticed the boys, and his face turned a little red. “Gale? Dalton? Something to add?” He asked loudly, placing his hand unconsciously at the small of my back.  The brunette boy straightened, and the blonde one cleared his throat.

“Just wanted to welcome the new teacher, Mr. Styles.” He said, winking at me. I nearly gagged.  Harry nodded.

“Now, isn’t that nice! You know, that’s so nice, I’m going to reward you! Detention. During lunch.” The blonde groaned, and let his head fall back.

“Well, why don’t you all introduce yourselves?” Harry asked, leaning against his desk.  No one stood, until finally a small girl stood.  She looked to be a freshman, and she had dark brown hair pulled back into a French braid.

“I’m Jennifer.” She said softly. “I’m a freshman here, and I love drama, and unicorns.” She blushed as the blonde and brunette in the back booed and threw bits of paper at her. Harry glared at them, and they stopped immediately.  He smiled at Jennifer.

“Thanks, Jenny.”

“No problem, Mr. S.”

The blonde girl that had been sitting next to Jenny stood.  She wore a white tee shirt under a black leather jacket, and dark blue skinny jeans.  “I’m Megan.” She said with a slight American accent. “I’m a junior, I love singing, Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran, and Little Mix.” She glared at Dalton and Gale, who were snickering. “And I’m also the only girl that can whup ya’ll’s butt’s if you throw another piece of paper at Jenny’s head.” Jenny shrunk down a little, as Megan plopped back down next to her.  A fake-blonde in the back rolled her eyes, and stood, blinking flirtiously at Harry.

“I’m Tiffany, I’m a senior, and I’m head cheerleader here.” She tossed her golden mane artfully. “I’m also the star of pretty much any play that’s ever been done here at this school.”

“Not for long.” Megan muttered, shifting in her seat a bit. Tiffany rolled her eyes again.


“I-I-I’m Josh.” The little nerdy boy in front stuttered, shoving his glasses farther up his nose.  “I enjoy drama as an extracurricular activity, and as a way to further my educational enrichment and social acquisitions.” I nod, pretending to understand what he said, and Dalton coughs loudly.

“Nerd!” He hacks, and Gale snickers.

“Oh, I’m Gale,” He suddenly said, “I’m a junior, and I need extra credit.”

“Now that’s what I like!” Dalton slammed his fist on the back of the chair in front of him. “Honesty!”

“Dalton, why don’t you go next?” Harry suggested, his emerald eyes turning a bit angry. Dalton shrugged.

“I’m Dalton, I’m a junior, and I think Annie’s hot.” He winked at me again, and Gale snickered.  Harry growled, and I touched his arm.

“Well, I’m Annie Jenkins—You will call me Miss Jenkins—“ I glared at Dalton. “I’m the new assistant here, and I’m looking forward to a great year.”

“Are you single?” Dalton snickered, and I sighed.

“Yes, Dalton, I am single—however, I also like men with class, dignity, and actual attractiveness.” Megan oohed, Jenny gave a little giggle, Gale snickered, Tiffany rolled her eyes, and Josh tried to hide a grin.  Dalton’s grin faded, and he slouched in his seat.  Harry looked over at me, and his mouth twitched at the corners.

“Yup.” He finally said. “This is gonna be a good year.”

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