Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


13. Enter Queen of the Devil

“So how was your first day, Annie?” Liam asked, as he plopped down at the teacher’s lounge table I was sitting at. 

“Good.” I swallowed my bite of sandwich, and smiled. “I think I’m getting the hang of it.”

“Well, that’s good.” Liam looked up, and waved Katrina over. 

“Hey, Annie. Hey, babe.” She kissed Liam’s cheek, and I snickered behind my sandwich as Liam blushed.  Katrina stuck her tongue out at me, and I made a face back.  Liam sighed.

“It’s scary how well you two are getting along.  Scarier than you and Hannah, love.” He said to Katrina.

“How is she doing, anyway?” I asked, wiping my fingers on my napkin. 

“Last I heard, she’s doing fine, other than the cravings at one o’clock in the morning.” Liam snickered. “Nutella and pickles for dipping.” Katrina made a face, and I groaned.

“That’s sick.” I said.

“She’s eating it by the bucketful, though.” Liam shook his head. “She can’t stand the smell of chicken though…So when Niall wants takeout, he can’t get peri-peri chicken anywhere.”

“Awww…poor Nialler.” I rolled my eyes. Liam looked up, and paled.

“Aw, no.” He hissed. I turned around, and immediately wished I didn’t.  Harry stood in the door…with a woman.  She had long wavy blonde hair, and blue eyes that sparkled prettily.  She was quite tall, with a model-like figure, and an amazing sense of style.  She giggled every so often, and kept touching Harry’s arm.  He just leaned against the doorframe talking to her, and she would play with her hair as she conversed with him.  I bit my bottom lip, and turned around.

“Who is that?” I asked, pretending like I didn’t care.

“Taylor.” Katrina rolled her eyes. “She works for the principal with Shay.”

“Oh.” I poked at my salad with my fork, then pushed it away, not feeling very hungry anymore.  Katrina peered at me, as I stole another glance at Taylor.  Harry was laughing at something she said, and suddenly I felt a wave of jealousy come over me.  “Excuse me.” I said, standing and grabbing my half-empty cup. “I’m going to go get some water.” I walked toward the water fountain, when suddenly I…ahem…tripped over air.

Oopsie, I’m soooo clumsy.

Katrina gasped as I fell, and the water cup flew through the air…and landed on Taylor.  She shrieked, and I gasped, stumbling to my feet.  The room fell completely silent.

“Oh, my gosh!” I pressed both hands to my face. “I’m so sorry! I tripped, and let go of my cup, and—“

“Oh, my gosh!” Taylor hissed, brushing her now wet bangs out of her face with a flourish.  “I cannot believe that you just did that. This shirt cost me half my paycheck! You little—“

“Taylor, it was an accident.” Harry said, and I glanced up at him.  “Annie, why don’t you go back to the drama room and start getting things ready for the next class?” His emerald eyes flashed a message at me, and now I felt like a jerk. 

“Sure. Sorry.” I said to Taylor.  She sniffed at me, and dabbed at her shirt with a napkin. I hurried back to the table and Katrina shook her head at me.

“That was cruel.” She said, hiding back a grin.

“But funny.” Liam muttered. “Good on ya.”

“Liam!” Katrina punched Liam’s shoulder.  “Don’t antagonize.”

“I’m not!” Liam defended himself. 

“I hate to interrupt you two arguing like an old married couple, but I’ll see you guys later.” I said, nodding over my shoulder. “I think I have to go get yelled at.”


I was shuffling through scripts as I sat on center stage, my iPod blasting as I listened to Wicked! my favorite Broadway play.  I heard someone clear their throat at me, and I glanced up, meeting Harry’s gaze.  “So.” Harry leaned on the stage. “You turned clumsy when you moved to London, huh?”

“Well, you know me.” I shrugged as I turned down the music. “My feet are just too big for the rest of my body.” Harry’s mouth twitched. 

“Any particular reason that your feet decided to trip over each other today?” I shrugged again.

“I can’t tell when I’m gonna start falling—it just happens!” Harry snorted as he plopped down next to me, and reached for some scripts. 

“Uh-huh.” We were silent for a minute, the only sound coming from Idina Menzel bellowing Defying Gravity.  “You know, you're prettier than her.” Harry said quietly. My fingers slipped on the papers, and a handful fell from my grip. 

“What?” I asked as I picked up the pile of papers I dropped.

“You're way prettier than Taylor could ever be.” He looked over at me and I felt my heart pound in my chest. 

“Yeah, okay.” I laughed, pushing my glasses slightly up my nose. My bangs fell into my face, and he reached over, pushing my hair behind my ear.

“Really.” He insisted.  I rolled my eyes, and pulled away.

“So, what’s the play this year? Have you decided yet?” I asked, changing the subject.

“I haven’t thought of a play yet, but I was thinking Wicked! For a musical?”

“Sweet!” I clapped. “I love that one!”

“I can tell.” He motioned to my iPod, and I blushed. He grinned, and I shoved his shoulder. He shoved me back, and we laughed. I grinned as I continued sorting papers.  It felt like old times again… times that I had missed.

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