Reunited, but broken hearted

Annie Jenkins moved away from Holmes Chapel about ten years ago. She left behind the five best friends she had ever had, and the one boy she fell in love with--Marcel, or Harry, Styles. But all too soon, Annie and Harry grow apart.

She hasn't seen Harry in a decade. But when her old school, Holmes Chapel High School, sends her a letter saying that she's invited to a reunion, she, thanks to the pushing of her roommate, Marie, heads down to Holmes Chapel, where she is reunited with Harry again. But the man she meets at the reunion isn't the sweet boy she fell in love with ten years ago. Something happened...and Annie is determined to find out what. You may want to read My Friend Marcel first. Otherwise you're going to be pretty confused.


20. Boom Shaka Laka Drama Llama part 2--Liv's story

Okay, you guys, I made myself laugh with this, because I sound completely not like myself! I swear, I’m not like this in real life!!!

Because I love you, I’m giving you an extra looooooooong update today. XX Enjoy, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE COMMENT!!!!! And vote!

I quickly told Olivia to hurry over, and then called Katrina and Hannah.  Marie ran out to grab ice cream, and I called Harry.

“Annie! What’s wrong?” He asked as soon as he answered.

“You need to talk to Louis.” I said, cradling the phone in between my shoulder and ear.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna work. He’s currently angry at me.”

“Well, make him un-angry at you, because Liv just called my house crying and saying the wedding is off.”

“Oh, good Lord.” Harry groaned, then swore softly under his breath. “I’ll try and talk to him.”

“Thanks.” I sighed. “This is just wedding nerves, right?”

“I think so. Don’t worry—they’ll be fine.”

“Thanks again, Harry. I’ll call you soon with an update.” I heard a knock, and sighed again. “Liv’s here. I gotta go.”

“Good luck, love.” My heart skipped a beat when he said that. Love. Love. LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE.

“Uh…T-t-thanks. I’ll talk to you later, Haz.” I quickly hung up, and ran a hand through my hair as I hurried to the door.  I opened it, and Liv barged in. 

“He is such a selfish, self-centered, conceited JERK!” She yelled, plopping on the couch. “Oh, sorry, I kinda just let myself in.”

“No problem. Just hold on—Hannah just pulled up, and I don’t know if she can get up the stairs.”

“Can I have a tissue?” Liv sniffed. I sighed.

“On the kitchen counter.” I quickly hurried down the stairs, and met a very pregnant Hannah and a solemn looking Katrina talking to Marie, who held a couple bags filled with chocolate ice cream.

“It’s bad.” I said quietly as I quickly hugged Kat and Hannah. “She’s probably in there writing out on a tissue how many different ways she wants to kill him.”

“We need to work fast.” Hannah said, grunting as she started up the stairs.  “I sent Niall over to talk with Lou.”

“Same with Harry.” I said, helping Hannah up the stairs.

“Against my better judgment, I texted Zayn.” Marie said.

“Liam was already on his way,” Katrina sighed. “Drama, drama. Gotta love it.” I hurriedly shushed her as we approached the door.  Liv was staring at her phone, sniffing into a tissue. 

“Oh, Liv…” Hannah said softly.  Liv looked up, and started crying again. Hannah walked over and hugged her. “What happened?” Hannah asked gently, as Marie stuffed the ice cream in the freezer and hurried over.

“We were exchanging gifts… you know, for the wedding… and I got him this really nice watch, you know? Like it was really nice—and it took me a while to find it, because it was just perfect, you know? And then I gave it to him and he told me to close my eyes, and I did, and then I found out he got me…he…he…” Liv took a breath, then started bawling again. 

“What did he get you, sweetie?” Katrina asked, sitting next to her and rubbing her back.

“A set of mixing bowls!” Liv wailed, burying her head in her hands.  I exchanged a look with Marie, and she bit her lip, trying not to laugh. 

“…mixing bowls?” Hannah repeated quietly, glancing at Katrina.

“Yes!”  Liv cried. “Isn’t that horrible? It’s like I’m doomed to a life of servitude or something! He thought it was a good idea! He was like, ‘what if you have to make a cake or something? You’re gonna need something to bake in!’ Like what? The second we get married, I’m gonna start baking him cakes?” She scoffed. “Who gives their fiancée bowls for their wedding present?” She started crying again. “Well, I got mad, and I guess I started yelling at him, and he started yelling back, and I yelled that the wedding was over, and he said fine by him, and then I left.” Hannah took a deep breath.

“Livy…I think you might be overreacting…slightly.”

“Overreacting?” Liv sniffed.

“Slightly.” Marie added.

“Liv, he probably was thinking that he was being really smart. Like he actually thought that you would like those bowls.” I said gently.

“And besides—He’s a guy. Guys are clueless about some things.” Katrina said. “Once, Liam decided to cook me a steak dinner, but he mixed up all the spices.  The steaks were so hot that I had to literally put an ice cube on my tongue for, like, three hours.”

“Yeah, Niall once got me a serving tray.  Like I was gonna serve him breakfast in bed or something. At least that’s how I interpreted it…Turned out he actually thought it would be a good idea for, like, holding the tea cups and stuff we use when his parents come over.” Hannah shrugged. “It worked out fine.”

“Be happy he actually got you anything.” Marie encouraged. “One of my friends didn’t even get anything other than the ring.”

“I have nothing to contribute to this conversation…” I added, “But I do know Lou, and he probably didn’t think that you’d think about it like that. Guys and girls have different thought processers—they don’t think things through as much.” Liv sniffed again, and wiped her nose with the tissue.

“Now.” Marie clapped her hands. “Important decision making time.” She leaned forward. “What flavor of ice cream do you want?”

“What do you have?” Hannah asked.

“We have chocolate, chocolate, and may I suggest the ever popular chocolate?”

“We simply must have the chocolate.” Katrina said.  Liv sniffed.

“You guys?” She said in a small voice. “I miss Louis.”

“Call him!” Marie said.

“You’re one to talk!” I said, shoving her shoulder. “You’re the one that won’t talk to Zayn.”

“That’s different.”

“No, it’s really not.” Katrina and Hannah said together. Marie stuck her tongue out at them.

“He seriously will not stop talking about you.” Hannah said. Marie’s cheeks turned slightly pink.


“Oh, my gosh…Liam had him over for dinner last night, and he was like, ‘Marie’ this, and ‘Marie’ that, and ‘Marie told me’ this, and ‘when me and Marie’ that…It’s like you’ve taken over his brain or something!” Katrina giggled. Marie blushed. 

“Enough about this!” Hannah suddenly said, poking Marie’s shoulder. 

“I’ll call Lou if you call Zayn.” Liv waved her phone, and Marie groaned, dropping her head into her hands.  I shoved Marie gently.

“Do it.”

“…fine.” She muttered, and Hannah, Katrina and I exchanged high fives as Marie and Liv each grabbed their phones.  Marie went into her room and shut the door, and Liv went out on the porch. 

“And that’s how it’s done, son.” Katrina laughed. 

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