i fiddled with my fingers as i waited for my mom to get back from the store, i heard the car door slam i questioned if it was her or not shes never this mad.
"mom?' i blurted out into the akward air.
" who are you" i heard a musky voice say, must be a man.
" WHY AEE YOU IN MY CAR' i screamed i heard some movemnt then a hard hit on my head next thing you know im knocked out....


1. my story.

chapter 1.

my names brooke,17, i was living a normal life intill june 3rd 2005, i was blind. the last thing i saw was room sad right? i wont even get to see my babys face or the sunset again or anything. On december 6th 2010 me and my mom were going to the store to go get my family some gives for christmas i didnt want to go in because im not really a social butterfly, so i stayed in the car, i didnt want to be hot so i told my mom to leave the keys in we argues but i finally won. then next i was kindnapped by the mystery man. I have been in this place for 3 years.


i picked up the warm cup , i let the warm water trickle down my thorat. i heard some movment down the hall but i normally dont listen.


hello im harry,harry sexy styles, i make sure i looked brookes door, because liam was coming over to watch my place. i didnt mean to kidnapp brooke, all i wanted was the car because papps were after me and i walked to the store i know i know stuipd harry.


harry let me alone in his flat his falt because im not really a good liam you know.... i walked down the hall intill i saw a gray door that said DONT ENTER how stuipd can harry be? i ran towards the door and juggled it , it still never opend intill i heard a sweet little voice say

' hello'

i wiggled it more and knocked down the door i looked around and saw a girl with long brown hair with brown eyes look at me, she had towrn up clothes and a dirty face.

when harry gets back he better explain this.

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