Forever Mine ?

The story of a young girl who fell in love with who she thought loved her.. maybe he did. maybe he didnt. she never found out..


2. Our Secret

       I love you   SENT

  I love you to baby  I miss you. Why cant I just be with you right now :(  Oliver replies. I sighed. Since the day he told me he liked me its all been different. Were not what you would call ""friends" anymore. I hate what Im doing, He has Stephanie but yet that doesnt matter to me. I love him more than anything and i cant help but want to kiss him already. " Sophia I want to spend the rest of my life with you if you let me. I want to be with you forever. I want 2 kids with the beautiful girl I love. " I smiled. " Oliver why cant i be with you already... If only I would've told you what I felt towards you then probably we could be together by now.. would you still be with me if I would've said something about my feelings ? " I say. " Baby of course I would. The day I finally have you I will never let you go. I promise. Your the only girl for me. I love you so much. No one else compares to you. Your perfect. Im sorry Im with someone but you know why I can't break up with her... I'm sorry. One day though. I promise"  " Really ? ^_^ omg. I love you so much baby. And yeah i know.. one day" Oliver was the sweetest guy. I want him to be mine already but I know thats not really possible right now. Stephanie.. The lucky girl that has the guy I want. She has him and how much I wish that she would just break up with him. 

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