Forever Mine ?

The story of a young girl who fell in love with who she thought loved her.. maybe he did. maybe he didnt. she never found out..


4. Of course I love you

" Oliver 2 kids? " " Yes. A boy and a girl. My little girl will look just like her mother.. with her beautiful brown eyes and her gorgeous long hair " " But why if they have beautiful bluish green eyes like you and brown hair like me? " " Sophia Then that would be even better ! " " Really? " " Yes ! Baby, I don't care how they look, I'll just be glad to be the father of our kids. Even if they weren't my biological kids I'd still love them just as much as i love you " " Aw. See this is why i love you Aha. " " I'm just saying the truth. I'd love to have 2 kids with the beautiful girl i love. To share something so beautiful and amazing. You know. Nothing will make me even happier than spending the rest of my life with you " " But were not even together now " " I know.. But you know what ?" " what? " " The day i get to call you mine i will never let you go. You don't know how much I want to be with you and im sorry that we aren't together now" " yeah. "

" i love you"

" I love you too "

" i mean it "

" i do too "

" with all my heart "

" as with mine.. to the moon and back "

" i love you so much "

" more than anything "

" or anyone "

" in this fucked up world "

" that we live in " " you mean everything to me. you know that right ? " " I do. Your my world " " how can you love someone like me though " " when you find someone that makes you smile with a simple hello or someone that makes you light up when you think of them. Or even makes your day better with knowing you can count on them being there by your side and never letting go.. when i found that person I knew I was in love.. and that person was you " " baby your sweet " " I'm alive because of you " " Your my hero. My prince charming. My baby. My hubby and My best friend " "And your my beautiful Princess that I cant live without " " I love you.. I got to go. I'll talk to you tomorrow. bye baby. Goodnight Sweetdreams. " "Goodnight beautiful love you "


" But dad I'm scared.." " scared of what baby girl ? " " to leave " Listen your going to be with him for the rest of your life.. the guy you chose to stay with. The guy you love. Oliver is waiting for you down there.. you've been waiting for your wedding since the day you were little and its finally here. And the best part is that you found the guy you truly love. " " but why if he doesnt really love me?" i had to many thoughts going through my head. I kept looking at myself in the long tall mirror that stood in front of me. The white beautiful dressed that i picked out 5 months ago fit me perfectly. Even if I did have a little bump on my stomach. But it looked beautiful.. not me. the dress. it fell perfectly down my sides and touched the floor. I grabbed my bouqet of flowers that laid on the side table. " Sophia he's spent 7 years of his life with you. since freshman year of high school. He was there for you when you were in the hospital because of your depression. He never left the room, never ate or anything. because he was scared that if he left you wouldnt be there anymore. He really does love you. Plus hes the father of your baby, do you remember the day when you told him he was going to be a dad?" " dad he fainted" i laughed. " okay maybe he did but when he woke up he was all smiles. never left your side. kept kissing your stomach even when there wasnt a bump there yet. He loves you" "okay. thanks dad. I'm ready " he grabbed my shoulders and kissed my for head " you'll always be my little girl" " i smiled and he slowly began walking me towards the door.. It opened revealing everyone waiting for me. There he was, Oliver all dressed up waiting for me down the asile.. smiling with his hands behind his back. I smiled back moving a strand of hair off my face. We walked until we were about a feet away when Oliver pulled out a gun. Pointed it straight at me and pulled the trigger.                                                                 BOOM 

I wake up and look at the clock 2:27 am. 



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