Forever Mine ?

The story of a young girl who fell in love with who she thought loved her.. maybe he did. maybe he didnt. she never found out..


1. Lets Rewind A Bit


     - I sit at my desk. Crying over a guy who probably never loved me. A guy who never even wanted anything serious. Who am i ? Well I'm Sophia. Sophia Montez. I'm 15 years old. So. why am I crying ? sigh. Well I don't really have a beautiful life if you want to say that. But I'll tell you the main reason why im such a mess. I fell in love with this boy.. Oliver ive liked since the 7th grade. Yes ! its a huge crush. I know. I shouldve gotten over the guy. But I couldn't. He was the one guy that I really wanted to be with. I probably am being stupid over this. But anywho, It was the end of 8th grade and everyone was starting to make plans for summer. I had loads of friends. I wasn't popular, oh god no. I just like talking to everyone even if they were mean to me at times. I just liked being social. I dont even know why myself but I did. Okay let me go back to the story. I had began a new relationship with a guy who just happened to be my crushes best friend. That relationshipt didn't last for long.. heart broken Oliver begins talking to me. THE START OF A BRAND NEW FRIENDSHIP. I never really did talk to Oliver but I knew he was a good guy and the fact that he was cute ! was even better. He was really nice helping me out through my heart break. He was like my shoulder to cry on. That was when I knew my feelings for him were growing. We began hanging out, going to parties, the fair, the park, out to eat. Everything. We were getting pretty close. I even started to think that we were "something" but I just kept my mouth shut about my feelings cause I knew it would ruin our frienship. Until one night at 3 am he sent me a messege " if i weren't with Stephenie I would want to be with you " I remember exactly what he said. That completly changed everything. I could'nt do anything else but tell him what I felt for him. That was probably the stupidest thing I couldvé done. He started to say he loved me. That he wished he wasn't taken so he could be with me. That I was perfect. The only girl he thought of everyday. Leaving out his girlfriend every single time. But what did I do you may ask ? Well I went with it and decided to forget about his girlfriend and continued our little secret.  But for that. Lets rewind a little so you can understand even better. 

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