Forever Mine ?

The story of a young girl who fell in love with who she thought loved her.. maybe he did. maybe he didnt. she never found out..


3. Be mine

     "Shut up !" I laughed. I walked down the sidewalk in my 4 inch heels.

"Sophia you dont need to be our height your perfect being short" Oliver responds.

"Yeah. Sophia come on, we both know those heels are killing you and no matter how funny it is to see you almost fall in them you should take them off" Chris says helping me walk. I was with Oliver and Chris at one of our many parties. They didnt want to be inside so we walked out and began walking down a side walk near this park thing. We were already drinking so we just walked around with beers in our hands. Well if you havent realized I was wearing 4 inch heels which im not used to wearing. But I wanted to look nice so I wore a pink lose dress with tan colored heels that had bows at the end. I LOVED THESE HEELS. excpet for the fact that I can't walk in them. dont laugh. haha. okay I laughed myself.

"Sophia Take them off !" Oliver laughs.

"But they're pretty and don't denie that I rock them" I smiled. They both looked at me weird. "okay... maybe I dont. ill take them off" They laughed.

"See your better off being the short one here" Chris says resting his arm on my shoulder.

"so you can do that?"

"Whaaaaa no." Oliver laughed

"Thats so the reason we love having you that height. Your fun to mess around with." Oliver smiles.

" ha ha. very funny... but you know what.. I'm closer to your dick so I can do this" I punched him in his area and ran. 5 seconds later I turned around to see him lying on the floor in pain. Chris laughing at him. I stop running and slowly walked back.

"See how funny it is to mess with the short one ?" I laughed.

"good one" Chris gave me a high five.

" ha ha. love you too"

"You know I wuvvvv you" I laughed. 

":can you help me up now?" Chris helps him up and Oliver attacks me with a hug. 

"Damn it. Why the hell did you do that!!" 

"Because I wuvvvvvv you" he smiled. 

"oh ohhhhh. so now your mocking me ?" we all laughed. I love our friendship. I could never be like this around anybody else but these two idiots. I love them. They know who I really am but they dont bring up my past when Im happy. No one does. We never bring up any of our pasts. The one thing that brings us closer to each other. But theres something wrong. I'm not acting the way I should around Oliver. I'm not being the little sister I used to be. I'm being all flirty with him and making him laugh and hugging him more than I should. Chris didnt seem to notice. Oliver knew exactly what was going on. Since that night weve been acting like a couple. A hidden couple that will never be together in real life.. And its all my fault for deciding to continue our little secret. But its not a big deal right ?

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