Love That Lasts forever

Sara is in love with Chris. Chris is in love with Sara. Will they ever date or will they just hide their feelings? What happens when Homecoming comes around? Will they go together or will they just go with other people?

Read to find out what happens


5. My Parents are Doing What Now?

-Sara's P.O.V-

I was starting to wake up from my nap when I started to feel like something was going to be different. I looked around my room and noticed that everything here was still the same. I looked at Chris who was still asleep. I smiled and leaned down and kissed his cheek. He woke up and smiled. He wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me back down on the bed. I laid my head on his chest. I put my hand on his chest and started drawing shapes with my fingers. While we were laying there I heard my door open and I looked up. I saw it was my parents and my brother. I looked at them and said "Hey Guys! Is everything okay?" My parents looked at Chris and I and said "Guys we are adopting a child!!!!!" I looked at Chris and then my parents and said "What????" They were excited about this and I couldn't be mad about it. I was getting a little brother or sister. What is better then that? I jumped out of Chris's arms and ran to my brother and my parents and wrapped my arms around them. They all smiled and I said "When are you guys going to adopt?" They looked at me and said "We are going to the adoption Agency right now and we wanted to know if you wanted to come?!?!?" I jumped up and down screaming "Yes!!!!!!" Chris got out if bed and wrapped his arms around me laughing at my excitement. He kissed my cheek and I turned around in his arms and kissed his lips. I couldn't help not kissing him. He is just so cute and his lips are so soft. When we pulled away I looked at my parents and they smiled. We all walked out of my room and downstairs to put our shoes on. After I put my shoes on I ran out to the car so excited that I couldn't wait any longer. After I got outside Chris and my brother came out laughing at me. I looked at them and glared. Chris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said "Baby you know I love you!!!!!" I turned my head the other way from him. He gasped and turned me around and pinned me up against the car. I looked at him with wide eyes and he started tickling my sides. I tried to squirm out of his grip but that didn't really work out very well. I looked at him and said "okay...okay...I love you too" Chris and my brother were laughing at me but once Chris finally stopped tickling me I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around his waist. Derek, Jon, and Phil walked up and said "Woah!!! When did this all happen??" Chris looked at them and said "Today and if you don't like it keep on a walking." I looked at Chris and shook my head no. Chris looked at me and said "Sara you are my girlfriend and if my friends don't like it I don't need them!" I had tears running down my face knowing that he would give up his friends for me. Phil and Jon looked at Chris and kept walking. They never liked me because I wasn't a part of the popular crowd. Then the next thing that shocked me was Derek came up to me and hugged me saying "Finally you guys are together." I laughed and hugged Derek back. When we pulled away I looked at him and said "haha funny Derek!" We all laughed and he said "I knew you guys liked each other." I laughed and said "Oh really now?" He looked at me and said "Yes really!!" We laughed and Derek had to head home and help his parents with something. We said goodbye and waited for my parents to come outside so that we could go and adopt my new little brother or sister. When my parents finally came outside we all got in the car and drove to the adoption agency. When we finally got there I got out as quickly as possible. Chris had to catch up with me because I was so excited. I opened the door to the agency and saw all the kids running around. I looked at the front desk and squealed and saw my best friend Amanda's Mom and Amanda right there. Amanda looked up and squealed and ran over to me and hugged me so tight. When we pulled away I ran to Amanda's mom and said "Hi Mommy McCarthy" Mrs.McCarthy looked at me smiling and said "Hi Sara sweetie" Chris came over to me and kissed my cheek. Amanda looked at us and squealed even more. I laughed and my mom and Amanda's mom started talking. Chris wrapped his arms around me and Amanda looked at us and said "Awwwwww!!!" I laughed and my parents started walking around looking at the kids. I tried walking away to go see the kids but Chris pulled me back. I pouted and crossed my arms. Chris let go and I walked over to the kids and my mom and dad backed off and I started talking to the kids. I met two kids who are 3 they are twins named Maggie and Zachary! I took them over to my parents and said "Can we take both of them? They are twins and I don't want to separate them!! Please????" They said yes and I looked at Chris and said "Babe come help me?" He nodded and we took the kids upstairs to get their stuff. I saw they are sharing the same room so that is good. Chris and I packed their stuff and when we are done I kissed him and we took the kids downstairs. My parents just finished signing the papers. I hugged Amanda and Mrs.McCarthy and said "Bye Mrs.McCarthy! Bye Manda see you tomorrow for our sleepover!" They smiled and said "Bye Bear! See you tomorrow!!!" I walked out with Chris and the kids and when we got home it was time for Dinner. My dad decided to call for pizza since it was already 6:30. When the pizza came we sat at the table and ate and after Chris and I took the kids to bed and then we went to bed. I got in my pjs and Chris got in his and I got in bed waiting for Chris to come and cuddle. When Chris came in I smiled the biggest smile and he smiled a huge smile back and he walked over to me and I kissed him. When we pulled a part he got in bed and I cuddled into him.

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