Love That Lasts forever

Sara is in love with Chris. Chris is in love with Sara. Will they ever date or will they just hide their feelings? What happens when Homecoming comes around? Will they go together or will they just go with other people?

Read to find out what happens


6. Maggie and Zach's First day

The next morning Zach and Maggie came into mine and Chris's room. They were jumping up and down on our bed. I laughed and looked at Chris who was smirking. We both sat up and reached for a child. I looked at who I grabbed and I got Zach and Chris got Maggie. We all laughed and Chris and I started tickling them. They were giggling and squirming. Then Carl came into the room and he jumped on the bed too and started tickling Zach and Maggie too. I laughed and then we stopped once mom and dad came into the room and saw what was going on. We all burst into laughter. Maggie and Zach got off the bed and looked at Chris and I and said "Sawa Chwis, get up we are going out." Chris and I looked at my parents and they nodded. We got out of bed and got ready. When we were done, we went downstairs to see what we were doing today. I saw Carl dosing off on the couch so I looked at Chris and shushed him and I ran to Carl and jumped on him. Carl jumped and said "I'm up, I'm up!" Chris and I laughed and Maggie and Zach came running into the room and they started laughing. Carl looked at us and said "that's not funny man." I looked at him and said "Yes it is man." We all burst out laughing and our parents walk in and said "Sara did you just jump on your brother?" I nodded and started laughing. When we were done laughing I looked at my parents and said "What are we doing today?" My parents looked at us and said "It has to be something that Maggie and Zach will be able to do." I smiled and looked at my parents and said "Why not take them to the beach? It's almost summer time so why not?" My parents nodded and looked at Maggie and Zach and said "How does the beach sound?" Maggie and Zach started jumping up and down super excited. We all ran upstairs and got ourselves ready. When we were all ready we ran down the stairs and got ready to get in the car. I looked at Maggie and Zach and I helped them in the car. Chris and I buckled them into their seats when they were all strapped in Chris and I sat down and waited for my brother and parents to come out. When everyone was in the car we drove to the beach. During the car ride I texted Amanda and told her to meet me at the beach. While we were in the car Maggie and Zach were looking out the window laughing at what they were seeing while I was sitting next to Chris and Carl. Carl was leaning on the window and I was leaning on Chris who had his arm around my waist. I smiled at him and saw my mom was looking at us. I looked at her and said "Mom why are you looking at us like that?" She smiled and said "Well you guys are so cute together and plus I can already picture you guys getting married." I blushed and buried my head in Chris's chest. Chris laughed and kissed my head and said "Awwww someone's blushing" I hid my face farther in Chris's chest. Chris smiled and wrapped his arms tighter around me. When we finally got to the beach. I got out and helped the kids out. When everyone was out I grabbed Maggie's hand and started walking to the beach. When we got there Maggie and I laid out our towels. When everything was set up I heard a squeal and I turned around and saw Amanda coming towards us. I smiled and when she came up to us and started to set out her towel. When we were all set up we all sat down and started talking. I looked at Maggie and smiled at how cute she was. Maggie looked at me and said "Sawa? Will you play with me?" I smiled and said "Sure Maggie! Amanda will you play too?" Amanda smiled and we all got up and ran towards the water. When we got to the water we all ran in and started splashing around. We all giggled and laughed. When we stopped splashing I looked up at the sand and saw Chris kissing someone. I gasped and Amanda looked at me shocked. I had tears starting to form in my eyes. I looked back at the sand and saw Chris shocked. I couldn't turn away. When Chris looked at me I turned away real fast. I looked at Maggie and acted like nothing was wrong. While we were playing Chris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist but I pulled away from him. He turned me around said "Baby that was nothing. I don't even like that girl. She came up to me and started kissing me. I felt nothing for her I only have feelings for you. Please believe me baby! Please!!!" I could see he was almost in tears. I couldn't let him cry. I kissed his cheek and said "Okay I believe you." He smiled at me and said "I love you so much baby more than anything in this world." I smiled at Chris and said "I love you too!" We kissed the most passionate kiss we have ever shared. We kissed for what felt like forever but really it was like 5 minutes. When we finally pulled away Maggie, Amanda, Carl, and Zach were clapping and cheering. I started laughing. I leaned my head against Chris's chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. Chris kissed my head and looked at my family smiling. When we pulled away we started playing around with Maggie and Zach. After a while we got out of the water and ate lunch. When everyone ate we all laid on the beach and just hung out. Chris was laying next to me and Amanda was laying on the other side of me. Maggie and Zach were sitting in front of us playing with their buckets and shovels. Carl and my parents were sitting in their beach chairs talking. Chris, Amanda and I were laying on our towels and just talking about randomly everything. Chris couldn't keep his lips away from my cheek or my lips and I loved that. I love being able to kiss him all the time. Amanda kept smiling at us and saying how cure we were. Maggie kept making really cute faces at Chris and I but Zach kept making grossed out looks. I laughed at how cute they were. Finally we all went home. Amanda went to her house to get her sleepover stuff and then came back to my house for our sleepover. Maggie joined us for a while until she went to bed. Chris let me have some time alone with Amanda for a while until Amanda went to call someone. Chris came into the room when Amanda left the room for a few minutes. I smiled when he came in. We sat in the living room waiting for Amanda to come back. When she did she told me that her boyfriend was coming to stay with us. I smiled and said "who?" She looked at me and said "You will see in a few minutes!" Chris and I growled and waited for Amanda's boyfriend to show up. Once he did I was shocked to see it was.....

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