Love That Lasts forever

Sara is in love with Chris. Chris is in love with Sara. Will they ever date or will they just hide their feelings? What happens when Homecoming comes around? Will they go together or will they just go with other people?

Read to find out what happens


3. Horrible Day at Westbrook High School/Great Day at the Park

-Sara's POV-
I was walking down the hall of school when my friend Tiffany bumped into me while I was walking to chorus. She gave me a dirty look so I said "Why are you looking at me like that?" She stopped walking and said "You are not stealing Chris from me even if I'm dating his best friend too." I looked at her in shock and said "Really you are cheating on your own boyfriend also known as my best friend with our best friend?" She looked at me with a smirk and said "Yup and he is way better then Chris. I just don't want to break up with Chris right now." I started walking away pissed off but Tiffany stopped me and said "You tell anyone I will hate you for life." I pushed past her and as I was walking away I turned around and saw Chris looking at her with wide eyes. I started tearing up and Chris saw. I turned back around and ran down the hall to the chorus room door. As I got to the door someone grabbed my arm and turned me around and said "Sara I heard everything Tiffany said. I'm sorry that we had to find out this way but hey it is for the best." I turned around and saw that he had tears in his eyes too. I was upset that he was crying. I wanted Tiffany to suffer from what she did to my best friend. She needs to see what it is like to get her heart broken. Tiffany came up to me and Chris and she was pulling him away saying that he shouldn't be hanging out with me and that I'm worthless. I started crying even more and tried running up the stair to the chorus room but got stopped by Chris pulling me back down the stairs and hugging me tighter then he did before. He looked at Tiffany with me still in his arms and said "Tiffany you are such a bitch. I wish you would stop treating my best friend like shit. We are through. You can stay with your new fuck buddy." Chris grabbed me and we started walking out the door of the building to get some air. We were right about to leave the building when our chorus teacher Mrs. Snow stopped us and said "Where are you guys going?" Chris looked at Mrs.Snow and said "We are just going to get some air." Mrs.Snow was looking at us like- I know you are skipping- I turned around looking at Mrs.Snow with tears coming down my face and said "I really can't be in the same room as Tiffany right now. She is being rude and she is saying that she will hate me for life if i talk to my best friend while she is with him. She was also telling Chris that he can not talk to me because she wants him to be hers and doesn't want anyone in the way of their relationship." At that time I couldn't stand there anymore so I pushed open the doors and ran to the nearest bench. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. The next thing I know I see Chris and Mrs.Snow Standing in front of me. I turn away from them but Chris comes and stands in front of me and says "its okay I'm here for you." Mrs.Snow said she will be right back. The next thing we know Tiffany is walking out of the building pissed off. She came over to me and said "So you are going to be a pussy and cry cuz i don't want you talking to my boyfriend?" Chris looked at Tiffany and said "Actually it don't matter anymore cuz we are not even together anymore. So why don't you go back to wherever you came from." Tiffany looked at Chris and said  "Chrisy don't be that way. You know you would rather be with me then her cuz she is just a waste of space." I looked away and started crying more. I couldn't sit here anymore. I had to get away from her. I started walking to the building but Chris stopped me and said "You are not going anywhere. You are staying right here with me." I felt butterflies begin to form in my stomach. Chris pulled me back and started talking to Tiffany again. I was just standing there until Mrs. Snow came out told Tiffany to get off the schools property because she doesn't even go to school here. She has been saying she was someone else everyday when her real name is Alexa. She was never allowed back in Westbrook again. After Tiffany left I stood there in a awkward position until Chris came over and hugged me really tight saying that I wasn't a waste and that I was beautiful and that I shouldn't listen to her. I smiled and was happy to have a best friend like Chris. I was crying into his shoulder because he makes me so happy and my own best friend hurts me in a rude way that it kills me inside. I just couldn't handle her anymore. We stood there for a few minutes until Mrs. Snow came out and we pulled away and Chris wiped my eyes and he lead me to the chorus room. He truly is a best friend even though I like him as more then a friend. He took my hand as we were walking to the chorus room. When we walked into the room everyone looked at me and "awee'd" Chris and I except my best friend Ashleigh. She came up to me and looked at me with a very angry look. I looked at her and said "What is wrong Ashleigh?" She looked at me and said "Why the hell are you with Tiffany's boyfriend?" Chris and I looked at her like she was crazy and I said "They are not even dating and plus she is not who she says she is." Ashleigh looked at me and started getting closer to me and said "Back away from Chris or else because you are worthless and you will never get to be happy with a guy cuz there are some rumors I'm hearing about and they are saying that you are a Lesbo who is stupid and suicidal." I looked at her and started crying again and I walked out of class and ran out of the building. I didn't let Chris catch up to me.  I ran all the way to my favorite park as a child. I ran to the swings and sat on one and started crying. I couldn't believe my own best friend would say that about me.

-Chris's POV-
Sara and I were waiting for Ashleigh to respond to Sara who said "They are not even dating anymore and plus she is not who she says she is." Ashleigh got right up in Sara's face and said "Back away from Chris or else because you are worthless and you will never be happy with a guy cuz there are some rumors I'm hearing about and they are saying that you are a lesbo who is stupid and suicidal." Ashleigh was laughing and Sara left go of my hand and ran out of the classroom. I looked at Ashleigh and said "You will never saying that about Sara again." After I said that I began to leave the classroom until Ashleigh said "Chrisy stay with me and be my boyfriend, I'm way better then lesbo Sara." That threw me over the edge. I looked at her and said "You are a bitch and need to get over yourself because I would never date you and plus I like Sara and she is amazing." With that I ran after Sara. I didn't want to see what happened to Ashleigh because she said everything in front of Mrs. Snow. As I ran I saw Sara not that far ahead of me. I just let her run until she got to where she wanted to be. She stopped running and sat down on the swing like when we were little but she wasn't laughing, she was crying. I ran up to her and sat next to her. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. She looked up and then she looked back down and cried even more. I got off my swing and got in front of her. I needed to see her smile again. I looked at her and said "You are an amazing girl Sara. Please don't listen to Ashleigh. She is a bitch and needs to get over herself. She is only trying to get with me and I don't want to be with her. I want to be with someone else." Sara looked up and said "Who do you like now?" I looked at her and said "You!" I knew Sara would smile and blush at that. She looked at me again and said "No really, who?" I looked right in her eyes and said "You and Its not a joke." Sara looked at me and smiled eve bigger and she said "I like you too Chris." I smiled and pulled Sara into a passionate kiss. The kiss got deeper and more intense. After a while we had to pull for air. I leaned my forehead on her forehead and said "Sara, Will you be my girlfriend?" I looked and say Sara was smiling and said "Yes a million times yes" I smiled and kissed her again. I took her hand and stood up and pulled her up with me.

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