Love That Lasts forever

Sara is in love with Chris. Chris is in love with Sara. Will they ever date or will they just hide their feelings? What happens when Homecoming comes around? Will they go together or will they just go with other people?

Read to find out what happens


4. Home at Last

-Sara's P.O.V-

Chris and I were still sitting on the swings talking trying to think of what might happen next. While we were swinging I looked up and saw Mr.Ferm, the student teacher for Chorus, walking up to us. I groaned not really wanting to deal with him. He looked at us and said "is everything okay?" I looked at him and said "No, my supposed best friends have been bitches to me since three months ago. One of the two lied to me about who they really are and the other one is just being a bitch about everything." Mr.Ferm looked at me and said "Well maybe I can help you sis." I looked at him shocked and said "What? I'm not your sister?!?! Your just a student teacher!" Mr.Ferm and Chris both shook there heads no and Chris said "He's not just a student teacher he is your older brother" I looked at him shocked and said "You knew about this?" He smiled and nodded and Mr.Ferm said "We were going to tell you yesterday but you really needed me today so we told you today." I got up from sitting on Chris and walked over to Mr.Ferm and hugged him smiling from ear to ear. He hugged me back and said "Even after I leave this school to go to Cape Elizabeth, I'm still going to be here for both of you. I'm going to be staying with you guys." I pulled away and smiled bigger (if even possible). I couldn't believe my student teacher for chorus was my older brother. I knew I had a brother I just didn't know who he was. Well I guess he lied to everyone about his name. Carl (Mr.Ferm) looked at Chris and I and said "We should get back to school." I groaned and he looked at me and said "Sara you have to go back to school. You need to get your education." I looked at him and said "Well I will, I just can't go back right now." Chris walked in front of me with his back to me and Carl walked behind me and lifted me off the ground and onto Chris's back. I squealed and they both laughed. I wrapped my arms around Chris's neck so I wouldn't fall and Chris wrapped his arms around my legs to make sure I wouldn't fall. Carl walked up beside us and said "You guys are so cute together." I smiled and leaned over and kissed my brothers cheek and said "Well thank you brother dearest." He smiled as I said "brother". Chris started walked and Carl was right beside us talking about how cool it is to be able to tell me I'm his baby sister. When we finally got to school and in the building Chris put me down and took my hand. Carl started walking up the stairs to the chorus room Chris walked beside me the whole way up. I took a deep breath and walked to the classroom. Mrs.Snow looked at me and walked up to me and hugged me saying I shouldn't listen to Tiffany or Ashleigh. When we pulled away Ashleigh walked up me and smacked me. I looked at her with wide eyes. She smirked at me and said "You so deserved that." Carl looked at me and I had tears streaming down my face. He stepped in front of me and said "Don't you ever touch my sister again." Everyone was shocked except for Mrs.Snow, Chris, and I. Ashleigh walked out of the class room mad. Everyone in my class came up to me and hugged me saying everything is going to be okay. Mrs.Snow walked out to Ashleigh and told her it wasn't right for her to hit me and say all those things about me. While she was talking to her Mr.Ross walked up and said "Ashleigh why are you being like Tiffany?" She made an innocent look and said "What do you mean?" Mr.Ross gave her the don't be dumb with me look and said "Your lying about who you are." Ashleigh smirked and Mr.Ross told her she wasn't aloud in Westbrook high school ever again. My whole class smiled and started happy dancing around the room. Mrs.Snow and Mr.Ross walked into the room and smiled joining in on the fun. Carl wrapped his arms around me and spun me around. I squealed and everyone laughed. Mr.Ross looked at us and asked "So you finally told her Carl?" Carl nodded and laughed saying "Yes". The class stopped happy dancing and looked at me and said "What????" I looked at them and said "He's my brother" everyone smiled and said "That's so cool maybe he can visit more" I nodded and looked at him with pleading eyes. He nodded and everyone cheered. I hugged him and smiled. When we pulled away Carl walked over to the stereo and played the music and everyone started dancing again. I walked over to Chris and wrapped my arms around his neck and looked at him with a huge smile and said "This day couldn't get any better could it?" He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist. We danced for a while and then the bell rang for us to go home. Chris and I grabbed our bags and started walking out the door when Carl came up beside us and took my other hand. I looked over and saw my other best friend Thomas walking out if the building. I stopped and let go of their hands and ran and jumped on Thomas. I hugged him and he laughed. When he put me down I said "My end of the day started off bad but ended out being amazing." He smiled and said "Good" I looked over at Chris and he was giving Thomas the death glare and I told Thomas "Come with me for a second" I ran to Chris and jumped on him and said "Don't be jealous baby, No one is going to steal me away from you! I don't like Thomas like that he is just a friend nothing more nothing less." Chris smiled and said "Good cuz your all mine no one else's." Carl and Thomas laughed. I looked at them and glared. I saw Thomas had to go so I jumped off of Chris and hugged Thomas and said "See you tomorrow." He walked off to his bus and I hopped on Chris's back. Carl was taking us home. Thank god I wasn't in the mood to walk I hurt from all the running I did.

-Chris's P.O.V-

Sara was so cute. I couldn't believe she was mine. We were walking to her brothers car when I was Tiffany staring at me. I stuck up the middle finger and continued on with what I was doing. I could feel Sara's head on my shoulder. Her brother looked at her and said "she's asleep" I chuckled and had Carl take Sara off my back and I put her in the back seat. When she was in and buckled up I walked around the car and got in the other side and sat next to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her safe. When we finally got to our house I shook Sara awake and said "Baby we are home wake up" She groaned and stretched getting out of the car. I got out and walked up to her and she jumped on my back. We walked in the house and I saw her parents look up from where they were talking to Carl. I looked at them and said "She is so tired from her day. She has had a long day" They all nodded and said "Bring her upstairs and let her take a nap." I nodded and carried her upstairs and laid her on the bed and she started getting comfortable but once she was really comfortable I started walking away but once I got to the door she looked at me and said "Please Stay!" So I stayed and cuddled with her.

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