Love That Lasts forever

Sara is in love with Chris. Chris is in love with Sara. Will they ever date or will they just hide their feelings? What happens when Homecoming comes around? Will they go together or will they just go with other people?

Read to find out what happens


2. Chris Leeman

Hey, I'm Chris Leeman. I'm 16 years old and I live in Westbrook, Maine. I go to Westbrook High School. I live with my best friend/crush Sara Johnson. I really like her and I want her to be mine, but I'm dating a bitch named Tiffany Warren. She is only nice to me and to everyone else she is a bitch. Even to Sara who is supposed to be her best friend. Now back to why I'm living with Sara is because my parents died in a car accident a few years ago. Now just so you know I have liked Sara since I was in 6th grade. She is amazing and beautiful. I wish I could date her right now. Well I have to go, I have to get ready for school and so I can hang out with Sara at the Homecoming Football game. Bye :)

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