In love with my kidnapper?

Hi! My name is Maribelle White, I'm 18, and live in Homes Chapel, England. I'm here to tell you how a depressed girl like me fell in love with Harry styles, my kidnapper.

A/N: this is sort of like the fanfic Taken, so I'll try to make it a bit different and not copy anything! I hope u like it! And please favorite and comment! :)


2. chapter 1 "fun" at the mall?

*A/N: read the prologue before this so u can understand it!*

I hopped into the shower after a long 10 minutes of staring at my scar, ugly thing. I washed away all my sadness and depression as I cried. 'Why me, what did I do? Why am I so alone?' My crying slowly turned into sobbing. I literally was alone. My family is dead, my only friend probably just pitty's my patheticness, if that's a word. I'm a loser. "Ok, that's enough" I whispered to myself and stepped out of the shower. After I wrapped my body in a towel I walked back into my room and checked the time. 10:30?! I cursed under my breath and ran to my closet. I looked through until I found a good outfit. I took out a black see-through blouse, a black tank, and some black skinny's. Yes, I'm obsessed with black. I blow dried and straightened my hair then ran to put my clothes on. After I was all dressed I checked the time again. 10:50? Curse the time going by so freaking fast. I ran into my bathroom and whippe out some makeup. I applied some eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, and a bit of concealer to hide my imperfections. Just before I left I slipped on some black and grey converse along with a grey beanie. Then ran downstairs with my phone and satchel to awaiting Alex in her car outside already.

*A/N: HIIII RAINBOW OREOS! Yeah, your new nicknames! Lol so do u like my new fanfic? Leave some comments and suggestions for anything! I'll try to update as much as possible! Love you guys!!

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