To Kill A Vampire

For the Coldest Girl in Coldtown Competition.
Arthur has been chosen to kill the last vampire on earth but it won't be easy. The vampire plans to go out fighting. Also he must find his way through the town that is home to every evil creature he has sought to destroy, the 'Under Borough', to find this vampire. And if THAT wasn't enough, he must do it in five days or his friend will die.


1. Meeting Count

Arthur cleaned his sword tip while Jason and Gwen fought. He dug his sharpened thumb nail into the deep ridges of the blade to pick out dried blood. It had been a while since he cleaned the weapon and it could do with a serious shining. Jason was trying his best not to swing at Gwen while she took on an ‘I don’t care’ stance and crossed her arms, ignoring him.

‘Come on! You had the gun last week and the time before.’ He complained. She looked to Arthur for help and rolled her eyes when it was clear he had zoned out of the fight before it had started.

‘Come on nothing cowboy. The gun is my weapon of choice just like Arthur has his sword and you have your blades.’ She argued.

‘But it looks absolutely ridiculous on you! It’s far too big for a start, I don’t know how you can hold it up. It’s too powerful for a girl.’ Jason yelled then bit his tongue and looked down at the rocks at his feet. Even Arthur looked up then; expecting early bloodshed but Gwen just sighed and cocked the gun at an opening in the trees. She raised her eyebrows at Jason before taking aim and firing with perfect precision. A bird gave its final caw before plummeting to the foliage beneath it. Gwen took elaborate bows from the rock she was standing on while Arthur laughed and whooped for her. Someone started clapping, the sound was slow and drawn out. It came from the trees. Immediately Gwen raised the gun again while Arthur readied his sword above his head and Jason pulled a set of ninja stars from his jacket pocket.

‘Bravo Tesoro!’ The figure exclaimed in a lilting Italian accent. He smiled widely while his eyes remained unfriendly and fixed on Gwen.

‘Vampire.’ Jason hissed at him as if it were the vilest insult he could throw at a person.

‘Now now little Jason. I was speaking to the lady. My apologies mio amore .’ He bowed slightly toward Gwen and winked at her.

‘You should not have come here vampire. We are guardians of the City and it is against the Sparrow Code for you to be trespassing this close to the boundaries.’ Gwen stated bravely. The vampire waved her words away with an impatient flick of his wrist.

‘Since when did they let teenagers become Guardians.’ He spat, ‘As for the Sparrow Code, I have no inclination to follow any rules made by your kind. What say you Arthur? Wasn’t it your grandfather who came up with the rules?’

Arthur felt the blood drain from his face while his sword wavered at his side. ‘Who are you?’ He asked, though he feared he already knew.

‘My real name? Or the name you all know me by? You, Arthur, may call me Count.’ Count flashed a toothy grin so they could all catch a glimpse of his sharpened teeth. Each one was filed down to a perfect point and yellowed with decay.

It was what Arthur had feared most and what the commander had told him to prepare for. He knew that if he was to become a guardian he could have to one day face the vampire that murdered his entire family.

‘Well it was nice to chat with you but I really must be getting on. Which of you will join me?’ Count asked. The three youths looked between each other with scepticism.

‘You won’t take anymore humans Count. You have already claimed the lives of sixty innocent souls in our City alone. You’re dead.’ Jason said through gritted teeth. Count merely rolled his eyes.

‘Of course I’m dead! I’m a full Vampire. The question is, which of you will join me in the world of the dead?’ With no real warning, Jason threw a ninja star at Count. It moved so fast Arthur almost missed it. Count simply took a step to the side and observed the blade as it planted itself deep in the trunk of the tree he had been standing in front of. He shook his head as though disappointed and pulled the star free. He threw it back at Jason and he was thrown back four feet into the air with a ninja star buried deep in his chest. Arthur felt a cold wind whip past his face and heard Gwen cry in shock. By the time he turned his head toward her, she was staring at her empty hands while Count stood two feet in front of her with the gun trained on her forehead. Count laughed loudly, it was the laugh of a mad man.

‘You see what happens when you don’t pay attention Arthur? You see now why your grandfather couldn’t save your family? No one can stop me. I am the last vampire and I cannot be killed.’ Count said. It was so quiet in the clearing you could have heard a pin drop. Arthur barely had enough time to raise his sword and take one step in the time it took Count to throw the gun at Arthur and heave Gwen over his shoulder. She tried to fight but his constant jerky movements made it hard to concentrate.

‘You have five days before I kill her. Five days to learn how to beat me. It has to be you.’ For a second the bloodlust in his eyes vanished and he looked almost human. It almost sounded as if he wanted Arthur to find a way to kill him but as quickly as Arthur had noticed the change, the hunger returned and he was a vampire again. As if to emphasise the point, Count flashed his sharpened teeth once more before disappearing back the way he had come.


Arthur rushed over to where Jason lay on the ground, preparing for the worst. Jason’s breaths were shallow and ragged but he was not surrounded by a pool of his own blood.

‘Stupid vampire. Lucky I was wearing my vest or that would have gone straight through me.’ Jason managed to get out between heavy breaths. He yanked the star free of his vest.

‘He took Gwen.’ Arthur said. Jason stopped trying to get up for a moment as his breath caught in his throat.  

‘What? He took my girlfriend?!’ Jason whispered in a high pitched voice. They may fight a lot but Jason and Gwen had been together for three years.

‘I have to save her. He said “it has to be you”. I think he wants me to find a way to kill him Jason.’ Arthur sat on the grass beside his friend, chewing the hangnail on his thumb nervously.

‘Well then, we best go get supplies. We’ll have to go through the Under Borough of course so we’ll need disguises.’ Jason reasoned, making a mental list of what to bring on their journey.

‘You can’t be serious? You’re coming with me?’ Arthur asked incredulously.

‘An evil vampire threatened my best friend and stole my girlfriend. I’m legally obliged to kick his ass.’ Jason grinned and held his hand out for Arthur to take. Arthur stared at it nervously for a moment before taking it and helping his friend up.

‘You realise there is a huge chance we might die, right?’ He asked.

‘Those seem like good odds to me.’ Jason smiled.

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