Don't Forget

Gracie is a normal 18 year old. She is currently in University of Oxford. She is mostly in England to shop and get her college degree, but when she finds a lad she loved for four years in high school, is she really just their for college or another chance at love?

When they get married and have kids, can they brin everything together? Or does someone from their past break the chain?


6. Part 3: Revenge:

Gracie stayed in that hotel for 3 months. Not caring what harry had to say when he called her 203 times. She didn't give a damn. He cheated on her! I mean he could've been with other girls too! Grace stormed out of the hotel blurring that thought and heading to her car. On the car drive to Darcee and Jerimiah's day care, she thought about getting even. She couldn't do anything to Harry. He was 3x's her size. Wait. SHe thought. Caroline's image was in her head. That freak that could steal a married man. What a twisted fuck. She pulled into the day care and escorted her children in and rushed out without saying goodbye.Okay  well Caroline lives in Parker's Ridge, a nearby house. Once she caught her with Harry a long time ago, she did unknown research about the girl. Found out she is also married! Ha, this must be a joke Gracie said to herself a while back. She worked at the Brewer, a nearby coffee shop. She pulled into the coffee shop. She immediately stormed over to the counter and asked for Caroline. She came around the corner. Hair flowing with those dark brown eyes. Maybe she was prettier. Ugh stop it, she said to herself.

"May I help you?' She asked with a fake smile.

"May I have a cup of stop messing with my husband! Gracie said with a little control on the end.

"Excuse me? You must have the wrong person. ?" Caroline said with a fake grin. That little snake, Grace muttered under her breath.

"You know, Harry. Yeah, well he's married and has kids, kind of twisted. And your married. I saw you and him at this very coffee spot a few months ago. Don't lie to me Caroline."I said with a stern tone eyes fixed on her. She sat quite for a while then spoke softly.

"Maybe if you were a decent wife, he wouldn't have crawled back to me." She said and walked off. That was it! I couldn't handle it.


I pulled into my old house's driveway.scared of what I could find again.


PS. Sorry if this one's short! I have things to do today :/ Thx Gracie-xx

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