Don't Forget

Gracie is a normal 18 year old. She is currently in University of Oxford. She is mostly in England to shop and get her college degree, but when she finds a lad she loved for four years in high school, is she really just their for college or another chance at love?

When they get married and have kids, can they brin everything together? Or does someone from their past break the chain?


5. Part 2: The meeting

'Hey harry, i have to run into town to do some Christmas shopping. Can you watch darcee for me?" Grace asks.

"Sure, but i have to leave at 5 for a meeting with the boys." Grace nods and heads to the garage.




"Excuse, how much is this chair again? The price tag is kinda like messed up." Grace asks the old lady at the front of an old furniture store.

The lady scans the tag."195.00$"

"Okay thx." She says and walks out of the store. She couldnt help but cry knowing she had little money but she didnt want harry to know. She didnt want him to feel like he married a poor girl. She headed into Chai City for some tea, mabye it would calm her nerves she thought. 'Welcome to...."The lady trailed off because what Grace saw she couldnt elp but feel those tears stinging her eyes. Harry was there. And not just there, with a girl. She knew thst girl. She looked familiar. She reconized her from the girl harry dated in college. SHe sat nearby hoping he wouldnt see her. "And then it hit me! Where have i been all these years?"harry said with a chuckle. What is he talking about? Grace wondered. "Well, back when we dated, everything just seemed so real you know? Like this is reality. I thought i would be with you forever.?" Harry just kinda sat there. Grace knew if he said that one thing, he would be gone in a heartbeat. He opened his mouth to talk. "Oh no." Grace thought. "Well, i do miss the old days, I know exactly how you feel. I have missed you too." Harry said with those to-die-for dimples showing. Grace ran out the door knowing for sure Harry saw her. She ran back to her home. She threw open the door. She scrambled into her bedrrom crying the hardest\ she's ever cried. Harry came in. He knew Grace sawa. "Look Grace, that was just an old friend i had."Oh i bet! GGrace said sarcastically. "Wheneevr "She felt like it was so real." Grace said using the quotation marks with her hands."Grace, im sorry..." Harry continued but Grace just picked up Darcee and Jeramiah and bolted for her car listening as harry follows her saying his sorrys. "Goodbye, have a nice life jackass." Grace said and drove off. SHe didnt know where she was going.  Maybe my moms? Eh that was all the way back in California where her mom remariied. She decided a local hotel woud be suitable. "Umm, your room number 126 on the third floor. Enjoy your stay!!" The hotel register said with a big fake grin."Thanks." grace said with half a smile. She opened her room, and cried. She fell asleep unaware she had a husband that would change her mind.

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