Don't Forget

Gracie is a normal 18 year old. She is currently in University of Oxford. She is mostly in England to shop and get her college degree, but when she finds a lad she loved for four years in high school, is she really just their for college or another chance at love?

When they get married and have kids, can they brin everything together? Or does someone from their past break the chain?


2. Meeting Up

University of Oxford

It had been two years since she saw Harry Styles and forgot about him. She took medical school at the University of Oxford. She wanted to be a child doctor all her life. She was a simple college girl trying to make it through life.

"And that is the parts of the human heart! Any questions?" said Mr. Kumpry.

"Yes! What happens to the blood if the patient faints?"

"Their blood pressure will slow down causing the blood in their heart to also dramatically slow down."

"i will see you all tommorow to learn about the scrotum."

Grace scurried off to her dorm as fast as she could! Her other class was canceled so she wanted to go ahead and explore England a bit more. Whenever she moved here, she never had time to explore it. She wanted to visit Windsor Castle so bad! She decided to grab a coffee first. She headed to Starbucks. It was quite cold outside, she rushed into Starbucks and bumped someone on accident.

"I am so sorry.' She said quickly getting in line to order an espresso.

"Your fine, love." said a familiar voice.

She turned to look at her high school sweetheart, Harry Styles.

'Oh my god, your Harry Styles.'

"Yes love One Direction, blah blah, please excuse me love but i have a flight to catch.'

"Harry, it's me. Grace. remember, high school."

He turned to look at her again. His eyes grew very big and his mouth opened real wide.

"Grace!Oh my god! How are you? I haven't seen you in forever!i mean ever since.." he stopped because she knew what he was about to say.

"I am good! Just started going to the University of Oxford! I love it here!" Grace replied still in shock.

'Well, listen, i have a plane to catch but i would really like to meet up again, yeah?"

"Yeah! Sure!" Harry typed his number in Grace's phone.

"Well! I will see you again!"Harry said. They decided to hug. It seemed as though the hug lasted forever but felt as if they were still in high school......

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