Don't Forget

Gracie is a normal 18 year old. She is currently in University of Oxford. She is mostly in England to shop and get her college degree, but when she finds a lad she loved for four years in high school, is she really just their for college or another chance at love?

When they get married and have kids, can they brin everything together? Or does someone from their past break the chain?


8. Letting Go

I sat back as he quickly walked back to where i was. He untied me? "WHy are you untying me? " I asked. "Becasue you dont want out children to see that their mommy has been a bad girl now do we ya?" I ignored him and ran to the living room to greet my children. 

"Mommy!" Darcee sang as she greeted me inside our living room.

"Hey babe! How is my little buttercup?" I asked as if nothing ever happened.

"I'm just a'lil tiwerd." she said in her little girl voice. I always admired it.

I gave her a big hug hoping it wouldn't be the last. "Darcee huney, go into your bedroom, mommy and me have to talk."

"ok daddy." as she skipped away, tears began rolling into my eyes looking at her so peacefully unaware. 

"Get it together. NOW." Harry said grabbing my arm so much it began to tinkle.

"Now, I am taking the children," before he could finish, i kicked him in the balls!

I ran to the kitchen, i took a knife out and hid in the pantry.

"I know your in here." He said looking under the kitchen table. I prepared my knife so when he opened the pantry door, i would stab him. The plan worked. I slowly took it out and carried the dead body to the backyard. I pulled a pool tarp we had a while ago and covered up his body. I went in to Darcee's room and told her to get in to the car, i didn't know where we would be headed, as long as i was far away from Harry.

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