Don't Forget

Gracie is a normal 18 year old. She is currently in University of Oxford. She is mostly in England to shop and get her college degree, but when she finds a lad she loved for four years in high school, is she really just their for college or another chance at love?

When they get married and have kids, can they brin everything together? Or does someone from their past break the chain?


3. Call Me up

Call Me Up

Grace couldn't focus on her classes knowing she had met her high school sweetheart she still had feelings for. She could not sleep at night knowing she had his number and could call him anytime! One night, unexpectingly, she got a call from the number Harry gave her.

"Hello?" She said smiling

"Hey! It's Harry!" he said 

"Oh hey! How's it going?" Grace asked.

"Wonderful!Listen, I will be in town for a few months tommorow and i wanted to know if you maybe wanna grab a coffee and talk or something? Not trying to be stalkerish!" Harry said laughing like a little kid.

'Of course!" grace said screaming in her pillow.

"Okay! Um, wanna meet at the Windsor Castle? I can bring coffee? My treat!" Harry said. Grace knew that he knows her favorite kind and agreed.

"Sure! I wanted to visit that place while i am here anyways!"

"Okay! See ya!" Harry said 

'Bye!"Grace said smiling so big. She couldn't believe it! Of all those days she spent alone because of her parents, tommorrow would be the day she can be happy again.

                                                                   Next Day

Grace wore her favorite skinny jeans. They were light blue with a few holes here and there. She just sticked to her University of Oxford shirt with some winter boots.

She grabbed her black jacket and drove as fast as she could to the Windsor Castle. Just as she was about to get out of the car, she saw Harry. But it wasn't just Harry, there was another girl. And they were kissing. She couldn't believe it! And she thought he liked her. She sent him a text.

Grace: Hey srry i cant make it i am sick XP mabye nxt tme!

Harry: Okay! I wanted you to meeet someone but another time! keep in touch tho!

Grace:Will do!

As Grace got into her dorm, she busted into tears. She couldn't help but sob because her high school lover loved someone else! How could he invite her to meet his new girlfriend when they dated for almost four years?! She deleted his number and threw some pajamas on. She jumped into her bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next day she was late for her classes. She woke up at ten with mascara all under her eyes! She washed her face then jumped in the shower. She realized what had happen the night before. She was slow all that week through her classes. Just drawing in her notebook barely paying attention. She wanted to text Harry so bad! But she deleted his number. 

WAIT! He is part of One Direction! He has a Twitter! She messaged on his Twitter and waited for an answer.

Grace: Hey! My phone accodentally deleted your number! We have to talk.

Harry: Yeah sure! whats up?

Grace: I saw you and that girl. i am really sorry but i can't sit here and act like nothing happened between us. I wish i doesn't have to be like this.

Harry: look, i know what you mean. her names Caroline and she is my girrlfriend. i am sorry.

Grace: okay i am happy for you! C ya

Harry never replied. Grace skipped two days of classes crying over him. She went to Starbucks to get wifi on her laptop and text harry again. She saw him there. He was just kinda staring around. She sat down and kind of spied making sure he doesn't see her. She saw that same girl she saw at the castle walk in. She sat next to harry. She started crying. I couldn't tell what was going on? She ran out the door and sped off. Just as Grace turned back to look at Harry, she was kissed. Not the kind of hey how ya doing kiss, the i love you kind of kiss. SHe couldn't believe it.

'Grace, i love you," harry said smiling,' and i don't wanna loose you again.'

"i love you too Harry. you don't know how much i missed you." she said and they kissed again.

"So, do you need my number or are you gonna delete it again?" harry said chuckling because he knew her so well.

'Haha! That would be just grand." Grace said and harry put his number in her phone, and she left it their, till she was ninety-one. 



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