Stop! Just Stop!

Bullying affects the life of others is so many ways. There are people out there who have killed themselves because of bullying. How is it, that somehow, nearly everyone gets bullied at some point in their lives? How is it bullies find hurting others so funny? This is a movella that will try and stop bullying. Please, comment if you have any stories of quotes or just want to stop bullying.


1. Hello

   Hello. I am [@Kayla G.] bringing you this movella.

   This is a movella I'm creating that I hope will stop bullying.

   Please comment if you have any stories or quotes you want to share, or if you just want to stop all types of bullying.

   I hate bullying. There is no sense in it, and it is just plain stupid.

   Did you know that bullying is the third leading cause of death of young people?

   Did you know that over 5,600 people have committed suicide because of bullying?

   Did you know that one out of ten people drop out of school because of bullying?

   I see bullying as one of the greatest problems in the world.

   Cyber bullying is even happening right now, on Movellas. You may not have been a victim of it yet, but other people have.

   There are questions that people have about bullying. For more information, see my movella Information About Bullies. (Link in the comments below)

   Who deserves to be bullied? No one.

   Is bullying a normal part of childhood that every kid goes through? No, but for some reason it's starting to become that.

   Why are people bullied? No reason, except that the bully wants to hurt someone.

   Please, help out, think before you say (or type), lend a hand, STAND UP!!!

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