Loving the enemy

Harry's mom died that night but did Lilly die with a secret?
Discover Lilly potter Evans Lilly potters daughter that was sent to live with Remus weeks before the accident. But Lilly wonders why her mother and father made her last name Evans and middle name potter Remus said to protect me but she dose not think so. She loos like her mother down to the last hair,her brother Harry looked like their father but they both got Lilly potters eyes.

(All Harry potter things belongs to J.K Rowling NOT me)


2. your only 11 once

"well if you would have used floo you would have been here in time!"snape told moony.

"but sev I dont like floo" I said to him

"you dont like apparating ether"had answered

"I know but  id mum like ether?" I asked I loved to find out about my family but sometimes it pained me to here what people said about them, like that they where so kind and that they would look at me and by twin brothr harry potter (yes I know diffrent last names but it was to keep me safe from you-know-whoand I was ok with that) with so much love.It only pained me becuase if they loved me that much why dont I remember. sometimes when I ask abot mum when it is just me and sev,sev would start to cry and say things like"you look just like her"and " I loved her so much"and sometimes "your father took my lilly but left me another one" and with his words I would cry with him .

" no" he finlly answered with tears breaming his eyes"she did not like the feeling she did not like flying but your father insisted she did "I wanted to say some thing but moony would just start a fight with him.

"so shall we start then?"moony asked seeing sevs face he knew he could not start a fight with sev on my birthday so he stoped himslfe I was proud of my little moony . Padfoot and Prongs would be too.

 "mine firs"moony handed me a box.Inside where a stuffed weare wolf, a stuffed black dog,and a stag.

"thank you soooooo much moony I love it "I said. with that sev put his present in frount of me it also was in a box inside was a bran new cauldro and on the botton where the words"  you only turn 11 once"and a picture of my mother in a hospidle bed with me and harry in her hands."Sev  i dont know what to say"

"say that you can beeat me at brueing a broil cure and we will try i on Remus"

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