Loving the enemy

Harry's mom died that night but did Lilly die with a secret?
Discover Lilly potter Evans Lilly potters daughter that was sent to live with Remus weeks before the accident. But Lilly wonders why her mother and father made her last name Evans and middle name potter Remus said to protect me but she dose not think so. She loos like her mother down to the last hair,her brother Harry looked like their father but they both got Lilly potters eyes.

(All Harry potter things belongs to J.K Rowling NOT me)


3. Oh Remus

"Oh Remus he was only joking last week!"

"I don't care he is not coming over!"

"Please" I say is a sad voice

"Ahhh that thing you do is it" he said "well, one hour"

"Yes thanks moony!"

"Oh how you've grown your father would have hated to see you so attached to that man."

"Don't be so bitter moony I don't see what you all have agents him."

" oh we've got lots" I herd him say.

"Oh Remus my dear friend " Sev said.

"Boys" I said and they looked away from each other.

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