Loving the enemy

Harry's mom died that night but did Lilly die with a secret?
Discover Lilly potter Evans Lilly potters daughter that was sent to live with Remus weeks before the accident. But Lilly wonders why her mother and father made her last name Evans and middle name potter Remus said to protect me but she dose not think so. She loos like her mother down to the last hair,her brother Harry looked like their father but they both got Lilly potters eyes.

(All Harry potter things belongs to J.K Rowling NOT me)


1. Lilly potter Evans

                My name is Lilly potter Evans, Lilly my mums name potter my dad's last name and Evans my mums maiden name. I look like her not a small bit like my dad sev said that's a good thing. I live with moony because sev works at Hogwarts, I go over there every time there is a full moon that's because of moony. Sev and moony don't see eye to eye at all. I'm an animagus, a fox, sev said that will help me become a slytherin and moony said dad was an animagus and he was in gryffindor and so was mum so I'll let the hat chose for me although I hope to get slytherin. Moony said that sev was in love with my mum An that's why he's so kind but I think he just shut up his niceness when mum died. 

"Lil?" Sev yelled he came over for my birthday"you up there?"I turned into a for and ran down stairs"ahhh there's my little fox" he laughed and I turned back into a miss.lilly Evans. 

"Hello sev" I said giving him a hug. 

"You act as if you are happy to see him" moony said walking in. 

"She is always happy to see me of corse."

"I doubt it"moony replied

"gentlemen" I sad stopping a soon to be fight "can the birthday girl  get some breakfast?" And moony smiled and started making bacon. 


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