Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


3. Chapter Two

Cathy turned her radio up kind of loud, they loved to jam out in the car. Lynn twisted the cap off of her bottled Coca-Cola she had bought at the store. She didn't mind the cans, but she bought the bottle so it had a cap for the ride. Acapella by Karmin began to play on the radio.

Both of the girls sang to it. "Mama always said 'get a rich boyfriend, you don't gotta love 'em girl you can pretend'," Cathy began to sing. She continued, "you bet I totes believed her, yeah, every word she said. Thought he was gluten-free, but all I got was bread," She took a breath. "Mama always said 'nice guys finish last, beat him at his his own game, honey, take the cash.'" Cathy stopped.

Lynn began to sing the next section. "Ooh, and what a lucky girl you will be, buy no he didn't do jack for me. I want a bean with a beanstalk, and if the magic ain't right, time to walk." They both sang the chorus: "used to be your baby, used to be your lady. Thought you were the perfect lover. All the harmony went fallin' out of key, so now you gotta find another. Now you're talkin' crazy sayin' that you made me, like I was you Cinderella. You and me are through though, watch me hit it solo. I'mma do it acapella," they stopped.

They listened to the rest of it, singing every now and then. After that song, Cathy turned the radio down and began to talk to Lynn.

"Imagine all the parties we are going to get into," Cathy smiled.

"Don't you have to be 21?" Lynn asked.

"No, not to get into the clubs, you have to be 18," Cathy stopped and started again, "we are only 19, but I had these made." She pulled out two fake ID's out of her purse.

"Fake ID's? Really? What if we get caught? Are you crazy?" Lynn freaked out a little.

"Chill out," Cathy said pulling the ID's from her and sliding them back into her purse. "They look 100 percent real, no one will ever know. You just tell them you're 21, not 19."

"So you're planning on drinking? Alcohol?" Lynn asked.

"Of course!" She said excitedly. "We are going to party and have fun. Live for the moment, with no cares. Plus I'm going to have a lot of-" she froze for a second, "fun, if you get what i mean."

"You're going to sleep around?" Lynn asked her.

"Why not? I'm too young to be tied down, plus it will be fun. And I'm pretty sure the guys won't turn me down."

She was right the guys wouldn't turn her down, she was very good looking. Well, more hot actually. Her and Lynn both were what they'd call Hot Blondes. They also had nice bodies which was an advantage. The ride seemed to take forever to Lynn, but after a long nap she woke up as Cathy was parking the car.

"Geez are we here already?" She yawned.

"Yeah we're at our condo."


"Yeah I rented one. Look it's right along the beach." She pointed behind her. They were right across from the beach.

"We also have a hot tub and pool in the back yard," she smiled. "There are two bathrooms, one for each of us. They have a walk in shower, a jacuzzi bathtub, and lots of room. There are also two bedrooms, a den, a game room, nice kitchen, and an office."

Lynn really like it, it was the perfect place for partying too. She knew Cathy would be doing a lot of that. She would be perfectly fine with staying in the condo the whole time and just going to the beach.

"Get your bathing suit on," Cathy said. "We are going to the beach so I can meet a hot guy." She winked at Lynn.

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