Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


4. Chapter Three

Both Cathy and Lynn wore the exact same bathing suit. A pink zebra print string bikini. Cathy's bathing suit fit her perfect, but her top was a little tight. Her bikini pushed out her breast a little, to get more attention to them. Lynn's fit her great, not to night at all. Her breasts were about the same size as Cathy's but she didn't flash them like Cathy. Lynn looked up, and Cathy was gone. She was talking to a guy, a nice looking one too. 

"Hi," she smiled pushing her chest out a little. His eyes were glued.

"Hello," He said.

"You like?" She smiled.

"Yes," he said with no time to think. 

"Oh good," she touched his face.

She continued to run her hand down. Ran it down his chest, then over his crotch area. He was hard, and a good size too. She liked that. 

"Lets go back to my place," she smiled.

"Okay," he said.

Cathy led him to their condo. When they walked in the door, she began to make out with him. She wanted him, and his nice cock. He untied her bikini and it fell off; he smiled as he massaged her boobs. She let out a soft moan. He licked her nipple softly, and then sucked it. Nibbling at it a little bit. Once again, she let out a moan. 

"Mmmm," she let out a soft moan. 

"You like that baby?" He whispered.

"Lick me," she didn't answer his question.

He pushed her down on the couch, spreading her legs, and placing them on his shoulder. She bit her lip, and he licked her, his tongue felt amazing in her. He came up and placed his fingers in his, once again she moaned some more. After a few thrusts, he stopped. Now he placed his hard cock insider her, and she let out a moan. He thrusted her hard, and she let out a scream of pleasure. She placed her hands over her breast as they bounced. 

The guy smiled and moved her hand. He put his hand on her boobs and thrusted her a lot harder. 

"Oh my fucking god," she let out as a scream. 

"Fuck me, oh yes!" She yelled. 

He continued to fuck her hard, going harder each time. Since he was wearing a condom; there wasn't much worry. She absolutely loved his dick. Now that she was wet and very horny, she pushed him away. 

"Your turn," she pointed at the couch. 

With a smile he sat down on the couch. She sat on his lap, slowly sliding his cock into her wet pussy. Once again she moaned. He put his hands on her waist and bounced her hard as fuck. She screamed loudly. She continued to bounce on him roughly as he moved his hands to her breasts. After a few more bounces, she orgasimed and came. She got off him, and laid next to him. 

"Oh my god," She said, "you were great." 

He sucked her breasts again, then sat between her legs and massaged her breasts. 

"You were great too," he smiled and began to suck and massage her breasts again. 

"I want you again," she whispered. 

He nibbled on her nipple and she went crazy. Time for round two.

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